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These 49 Simple But Brilliant Product Ideas Will Make You Ask How You Managed Without Them

Necessity is the mother of all invention

1. Yolk separating fish

2. Lazy glasses allow you to read or watch TV while you’re laid flat on your back.

3. Ironing board that can double as a mirror

We all want to buy the best product for our home and kitchen requirements. While choosing any of them, it is necessary to check the quality, durability and performance.

But what about the smartest products?

Apart from the regular use products, there are also some unique products with some special features. These include-egg a yolk separator, mirror ironing board, smart tea light, Boonglo nightlight, earbud clips, rolling bench, twister fork, onion holder, oven rack guard, self-heated kitchen knife, Citrus Spritzer, and a lot more.

Each of these products is unique in nature and you can avail them at your local store or online. If you wish to make your home and kitchen smart, you can also check www.homeplace.in where you can find a review and buying guide for various appliances and goods for your home, kitchen, personal care, or baby.

I hope this article helps you get simple but brilliant ideas about various smart products. Happy shopping!


4. A dustpan that keeps dirt from clinging to the broom

5. Never burn your fingers again with this smart tea light votive.

6. The BoonGlo Nightlight is perfect for kids because they can take the glowing orbs anywhere.

7. Finally, a whisk that doesn’t steal half your cake batter.

8. In case you were wondering where this simple clip that keeps your earbuds from getting all tangly has been all your life, here it is

9. The Rolling Bench That You Can Use After Rain

10. Twister Fork

11. Onion Holder

12. Universal wrapping paper for the forgetful person

13. The Euphori-lock keeps your ice cream safe from prying fingers, only allowing access to the lid when the right combination is entered.

14. One-handed bottle opener, for the person that needs to open two beers at once

15. Oven rack guard to prevent burns

16. Self-heated butter knives makes applying spreads to bread a breeze

17. Scrap Trap container

18. Citrus spritzer which you can plug directly into fruit

19. If you run, this water bottle with a built in wallet is a must

20. A cooler complete with bottle opener, blender and smart phone charger.

21. Reusable candle that captures wax and creates a new candle

22. Various hidden flasks for smuggling in booze

23. Hands-free book holder

24. A fashionable ring which is actually a bottle opener

25. A sandless beach mat, which filters out grains of sand

26. And, an accompanying beach bag

27. Microchip activated food bowl that keeps other pets from snagging a taste

28. Wine sippy cups for adult spillers

29. A highlighter that uploads text you go over to your computer.

30. Cover Blubber – a reusable rubber wrapping material for saving leftover food

31. This baby stroller with a built-in scooter

32. Toothpaste Tube Squeezer makes it easier than ever

33. Bike Backpack is a folding bike that can packed up into a backpack for easier transporting

34. Pizza scissors combine a pair of scissors with a spatula, so that you can easily cut and pick up a pizza slice.

35. The Biolite camping stove is a wood burner that also produces electricity to power any USB device while camping

36. Lockitron lets you unlock your door from your smartphone if you lose your keys

37. Adjustable scissors that cut perfect sizes

38. Solves the issue of losing bottle caps as they fling off

39. The dipr cookie spoon so you don’t have to get hands milky

40. Got a baby? Put them to work with the baby mop, which will clean the floor as they crawl.

41. Spice rack that automatically measures out the amount needed

42. A hook for carrying bags without destroying your fingers

43. Spoon-chopstick combo

44. High heels which convert into flats

45. Glow in the dark toilet rim

46. Measure the perfect amount of spaghetti

47. The one thing you never knew you needed

48. Avid readers now have a solution for all that thumb strain.

49. Even children can safely use one of these plastic staple-free staplers.

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