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7 Things to Consider when Renting a Shipping Container – 2024 Guide

If you plan to move from one country to another, which includes packing and moving your belongings, like furniture and other big things, you have to consider renting a container to help you transfer them overseas. The process seems simple, like renting it, putting everything inside, and shipping to the new address. Also, people need these containers if they buy big things when traveling, that they can’t put in a plane or pack in the car luggage. Shipping containers can be used for the waste from your home, so you can be sure it will reach the recycling centers.

But before you rent the first one you find around, make sure you’ve checked all the companies that provide this type of service. As you can see on Afvalcontainersvlk, they provide the needed conditions and help you see if that company is right for you or not. Also, check which countries they cover, even though most of these companies cover international shipping. Prices can also make a huge difference too. But, if you need this type of service, you need to consider a few things in advance, like:

1. The rental period

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Keep in mind that every day is paid, and you don’t need to take it a few days in advance. Also, you need to also call the company on time, so you can be sure they have a free one for you. You have to define the exact amount of things you need to pack up, because in some cases, one of them is not enough. According to the experienced movers, if you need that container for a longer period, as more than six months, then it’s better to consider buying one until you complete all the shipping tasks, and then rent it or sell it, depending on your needs. It will save renting fees, and you can use it again if you need to ship goods and your belongings a few times a year.

2. It’s great for your businesses

They are great to expand your exceptional ideas and reach people worldwide. Postal expenses are pretty big for every package separately, but can you imagine what you can do if you rent a whole container to help you ship the good you sell overseas? They are cost-effective, available, and you can use them even in an emergency situation. Have the container suppliers close to you, because sometimes something may pop up when not planned. Even if you need to move your office, they will be there for you too.

3. Containers come in different sizes for different needs

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No matter if you need them for your business or for personal purposes, you need to rent the right size of the container. If you need to ship bigger things, like furniture, you will need bigger containers. They can be 10, 20, or 40 feet high, and in some cases, they can be 45 feet high, if the clients need special conditions for the belongings inside.

But, on the other hand, you have to be aware that not every container is suitable for some transport modes. Some of them are designed for overseas trips, and others for land transport. You need to mention that when contacting the service provider. Anyway, before you do anything, you have to research the potential good companies for you, so you can get the offer and make sure everything you have won’t be damaged while transporting.

4. You can get a really good deal

If you don’t have too many things to ship, the company may offer you a shared container, so you can get a better price. In this case, you will only have to pack your things carefully, and label them with your name and other useful information, stick the stickers carefully, and of course, hope for the best.

5. Take a look inside

Source: containerspace.com.au

You have to check if there are any cracks and other things that can damage your belongings. Inspections are mandatory when you rent or buy a new container. Check if there is rust, dents, damages, and other cracks that can let inside moisture or mold. All of that is a risk to damage all your belongings, and you have to be sure nothing like that will happen.

6. Tell your budget limitations

Moving your belongings is an expensive process and you must be ready for that. Even though containers are economic and affordable, the whole process can exhaust your wallet. You need to keep in mind you will need a moving team too, to help you pack the things up and put the things in the container. Also, you need to make sure there is enough space, and the things are put properly, so they won’t fall and break.

7. Ask for references and visit the site

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You can start hunting for something if you don’t research the topic before that. Ask for references to make sure you are hiring a professional service. That can be past client reviews or people who already work with them. Don’t forget to visit their site to see the containers and visualize the space, so you can know if one is enough or you need more. It will help you contact the management and estimate if they are reliable to hold to them. Also, you will have a chance to talk to them and their customer support, and see if they are reliable to hire.


As you can see, organizing a moving project requires a few technical steps before it’s possible to happen. Renting a container can be a good solution for those who need to move or ship bigger things over the seas, or another country. Containers are great for personal and business needs, and they will ease your life in ways you’ve never thought were possible. So, if you have a project like this to complete, make sure you have the right company on a call. After that, everything will go nicely and smoothly, without losing your nerves around it.

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