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How To Tell If Your Boyfriend Wants To Marry You: 8 Things To Know

There is nothing more nerve-wracking in relationships than the uncertainty of your partner’s plans. It could be that you are looking to take your relationship forward or talking about marriage, and he’s not on the same page as you.

This can be a huge source of problems in a relationship. If you’re wondering if he wants to marry you, there are a few things that you need to look out for. Here are eight signs that will help you figure out whether your boyfriend does want to get married.

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1. He Already Has A Plan For The Future With You

The best way to find out if your boyfriend wants to marry you is by talking about the future. Don’t be afraid of asking him where he sees himself in five years. Don’t shy away from having a heart-to-heart with him about his intentions towards you. You can find out more suggestions here on how to ask him a question without scaring him. This will give you a clear idea of whether or not he wants to take the next step with you.

2. His Family Is Asking You About Your Future Together

If your family is wily enough to catch wind of your relationship, they will inevitably want to meet and know everything about the man you are dating. They may even start asking questions about what you two see in each other. While these conversations might seem harmless to outsiders, they carry a lot of weight. If his mum or dad brings up the topic of marriage with your parents, take it seriously because it could indicate that they have already given their blessing for the wedding bells.

3. He’s Started Introducing You As His

Some people take it slow in relationships to scare away potential mates by coming on too strong at the beginning of a relationship. Those who want a long-term relationship know how important it is to make themselves known from the start, including introducing their partner as their wife or fiancé. If you have started going out for a while but haven’t been introduced as his wife or fiancé yet, this might mean that he still wants to take things slow. But if you begin going out, and he introduces you as his [fiancé/wife] to everyone that he knows, then it’s likely that he wants to marry you.

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4. He Wants To Make You Happy In All Aspects Of Your Relationship

Yes, some guys want to get laid and leave the rest of the decisions in your hands. If your boyfriend is willing to make sacrifices for the two of you to be happy together, then there is a solid chance that he wants to marry you. For example, if he re-arranges his work schedule for him to go home on a date night or watch a movie with you, then take it as a sure sign that he does want to marry you.

5. He Has His Sights Set On The Future

While some boyfriends in long-term relationships pop the question to get into their partners’ pants, others do it because they know what they want and actively go out and get it. If your man is the latter, then there is a good chance that he wants to marry you. This means that when he brings up marriage in conversation, he isn’t just joking around or trying to make you feel obligated to date him longer. Instead, he is purposefully showing his commitment towards moving things forward between the two of you. Take note of his seriousness about commitment and how he constantly thinks of ways to strengthen your relationship.

6. He Wants To Spend Every Second With You

If you find out that your boyfriend wants to spend every second with you, it’s a good sign that he wants to marry you because he is already planning a future with you in mind. When a man truly loves you, the last thing on his mind would be spending time apart from you or going back home without you. If anything, all thoughts will revolve around how to bring as much happiness as possible into your life and make sure that your relationship succeeds at any cost. His undivided attention should let you know that he wants things between the two of you to continue for as long as possible.

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7. He Respects Your Wishes About The Future Together

This might seem like an oxymoron, but it is essential to differentiate between respecting your wishes and giving into them. If your boyfriend wants to marry you, then he will try his best to get the two of you on the same page about how things should proceed in the future. If he respected your wishes, he wouldn’t try tripping you up or pressuring you into doing something that isn’t right for you. Instead, if he genuinely wants to be with you in a committed relationship, he will take seriously everything you say when making decisions that affect both of your lives.

8. He Wants To Take Care Of Your Needs In And Out Of The Bedroom

Some men will say that they want to have a family with their partners, but in reality, they don’t care about helping around the house or making sure that their partner is comfortable and happy daily. While it may be a stretch to expect him to take out the trash every day of the week, you should pay attention to how he treats you both inside and outside of the bedroom. Does he offer his help when you need it? Is he eager to please you during intimacy? If your boyfriend does these simple things for you more often than not, then there is a perfect chance that he wants to marry you because he wants to take care of you for the rest of your lives.

So there you go – 8 ways to tell your boyfriend wants to marry you. As a warning, however, if he does say that he wants to get married, you should check the tone of his voice and how sincere he appears when bringing up the topic. Suppose you have doubts about whether or not he is being genuine. In that case, it’s wise to take a step back and see what else would come from him – marriage proposals can be especially tricky in long-term relationships because the chances are that one person might misunderstand that their partner isn’t ready for commitment yet.

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