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How To Get the Most from Your Clothes by Mixing and Matching – 2024 Guide

The golden rule about buying new clothes is to always match them with the other pieces we already have. If we are buying more clothes at once, we also must pay attention to the combinations, because there is no point in buying a lot of them, if we can’t combine them together. The same goes for the shoes and accessories, like bags, jewelry, and fancy scarfs. When you learn how to match the clothes you already have, and get the most you can of them, you will see that there is no point in having a full wardrobe. Just a few basic and a few additional pieces are a must, and then your ability to do the things as they have to be done.

Today we will try to give you some useful advice about the outfits, so you won’t need to stay in front of the wardrobe thinking you don’t have anything to wear (even though we’ve all been there). Then, we will take a few random pieces as an example, so we can stimulate your creativity. You may have exceptional pieces, but if you don’t know how to make them work together, you risk looking messy, and wear the clothes without a taste. And nobody wants that. So, let’s take a little tour of your wardrobe and see what we can do to help you.

Orphan clothes

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This is a term many fashion gurus are using to describe the pieces you bring home after the shopping, and you have nothing to wear them with. Buying an elegant blouse made of expensive fabric is a good choice if you have good pants or skirts at home. Even while shopping, you have to buy combinations, not separate pieces. That fancy t-shirt is really good, and the price is great, but do you have anything else that can be combined with it? As we thought, you don’t. Some colors and applications are specific, and can’t be matched with anything else than jeans or leggings, or the fabric is too heavy for you. So, stop collecting orphan clothes in the wardrobe, and start being smarter when investing in something new.

Proper accessories

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The bag and shoes are a must in every outfit combination. On elite-shop.it, you can find neutral pieces that work nicely with almost every combination we made above. Many people believe they have to match the color of the shoes and bags, but you can take the whole experience a little further and simply use them as separate pieces and match them with the rest of the outfit. Having blue shoes doesn’t mean you have to look for the same blue color in the bags. Just use neutral tones like beige or black for the bag, and your style will reach straight to the point.

Experiment with what you already have

Take your time. You can do that for a weekend, or in the afternoon. You can’t just watch all over the wardrobe and expect the combination to appear in front of your eyes. Take that one-color shirt and see if it goes nicely with jeans. If it does, then put it together with your favorite pair. It may look like nothing right now, but you can find the suit or cardigan that will work things out perfectly. Then take the favorite jacket out of the wardrobe. Find the pieces that you can mix them with and create a few combinations with them. Don’t forget the accessories, since they can give a nice and smooth finish to every outfit you create.

Boost your creativity

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Mixing and matching outfits is a creative work. There is no science behind it, no strict rules, and no pattern to follow. You must hold on to your creativity in this case. One of the best tips in the world is to do that in the mornings, or after a shower, so you are relaxed and focused on what you have. There are no scientific approaches we can use to find the right mixing formula, as we can do in chemistry classes, but if we consider it as an art, then we can stimulate our brain to match the other pieces with the ones we have in our hands.

Learn the basics about mixing and matching

Some patterns go nice together with one-color pieces. Also, some colors can be mixed and blended together by layering the clothes, making them look compatible. This is the moment when you have to learn how to do these things and follow the basic rules of fashion. We are sure you will successfully do that. For example, the pair of blue jeans go well with everything, because our eyes are adapted to it. But, if you have grey jeans, you will have to take a different approach, and see if it goes well with the same pieces you use for the blue pair. The pants don’t work the same, even if they are the exact same color as the jeans. Some pants are made for elegant and classic combinations, and others for your fashionable experimenting moments. Let your fantasy do the rest of the job.

Get inspiration from the fashion magazines

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Read magazines and visit a lot of websites that can help you do this thing more efficiently. You can get a lot of ideas on Pinterest or Instagram, and you will be surprised how the algorithm will find the right combinations and represent them to you, just after a few hours as you initially started to look for the fashionable tips. Don’t underestimate the power of social media, because a lot of great ideas are already there, and you only have to find them and get inspired nicely.

As you can see, it’s not easy, but it’s not rocket science to use your creativity and knowledge in fashion, and get the most of the clothes you have.

Sometimes, you can even buy a few additional pieces you are missing, so they can be used as glue to what you already have, and mix and match the clothes successfully.

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