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4 Things to Know About Sexual Performance Anxiety – 2024 Guide

It is not a rare case that people might feel nervous when they have to sleep with their partner. While it is a common thing, some man might have some more serious issues which could lead to complete disability to have sex. The main problem is that these problems are usually related to the mental condition. On the other side, it is essential to visit your urologist from time to time and check if any issues might cause erectile dysfunction. Also, in most cases, you can treat this problem with medication. However, those people that are having issues in the bedroom caused by their mental state could develop various mental issues like depression, anxiety, low confidence, and more. These are the main indicators of this problem as well.

Moreover, we have to mention that widespread and easily accessible pornography can cause this problem as well. You have to be aware that people in those movies are paid actors and that no one expects you to show the same performances in bed. Also, if you are having problems maintaining the erection or you are not satisfied with the size of your penis, you should try some products that might help you become more satisfied, like ones that you can find at metrotimes.com.

In case that you don’t have any health issues, but there is a problem when you have to sleep with your partner, it is very important to find the cause of that problem. A lot of people develop depression and lack of confidence, which leads them to avoid having sex. However, the best way is to consult with some experts and try to deal with this struggle. Here are some important things that you should know about sexual performance anxiety.

1. Low Confidence is the Most Common Factor

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Many people are struggling with depression and anxiety these days, which can reflect on their sexual lives as well. These mental issues are a serious problem for modern society, and various indicators are causing it, such as the intense working hours, problems in both professional and private life, lack of confidence, and deluded expectations where a man might think how he won’t be so good in bed. When you are stressed, there is a high chance that you won’t be able to sleep with your partner. Also, you should know that forcing something could increase this problem even more. The best way is to have a proper conversation with your partner and try to resolve the issue without panic.

2. Symptoms of Sexual Performance Anxiety

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While it is not a rare case that you might have some problems in the bedroom, if that happens more often, it might be an indication that you have a problem. The identification of the problem is the first step to a solution. Therefore, you shouldn’t avoid dealing with it since it may become more serious over time. The main indicators are reduced desire to have sex, being stressed only by thinking that you are going to be intimate with someone, and more.

You should understand what is causing you to have this problem instead of becoming less social and avoiding your partner. The conversation is very important. For example, it might be the best solution to skip intimacy this time if you are nervous at the moment. Forcing yourself while being nervous might be the cause of this type of anxiety.

3. How to Deal with It?

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First of all, you have to know that poor performance in bed, which is not caused by any health issues, can be easily treated. However, a lot of people won’t admit that their mental state is affecting the ack of ability to have sex. It can be essential for your relationship to open up to your partner and talk about the problem. When a partner understands your current challenges, finding the solution might become quite easier since you can become more relaxed. On the other hand, the best solution is to visit a therapist who represents an experienced person who can help you by providing you with proper advice and explanation of how to deal with your sexual anxiety.

4. Your Habits Are Very Important

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In many cases, people might suffer from sexual anxiety because they have low self-esteem and poor self-image. The main reasons for that are overweight caused by the lack of physical activity and poor diet plan. Since many of us eat a lot of processed food and sugar, it is not a surprise that so many are having issues with obesity. Some other unhealthy habits could cause you to develop this anxiety. For example, it is a well-known fact that smoking can affect your circulation, and good condition of your blood vessels can be essential for your sexual performance. Besides cigarettes, excessive use of drugs and alcohol might cause it as well.

In that matter, maybe the best solution is to try to become more active and to improve your nutrition plan. That will help you to become more satisfied with your appearance, which is directly related to your confidence. Also, being fit and good looking can boost your self-esteem, which is also linked to the desire to have sex. Therefore, instead of experimenting with various products, maybe the best solution is to start going to the gym and eat healthy food. Also, you should try meditation that is one of the best methods for decreasing stress and anxiety.


As you can see, many factors might cause this problem. However, you can prevent it by dealing with it on time. Also, you should take care of your health and mental condition. Therefore, if you are avoiding physical activities and spend too much time in front of the computer could increase chances to develop sexual anxiety. Also, you can include some products as well, but only after the consultations with the doctor since some of them might cause additional side-effects. Nevertheless, the main problem lies in the fact that people avoid this theme instead of trying to find the main factors that are causing it.

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