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How Can you Tell if the Furniture You Are Buying is Amish – 2024 Guide

Buying a home is a major step in one’s life. According to many surveys, the vast majority of people purchase only three or four homes in their whole lifetime. That being said, buying and selling your home is one of the most important, but at the same time one of the most exhausting processes. But when you’ve finally found the home from your dreams, you realize it was only one of the steps to be made. After you have spent months and months of showings, open houses and constant search, and after you’ve chosen the right one, it’s only the beginning. The next steps are logical – decoration and remodeling.

What are your interior goals?

Out of so many styles in architecture and interior design, you could be a fan of modern, contemporary, Scandinavian or perhaps, traditional interiors. According to your personal preferences, you are creating your living space, alone or with the help of an architect or interior designer. However, no matter the style you choose, some things are universally important. One of them is furniture. Having fantastic furniture pieces is essential for having an interior you will enjoy spending time in. Since every interior is made of spaces that are determined by the furniture in them, it’s all about space planning, function and finally – quality.

Quality – the most important feature of your furniture

After you’ve chosen the interior style you love, the next step is the selection of furniture pieces according to your needs and activities, size and more importantly, durability. But what should you pay attention to? Although you can decorate your home pretty often, you should always look for quality, durability and even craftsmanship. After all, no one wants to have a product that would need repairs or repurchase after only a couple of months or years!

Considering all these factors, Amish furniture is the right choice for you. What is so different about this furniture? It’s not simple to answer that question unless we don’t simply say – everything! Amish wooden pieces are the complete opposite of today’s fast-paced industrial production that includes your future couch, cabinet or dining table. Not only is it made from solid wood, but it is not being made with the common tools, but rather hand planes, hammers or pneumatic tools, with great attention to detail, sustainability and craftsmanship. Visit this site to find out more.

Differentiate Amish furniture from the mass-produced one

img source: amishoakintexas.com

Still, since Amish furniture is made and finished by hand, from only premium quality and carefully chosen wood, and is customizable, the prices for fine craftsmanship like this, are always significantly higher, compared to other products available on the market. But that’s the exact reason why you should get informed before you indulge in the world of Amish furniture. Being aware of the factors that influence the price is the way to prevent getting scammed by manufacturers who just want to earn big, by selling something else as Amish. Luckily, there are clear indicators that can help you tell if the furniture you’re buying is Amish or not:

1. Premium quality materials

This is by far the most important thing to look for in any furniture on the market. Not only is it important, but it’s also the easiest way to check if the piece you want to buy is really Amish or not. Although there might be some ways to have other types of furniture mistaken for Amish, the materials this furniture is made of will always tell you everything about the manufacturer. Amish furniture is always made of solid wood, and never wood substitutes. If you take a closer look, you will easily figure if a table or a chair is Amish or not, since Amish furniture would never be made from particleboard, plywood nor would there be veneers.

The solid wood used for these purposes, is oftentimes locally sourced, which is also a great indicator of the originality and quality of your furniture. The most common wood types are white or red oak, cherry, maple, and walnut. Amish manufacturers will always be transparent about their sources and their wood, so if you ask for information about their materials supply, you should always be able to get that info. Otherwise, you may be dealing with a manufacturer that isn’t really crafting and selling Amish products.

2. No nails or screws

img source: shopify.com

The other thing that can easily reveal if the Amish products you want to buy are real or not, is the famous “mortise-and-tenon” joinery. This means that nails and screws are not being used in the process of creating furniture, nor any electrical equipment. Instead, they rather choose rabbets as well as some natural, eco-friendly, non-toxic glue, which is the option that is both visually more appealing, and more healthy than the traditional mass-produced products.

3. Hidden storage

If you pay attention to details, you will easily notice that Amish furniture is always full of surprises. Although modern furniture is being designed to save as much space as possible, we wouldn’t expect to see that in a piece of traditional, old-fashioned, solid wood product, right? However, you will easily explore all the hidden spaces, drawers, and other compartments if you focus on finding them. Not only will you be intrigued, but you will also understand that functionality goes in hand with premium quality and you will have another element to help you distinguish Amish furniture from the others.

4. Can be customized

Unlike the nameless massive manufacturers and their products, where you can only choose a product from the offer that is widely available in retail or on their websites, Amish furniture is the complete opposite. If you want a specific type of furniture, type of wood or any other custom-made detail, Amish manufacturers will be more than open to tailoring and constructing the piece matching your needs and personal preferences. And that doesn’t include only the basic concepts, but also the fine details, furnishings, and embellishments. If there is not an option to customize your furniture pieces, then you have to ask yourself if it’s the right place to make a purchase.

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