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10 Important Questions To Ask Your International Moving Company – 2024 Guide

Moving your goods from one country to another can be overwhelming and tedious. Hence it’s important to choose the right company that takes care of the moving process for you. You must ask a few important questions to your international moving company to ensure that they are offering what you need.

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Questions you must ask to your international moving company

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1. Do you offer door-to-door delivery services?

If you are looking for an international moving company, then you must ask if they offer door-to-door delivery services. Most international moving companies offer this service, and if yours doesn’t then, it’s better to look for another one.

It can be overwhelming to move your luggage, especially when you are moving to a new city or county. Ensure that the moving company you hired takes care of your complete delivery.

2. What type of insurance do you offer?

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Mostly all reputed movers will have insurance, but still, you must ask them about insurance and what their insurance policy covers. If the moving company doesn’t offer any insurance, then it’s time to look for another company without asking any further questions.

Without insurance, if anything happens, you will lose all your goods and luggage, and you will have to bear the complete loss. Even if the company offers insurance, don’t forget to ask about the policy coverage limit or the kinds of damage the cover, etc.

3. Does the total price include packaging charges?

Many people like to pack their luggage by themselves to ensure optimal safety and to save money as well. But several moving companies include packaging charges in the total price. Also, to stop the delivery of any illegal or illicit goods from one place to another, you might need a declaration that you are carrying only household goods in your luggage.

The moving company can give you the declaration of household goods, but they have to pack your luggage by themselves to ensure you are not carrying anything illegal hence they already include the packaging charges in the quoted price. Hence it’s better not to start packing until you clear out everything with your moving company.

4. How will the goods be shipped?

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You must keep track of how your goods and luggage are being moved and what is the mode of transportation. If you are moving across the town, then a truck would be enough to move your goods. If you are moving to a different city or a different country, then the mode of transportation will be different. You can also opt for faster delivery with some extra charges.

5. How long will it take to deliver the luggage and goods?

You should also check on the days it will take to deliver your goods. Different movers offer different modes of transportation based on which depends on the delivery time to deliver your goods. Companies will tell you the predetermined estimated dates within which your goods will be delivered, and accordingly, you can schedule your day to ensure you have received all the packages and the goods are undamaged and intact.

6. What kind of packing material do you use?

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The quality of the packing material is very important. Cheap, low-quality packing materials aren’t durable enough, and they might damage the goods inside. Mainly companies use reusable packing materials that don’t concern the environment.

Ensure that the company uses good quality packaging and whether they can reuse the materials for some other shipping. It is a smart way to get rid of the packing boxes and bubble wraps from your house.

7. Do you offer real-time tracking services?

You must ask your moving company if they offer real-time tracking services to track your goods. Some companies send you a notification or message of the location of your goods, while most international moving companies offer you real-time tracking services.

Having a real-time track of your goods assures you that your goods are being delivered safely and on time. With the help of the internet and GPS, you can easily track your goods and clear your schedule to begin with the unpacking process.

8. Do you handle the entire move?

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Talk about the entire move with your moving company. Ask them whether they will reach your goods to the final destination by themselves or if they have partnerships with other companies to reach goods to destinations other than the selected ones.

Take all the necessary details of every company involved with the shipping so you can contact the right person to enquire about your shipment. There is no harm in involving another company until your goods are delivered to the final destination.

9. Will my goods be stored somewhere for any checking purpose?

If you are shipping your goods in a different country, then your goods might be stored in a warehouse until they are loaded for shipping. It is important to keep a check that the company offers a good storage facility, so the goods are unharmed.

The goods might also have to wait until it gets custom clearance while shipping internationally. There are goods and luggage from other people as well; hence it takes time before clearing customs, and till that time, they are protected and stored accordingly.

10. Can I talk to previous clients?

Source: moving.com

To be extra sure about your shipping, especially during moving to a different country, you can ask them to let you talk with some previously satisfied clients and ask them about their shipping experience with the company. You can even read online reviews of the company and even get your doubts cleared.

Final Thoughts

There can be plenty of questions coming out of your mind before shipping your goods to a different country. These were some basic questions that you must ask the moving company to ensure that it’s the right company for your needs and to have a hassle-free and safe delivery of your goods.

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