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42 Reasons That’ll Tell You That You Are Absolutely Beautiful, Always Were

Noone can ever make you feel you’re not good enough as long as you feel beautiful – about your existence, about what you do, about what you think. You are absolutely beautiful and remember these reasons the next time there’s someone (and there are many such someones in this world) trying to make you feel bad about yourself. My goal will be accomplished if by the end of this article on the saddest of days, you believe even slightly that YOU are beautiful.

1. Embracing your feelings – good, bad or something totally disappointing:

Being able to embrace every little feeling in your heart is what makes your brave and beautiful. Waiting for something great to happen makes you even more beautiful.

2. Your eyes speaking the truth:

Your eyes are beautiful because nobody else has such eyes, which makes them instantly recognisable. They are deep and authentic.

3. Having faith:

The possibility of you having faith in someone is beautiful. It’s a rare feeling but it’s a feeling you will understand at least once in your lifetime.

4. Throwing paint on canvas:

Beauty is throwing paint on canvas and actually ending up with something concrete (or not so concrete) or strumming a guitar without any particular motive.

5. Laughing till you drop is beautiful:

Those times when you laugh like mad and your stomach hurts but you continue to laugh, that is beautiful.

6. Beauty is your resilience:

When you go through hell and you stand up and face the world with a smile is very, very beautiful.

7. The calmness in your voice:

It’s you who your best always looks out for when she’s upset, she calls you because your voice somehow calms her down. That’s beautiful.

8. Taking up a daring step with a unique nice-hearted intention:

A daring action is beautiful that is based on a completely original and good intention.

9. Compassion when it’s needed the most:

Compassion when it’s least expected is extremely beautiful.

10. Curiosity is beautiful:

Asking questions, the urge to know more – when, why and how – is just so beautiful.

11. Intelligence is impressive because it’s also amazingly beautiful:

12. Ignorance is not (always) bliss:

Not mistaking ignorance for truth is beautiful, even if you’re the one suffering. Chin up and look at the brighter side.

13. The different expression for every mood:

Expressing every mood with a different expression – sad, content, angry, bored – is absolutely beautiful.

14. Dancing with your eyes shut:

Beauty is when your eyes are shut and you dance in your mind. It’s awe-inspiring.

15. Letting yourself out in a concert:

Going to a concert and enjoying so hard that you completely lose your voice the next day, that’s beautiful.

16. Enjoying your food:

When you’re eating something not just for the heck of it but to enjoy it, look at yourself. You look beautiful.

17. Walking bare feet into the sand and leaving beautiful foot impressions behind:

It’s beautiful when you walk bare feet digging deep into the sand and leaving your mark behind.

18. Walking away from a relationship:

When you know somethings are just not meant to be – you can’t change and you don’t want the person you love to change – you walk away humbly from the relationship and this act is absolutely beautiful.

19. Flat stomachs and Fat bellies are all beautiful:

Yes, having a flat stomach looks pretty but even fat bellies look adorable and they are beautiful.

20. Walking confidently in a loud outfit:

Beauty is when you walk so fiercely in an outfit that when people complement you, you’re like “right?”.

21. Fresh flower in your hair:

Putting a fresh flower in your hair and looking gorgeous is beautiful.

22. Words make a sentence:

Stringing words together to make a sentence and being brave enough to let someone else read it – that’s beautiful.

23. Being grateful is beautiful:

It is beautiful to be grateful to the people who have touched your life in any significant way – your parents, your friends, your enemies, your family and finally, God.

24. Loving your hometown:

Your hometown shaped the kind of person you are today and no matter how good or bad it is – for you, it’s a beauty.

25. Walking gracefully in heels:

Being able to walk gracefully in high heels without feeling anything but gorgeous, that’s beautiful.

26. Humility is beautiful any day:

Beautiful is stretching out your hand to a complete stranger just to be of some help to him/her in even the tiniest way possible.

27. When you’re scared out of your wits to do something and you still do it, that’s beautiful:

28. Sitting alone and laughing:

Sitting alone anywhere, doing anything and thinking of something and laughing out so loud that everyone around thinks you’re mad – is beautiful.

29. Getting out of a toxic relationship is beautiful:

Finally getting out of a toxic relationship is a relief and it’s beautiful.

30. Trying to learn a different language:

It’s beautiful when you build up the courage to learn a new language when you know it’s going to be hard.

31. Your legs are beautiful:

The curve of your calves, your thigh muscles, the peaks and valleys of your knee, are admirable.

32. Trusting and being a good listener:

Knowing that there will be something valuable in someone else’s words and hence, listening carefully without reacting is beautiful.

33. Giving birth is oh-so-beautiful:

It may be really messy but giving birth to a new life is a feeling that’s out of this world.

34. Loving your pet is beautiful:

Expressing as much love towards your pet as much as they do is beautiful.

35. Your look in the morning without make up, without anything on your face, is gorgeous:

Wake up in the morning and you’ll know, you’re the most beautiful person in the world when you’re wearing nothing on your face and you’ve had your beauty sleep. Adore it, admire it.

36. Sharing a secret is beautiful:

It’s nice to be able to tell someone your secret finally.

37. Turning your worst phase into a humorous incident – how can that not be beautiful?

Having the heart to ignore your darkest phase and turn it into humor and laugh about it  – it’s really beautiful how you can do that.


38. Standing up for someone is beautiful:

Even if you’re not getting hurt but calling out against the wrong being done to someone else – that is beautiful.

39. Holding a strong opinion is beautiful:

And respecting someone else’s strong opinion is also beautiful.

40. A satisfying sweaty workout is beautiful:

When you achieve what you want out of a workout session – being able to move your body the way you want it to – it’s super satisfying and beautiful.

41. Take deep breaths – that’s beautiful:

The way you feel when you sit down and take a deep breath, it’s awesome.

42. Having a choice to opt for ‘freedom’ in life:


When you have a choice between something (anything) and freedom to fill your life with any color you like – and you choose freedom. That’s beautiful.

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