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10 Interesting Things to Do in Enschede Netherlands – 2024 Guide

The Dutch boundary is the neighbourhood of Enschede in the eastern side of the Netherlands. The past of Enschede was greatly a contradiction, there were aspects of association in old periods encircling the market.

In 1325, the Bishop Jan van Diest permitted Enschede city liberties. Later, the city inaugurated its defense mechanism in the structure of canals and walls to the expenditure of gravel.The town went through an economical crisis from the fabric business and the output of the substance bombazine during the 19 century.

After the destruction of the fabric business in the Netherlands because of heavy competition from the east, Enschede battled to overcome, nevertheless, interests from the authority gave rise to this incredible town back to success and it now exists as an alluring and gorgeous spot remembered for its athletics and galleries. You Can check out the website huurstunt.nl for more details.

Here are the 10 best things to do in Enschede:

1. Go Planet Park

Source: aasarchitecture.com

It is titled as the biggest amusement park in the north of the Netherlands. The Go Planet Park is inevitable to keep you fascinated and entertained for hours on end.

It is located next to the FC Twente stadium and the ice-rink. This building is part of a tremendous progressive region that has evolved to be an area of entertainment and fun for Enschede.

You will find an indoor dive world, cinema, bowling, gym and several themed restaurants inside the park. A family could effortlessly spend a day here and stay excited.

2. Oude Markt

The Oude Markt is a prominent place in Enschede as it gives a fine area to learn the city from.

Encircled by the Oude Markt road, this locale includes numerous Enschede’s incredible chunks of architecture containing Jacobuskerk and the Grote Kerk.

Also, there is an interesting memorial in the centre and various other cafeterias and lunchrooms with outdoor arrangements.

3. MBS Boekelo steam train

Source: flickr.com

The few ceremonies and rituals that are still active give a great source of fun and the Boekelo steam train is one of such temptations. The little village of Boekelo is around 15 minutes away from Enschede and is certainly a fascinating spot for the tour.

Travel on the Boekelo and be carried behind to a modest period. There are unique events that are often conducted on the convoy like the winter stamppot ride that contains a hearty Dutch stew.

4. Volkspark

It is the oldest public park in the Netherlands, the Volkspark was officially inaugurated in 1872. It is one of the best representations of an English geographical garden in the nation.

The park stands next to the Saxion education complex to the west of the old town centre.

The magnificent ponds with colourful water lilies is admirable. You get to walk over the several small bridges that cross the water, watch beautiful sceneries and scents of the plants and variety of trees.

Volkspark is a very mysterious spot to loosen up and spend a lethargic afternoon at.

5. Grote Kerk

Source: en.wikipedia.org

It is an incredible synagogue in the interior of Enschede. The Grote Kerk exists in the middle of the Oude Markt. There is an elevated prominent bell tower with a sharp roof that stands at the north end, covering the market.

A component that goes behind to 1892 offers dignity to the spot inside the synagogue and oversees the distant wall. The gilded ducts and decorated wooden coverings are definitely remarkable.

6. Rijksmuseum Twenthe

It was discovered by textile baron Bernard Van Heek in 1927. This stunning establishment has a gorgeous structure and also an incredible exhibition of art, largely concentrating on the 18th century.

It is located at the north of the Oude Markt and Grote Kerk. The gallery is effortlessly accessible on foot as parking lots are less.

Although the building was extremely destroyed during the firework accident in 2000, the art exhibition stayed unbroken and today you can see this stunning compilation comprising works from Kunhert, Rungius and Rusdael.

7. Jacobuskerk

Source: commons.wikimedia.org

It is also known as James Church. This contemporary building was designed in 1931 on the location where the actual neoclassical synagogue once existed until it was demolished in the 1800s.

Jacobuskerk stars a huge prominent basilica and a remarkable brickwork exterior.

Three enormous circular windows illuminate the front facade concurrently with a suite of detailed small archways.

Inside, you will explore a gorgeous large space full of glow from the several circular windows at the ground of the basilica.

8. FC Twente stadium

The sport football is incredibly prominent in the industrial city of Enschede. It’s major football league, FC Twente has a big history of achievement and rage in the Dutch Eredivisie.

With an ability of just over 30,000, the De Grolsch Veste coliseum is an extraordinary hierarchy and the environment at the FC Twente residence tournaments is amazing.

Over the years the arena has glimpsed much development and is now one of the prime platforms in the nation.

Although discovered out of the town centre, the coliseum is encircled by an entire arrangement of other activities too. A full day journey here would be an excellent chance to watch football.

To spend more time exploring the city, choose your vacation rental early with cozycozy.

9. Grolsch Bierbrouwerij Tour

Source: grolsch.nl

It is the country’s popular beer, Grolsch has existed predominantly in the Netherlands and Europe. It is well recognized for its incredible flavour and taste, beautiful containers and fun posters and publicity.

What is an enjoyable way to discover this popular brand than by taking a trip to their brewery? A skilled instructor will guide you through the brewery to watch how the beer is prepared, understand about the history of the business, and know about the craftsmanship and maintenance that is put into the procedure.

It is a fun, educational and extraordinary trip, also you get to taste the sample of the incredible Grolsch beer.

10. Rutbeek Park

It is located roughly 20-25 minutes to the south of Enschede. Rutbeek Park is a sublime spot where you can unwind and have some entertainment.

Who would have believed you could discover many seasides in the continent of Europe? Encircling these artificial lakes are a suite of little but wonderful beaches and parkland where you can relieve tension, play games, swim in the water or celebrate any events with your family.

Besides the family entertainment, you can furthermore opt to take part in the several activities that are founded here comprising scuba diving, surfing, paintball and flyboarding.

Rutbeek Park is a great place for a family picnic.

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