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7 Things to Take on an Arctic Adventure – 2024 Guide

If you are planning on going on an Arctic adventure, you should make sure that you plan really well. Whether you are going to travel the arctic on foot or in a car, it goes without saying that these places are extremely cold. So before you set out on an arctic adventure, ensure that you have the right gear. Here are 7 things to take on an arctic adventure:

1. Snowshoes

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One of the biggest difficulties in walking through snow is there is a chance that you’ll fall through it. Snow is very soft, and if it covers a hole or uneven terrain you might fall through it.

This is where snowshoes come in handy. By using snowshoes, you’ll have a larger surface to walk on. Snowshoes are shaped like short versions of a skiboard. You’ll be able to securely attach them to your feet, without any danger of them getting stuck in the snow or getting pulled off.

The snowshoes should also be easy to put on, and they should be securely fastened to your feet at all times. Remember that you’ll be walking through heavy snow, and if the snowshoes keep coming off due to faulty locks and straps, then it is better that you don’t have them at all.

2. Snow Goggles

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While traversing through the arctic tundra, there is a chance that you’ll get bombarded by a snowstorm. This is a dangerous prospect because the heavy snowfall may obstruct your vision. So it is imperative that you bring proper eyewear. Luckily there are specially made goggles that protect your eyes from the snowfall.

When you purchase a pair of snow goggles, you should make sure that they are top quality. It is also a good idea to look for a company that deals in wholesale snowboard goggles like www.fetopics.com. By buying your snowboard goggles in bulk, you’ll have a steady supply of goggles at the ready, just in case they get damaged. Moreover, you can easily get a good deal when buying from the main supplier.

It might seem a bit pricey to buy snow goggles in bulk, however you should remember that snowboard goggles are a necessity. There is also the fact that by buying in bulk, you’ll save money in the long run.

3. Compass

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The Arctic tundra is a huge expanse of land and it is very easy to get lost. So it is imperative that you have a compass at the ready. This will ensure that you will know which direction is which. When you purchase a compass, you should buy one that could handle sub-zero temperatures. The compass should be able to keep the cold out, no matter how low the temperature gets.

4. Winter Parka

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When it comes to traveling through an icy expanse of land it is important that you wear the appropriate winter clothes. This will ensure that you stay well insulated no matter the weather. Sweating is particularly dangerous in a very cold area because a layer of sweat could freeze easily, and you might develop hypothermia or pneumonia.

By using a parka, you’ll be able to keep off the cold and stay warm. When you choose a winter parka, it important that the parka is durable and insulated. It should be durable because you may have to wear it through the harshest conditions you could think of, so it should be able to take a great deal of wear and tear. It should be well insulated because the cold could seep through your other clothes, and the parka is the first line of defense against the cold.

5. Impact Boots

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Walking through the snow could be hazardous for your ankles because you might fall through a hole covered by snow. If you fall on your legs there is a chance you’ll break your legs or even snap your ankles. So you will need to have footwear that will allow you to fall on your feet, and still be able to absorb the impact.

Impact boots are perfect for traversing through the snow because they are reinforced against any form of impact. The toes and the ankle areas are reinforced. They are also made of very durable material that will allow you to plow through snow, and not risk injury.

6. Specialized Sleeping Bag

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While traveling through an extremely cold area, it is important that you rest as much as possible. However, it is difficult to find a good sleeping place. There will be times where you’ll have to sleep out in the open, and there are no trees and uneven terrain to hide behind. So you will need to use specialized sleeping bags that will not only provide you a surface to sleep on, you’ll also get proper protection against the elements.

When you choose your sleeping bag, you should make sure that it is reinforced against the cold. The thicker the sleeping bag, the better. It may seem like a hassle to bring such a heavy sleeping bag, but if you have to sleep in the open and the cold winds are howling, you’ll be thankful you invested in a specialized sleeping bag.

7. Ice Axe

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There will be times where your way will be blocked by snow and even ice. So it is important that you’ll have a multipurpose tool that will enable you to break through ice barriers.

When you purchase an ice axe, it is important that it is made of good quality steel. You will be traveling in harsh and very cold temperatures, and if your ice axe is made of sub-par materials it might become brittle and shatter.

So when you purchase an ice axe it is important that you test them out first. If you have any friends who are mountaineering experts you should ask them for advice. Ask them what features to look for in an ice axe.


Before you go on a polar adventure, you should make sure you are prepared. If you go into the arctic tundra unprepared, you might not make it out alive. The best way to be prepared is to have the right gear. With this shortlist, you’ll be able to have your arctic adventure safely.

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