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4 Factors That Can Affect Your Moving Cost & How to Reduce Them

The thought of the moving process will put you in a stressful situation. No matter how much changing the environment and space is bringing many benefits for you, moving it always represents a kind of pressure. Changing the living space also means changing certain habits and established behavior, which many of you could find difficult. You leave a bunch of memories, maybe a beautiful neighborhood and go to the new one, unexplored yet. No matter how flexible you are, no one is simply immune and completely indifferent to moving.

However, moving does not only mean moving from one place to another. It requires a detailed relocation plan but also certain costs. In addition to the expected stress due to moving itself, costs also bring you a certain headache. No matter how well you have planned everything and set aside a budget for moving, be convinced that something new will always surprise you. The moving budget increases the longer the travel distance is, and of course it depends on the number of things you have.

If you are planning to move soon or are already in the preparation process, you are surely wondering what are factors that increase the cost of moving and how you can reduce them. First of all, try to calculate the costs with the help of Easy Peasy Removals, an Australian moving company. Then think about how you can save money.

We have done a mini-research for you and come up with 4 factors that can influence the moving costs changing.

  1. The number of things you have to bring with you

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The first and most important factor that can increase the cost of moving is the number of things you prepared for moving. Of course, the more things you have, the higher the costs. The point is quite clear: if you have a lot of things to bring with you, the more time and resources you will need to pack and prepare, the more manpower for loading and unloading, the higher transport costs, etc.

To control the cost of moving, first reduce the number of things you want to carry with you. Moving is very often a great opportunity to get rid of excess things or maybe cross paths with some memories. Consider the old thing and think about whether you really need it. You can put an old well-preserved thing on the internet and sell them at an online auction. On the other hand, let your moving and new beginning turn on the human side of you, and you could give the old stuff to someone who needs it. You may not make money but you will certainly feel good after a gesture like this. Getting rid of excess things has two benefits: spatial and financial.

  1. The distance between the old and the new home

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Another, no less important item is the distance that the transport must cover during your moving process. Whether you have rented a moving agency or you’ll do it by yourself, the distance from the old to the new home is an important factor that determines the total cost of moving. Of course it won’t cost you the same if you move to a building across the street or another city. As much as you think you can carry everything yourself, unless you have your truck or van, renting a vehicle will be necessary. There are also fuel costs, labor that travels with you, etc.

Put everything down on paper and think carefully about how you can reduce costs. If you have your car, you can reduce costs by putting things in big packages that do not need special attention. If you still don’t have too many things, ask how much it costs to rent a van, add fuel costs and try to transport things yourself. If you still need professional help, call a couple of moving agencies and try to get the best deal.

  1. Packing household items

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Packing is a necessary point when it comes to moving. If it seems like it doesn’t require a lot of time and expense, you’re wrong. Cardboard boxes for packaging for various purposes, including shapes and sizes, transparent foil with which you wrap and protect items, arrangement of items, organization … it seems like a never-ending job, and the costs keep rising. Some agencies will take care of these things for you, but they cost a lot!

If you want to reduce costs, at least when it comes to packing, the simplest way is to pack them yourself. Improper packaging can lead to damage or loss of items, so you have to be very careful and precise here. Just set aside one day to plan everything well: what packages are needed, what auxiliary equipment is necessary, group things on paper, make a selection of sensitive and fragile ones. Always pack smaller items first and then larger ones. Be sure to write a description of the contents on the boxes, as well as their structure. If you have good organization skills, you can write small notes with a list of things to make yourself easier when it comes to the unpacking process. You can also print ordinal numbers to know the order in which to insert the boxes in the vehicle. As much as you may find it fun, don’t decide to do the packaging yourself unless you’re really confident in your abilities.

  1. Choose a convenient time

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You cannot have an effect on the time of moving. However, if it is possible, it is very important to calculate in which period you will move.

Avoid periods of the moving season because moving agencies will take almost double your money during this time. Don’t forget that the roads are the busiest then, so waiting in lines will be an additional financial and time cost. Make sure you have some public holidays these days to avoid the crowds again. Follow the weather forecast, and if possible, avoid rainy days or too hot ones for several reasons. Do not neglect this factor.

Although moving involves a lot of planning, work and financial resources, it does not always have to be too stressful. Organize yourself and with the help of close people. If it’s possible, organize everything on time, take a few days off and ask your friends for help.

If you still think this is too big a bite for you, hire an agency and enter in your new house relaxed.

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