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20 Things Only Your Best Friends Should Know About You

That’s why I say – a best friend’s love is unconditional. Who else will volunteer to be with you after dealing with all this?

1. The number of times in a month you’re broke and how frustratingly bad you are at budgeting


since they have to take care of your alcohol and party needs for the rest of the month, thinking you’ll pay back at some point but well, “tomorrow never comes”.

2. The time when you ex broke up with you suddenly and how exactly you felt about that (however embarrassing that maybe)…


…and they know about every regrettable hook-up and relationship you’ve been through.

3. The weirdest TV shows you follow because they watch those with you,


with as much concentration.

4. That one person in your life you’ll never ever get over because YOU DON’T WANT TO


and they know that.

5. Your minimal understanding of worldly affairs because they put up with it AND


the funniest opinions and questions they deal with when you’re around but can’t/don’t share.

6. Precisely how many hours it takes for you to send out a text to your crush


because they are the ones composing those with you.

7. They know how important it is for you to like their Facebook/Instagram pictures


because they force (or beg) you to do so.

8. Every little malfunction as well as development in your body


and every little detail of what happened with THE BOYFRIEND (the first-times of everything).

9. How much you regret binge eating the previous night after a crazy party


because the feelings are pretty much mutual most of the times.

11. Each and every person you stalk on Facebook AND every detail of your Facebook history,


starting from the time you turned 13.

12. Since they know all your passwords too.


13. A random person you can’t stand at all that only you and her understand WHY.


Remember that girl who is TOO nice to people. Now that’s irritating?

14. They know if you’re a morning person at all.


15. And how you look without your pants, shirts, make-up.


Basically, everything, literally everything, that’s natural about you.

16. Your secret crush that you try hard to hide your feelings for until…


… your “best friend in the whole wide world” blurts it out.

17. Issues with your siblings and every other relative in your family.


Like that cousin who is too pretty.

18. The darkest, memorable, most hilarious story from your high school days that you can never share with anyone else in the world.


They are more like – memories of your life that you are seriously unproud of.

19. They know exactly what you need to be okay after a horrible day OR  break up


You CRY it out.

20. Lastly and most importantly, they know they spend THE BEST and cherishable memories with you and that you love them unconditionally.


AND finally, that you’ll be a part of every important thing that happens in their lives, without any questions asked. *Taken for granted for life*

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