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6 Myths About Adult Toys That People Still Believe In

You can find various information about masturbation and sex toys. Many of them can be used to improve your sex life, but you can also come across myths. They can be very dangerous because they can keep you from achieving greater sexual pleasure. A lot of people are afraid to use them because they think they make them less valuable, desirable or feel desperate.

The goal of these toys is to achieve the exact opposite effect and that is why you are free to use them. You can only feel even better than usual. It is also a great thing for partners who want to improve their relationship and realize some fantasies. Either way, sex toys are a healthy choice. We have singled out some of the most popular myths on this topic, read more about them below.

1. Sex toys are used only by singles

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People often associate the use of sex toys with people who lack a sexual partner. So they think that in the absence of sex certain people find alternatives like vibrators and other sex toys. Of course, that is not true. These sexual aids are used by absolutely everyone because in this way they can fulfill some of their sexual desires. Best of all, couples can use them too.

They often use them when they want to take their foreplay to a higher level, but you can find a variety of sex toys, including those that help couples reach orgasm at the same time. Whether you have been happily married for a long time or do not have a partner next to you, you certainly have some sexual desires that include sex toys.

So feel free to experiment, it doesn’t mean you have a bad sex life but quite the opposite.

2. They are addictive

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Another common myth you may encounter is that sex toys are addictive. Certain products may suit you better than others and you will surely feel more excited. However, with optimal use, you cannot cause addiction in yourself, because sex toys are not harmful. They can only improve your sexual function as well as your entire life. Since orgasm significantly improves our mood, we don’t see anything wrong with using these things to meet our needs.

Opt for some interesting options, we are sure you will have an even better quality of sex life. The only problem that occurs with women who use them regularly is a habit. It develops over time and it can happen that they do not feel the appropriate arousal with a real penis. Of course, that doesn’t have to happen to you, because this is an individual matter.

3. A vibrator is a replacement for a real penis

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Although today’s vibrator looks almost the same as a real penis, it is no better than it. Of course, a real penis can provide more joy and satisfaction. A lot of people use both which means you can double your satisfaction. This means that one does not exclude the other and that this is just another myth in a series.

If you have a partner, talk to him, because you may be able to reach a new level in the relationship. They are a great thing if you are attracted to exploring erogenous zones. Think of this as an opportunity to stimulate different erogenous zones to discover something new about yourself. Remember that the better you know your and your partner’s body, the more sexual pleasure you can achieve and afford.

4. Sex toys badly affect the nature of sex

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It is wrong to think in this direction for several reasons. Since there are a large number of different sex toys, you can satisfy some of your deepest fantasies. All it takes is to be imaginative and relaxed enough. The more open your approach to your partner, the better you will be able to use some products. You can also improve your relationship with your partner. What exactly is it about? It is known that women experience an orgasm from men.

In order not to disappoint their partners, some women fake an orgasm and thus fall into a vicious circle of dissatisfaction. Do not follow this example, because you can only damage the relationship with your partner.

Instead, talk to him and try aids that will help you stimulate the deepest erogenous zone or G-spot. We will agree that it is quite natural for this to happen. Therefore, these rumors are absolutely incorrect.

5. There are bad sex toys

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This is not true. There are products that will suit you more or less. Keep in mind that each of them is designed solely to provide pleasure. However, each person is different and has different needs. That is why you only need to listen to what your body is telling you, and not misinformation like this. These toys can only improve your sexual function and some will give you pleasure to remember. The more you try, the faster you will get the best toy.

Don’t think that you will never find a sex toy that suits you, because we believe that there are suitable toys for everyone. Regardless of age, gender and so on, you can find something for yourself. Today, they are much more sophisticated and advanced than before, which means that interesting content awaits you. Don’t forget that they are designed for special use, which means that the manufacturers take care of sensitive parts. Don’t think that it can hurt you, because they are made for one purpose only.

6. More expensive sex toys are better

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The fact that you paid dearly for a toy does not mean that it will suit you better than the cheaper option and vice versa. However, there are a few things you need to pay attention to and it has to do with quality. This applies to design and material. Since these toys are inserted all the way to deep erogenous zones, it is important what they are made of. The material must be extremely fine and soft, but you can also find it at affordable prices. Also, if you opt for a sex doll, you shouldn’t buy a cheap one, especially if it is a real size one. If you don’t believe us, check this and you will see why sex dolls must be expensive.


So now you realize that many of the things you have heard about sex toys are myths. We hope we have helped you overcome these and other prejudices and thus fulfill your sex life even more.

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