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How to Tell the Volatility of a Slot Machine – 2024 Guide

Falling in love is never easy. But that’s when we’re talking about women. You know that the prettier gender is not our subject for today, right? We have something different in mind. A different love; a different passion. Do you love slot machines? Are you enamored by them? We are. There are plenty of reasons why you could and should fall in love with these machines if you haven’t by now. One of the reasons is, of course, honesty. Slot machines are what they are. They will never lie to you.

Yes, we know, they are a form of gambling, and gambling can be addictive. Addiction is not good. We know. It makes too much sense. But even love can be addictive. Everything in this life is an addiction. But how many things you use in life will remain the same and unchanged? This is the case with slot machines. They have a new and prettier interface but the core has always remained the same. Yes, they’re volatile but when you know this in advance, are they to be blamed? No! When you play, you come in level-headed. Passion comes later.

To avoid having passion bursts while playing the best thing is to learn how to tell the volatility of a slot machine. This is a great lesson to know. A lesson that will leave your flame of love for these games everlasting. This is why we are going to give you this sort of 2024 guide on this subject. It is a little present, but of great value. With this gift, you can continue having the truest of loves with the slot machines. Forgive them their volatility, or learn about it, and you’re saved from unnecessary stress. First, let’s see what volatility is.

What is Volatility?

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Volatility is a form of risk first and foremost. Every game at an online casino comes with a risk, and these are no different. There is always a chance you’re going to lose every bet you make. There’s a chance to win a few right? A risk that pays off this is. When it comes to volatility it is focused on losing bets, and with it, you are more aware of the risk before you of losing. While it sounds scary it is a good thing. It tells you how often can you lose a bet, which in return signals you how often could you potentially win. It also comes into the entire prize system vicinity.

Through the volatility, you can see how massive or how tiny the prizes and jackpots are going to be. As you can already guess they come in three standard shapes and sizes. They are low volatility, high volatility, ad of course medium volatility slot machines. Most online casinos and their slot games which are recommended at mensjournal.com  offer all three types and combinations of them. The variation you choose is all up to your desires. But, let’s see how to determine which one suits you based on volatility.

How to Determine Volatility?

Now that you’ve read the previous paragraph you know how volatile you want your slots. But, in addition to knowing what you like and want it is vital to know how to recognize it. Some games have ratings to handle this matter. If you can find it, it is on the help screen. This is much easier these days thanks to the development of online casinos. It is usually rated in stars, where five is high volatility and one is low. Most are based in the middle corner. But, this is not a common feature. The majority of casinos do not display this information.

So, what to do, when there’s no clear info on this subject? It’s easy. Just take a look at the bonus offered. Yes, it all revolves around jackpots. When a slot machine offers a high payout through its jackpot, it means that the volatility of the given machine is quite high. On the other side of the spectrum when you see low progressive jackpots it is a signal that you are facing a low volatility slot machine.

The Influence of RTP

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As is usually the case, the influence of the return to the player is massive. RTP (return to player) is the percentage player can expect back from a game based on his wage structure and length of time spent playing. This score is quite precise, but you need to be playing for a while to achieve the precise result.

We’re talking thousands of spins. RTP is created by game manufacturers. Later it gets tested by third parties before its results become official. If you’re looking for big gains on big investments you’re better off seeking high RTP slots. If you want progressive gaming and accumulative wins, it’s better to focus on the low end of the specter. Of course, the same as with jackpots this is not an exact science. So there might be smaller exceptions to the rule.

The Small Matter of Bonuses

Just like jackpots and RTP, you can include bonuses as a measurement for volatility. If the slot machine is praised for its high presence of bonuses it means it has a high volatility rating. But, there are differences there too. If a game offers a bonus every hundred spins it means they won’t be substantial hence the smaller volatility. Bonuses paid out on every five hundred spins tend to be much higher and this belongs to the high volatility slot machine. While big bonuses sound great and hitting one is amazing, it might be an expensive hobby. For example, if you play with higher stakes, your bankroll maybe won’t hold until you win. What this means is that while high volatility offers better payouts it carries s a lot more risk as we already told you. So, be aware of it.


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If you ever wondered why you have a hot hand for a while as Nick Foles did during Philadelphia Eagles Super Bowl run and a cold one like he did during his stints with Jacksonville Jaguars and Chicago Bears, the reason is now well known – volatility. Make sure that you get introduced to it early on when selecting your favorite slot machine.

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