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How to Clean a Sub-ohm Vape Coil – 2024 Guide

When you pass electricity through a coil, it faces resistance. This resistance is measured in Ohms. When you use coils with a resistance less than 1 ohm, you are doing sub-ohm vaping.

A couple of years ago, safe and sub-ohm batteries like the Innokin TC100 weren’t readily available. The only way to experience sub-ohm vaping was by building coils and then using them with a mechanical mod.

The sub-ohm for beginners

Some brands have understood and offer kits, while the beginner vaper wants to start with a box kit or Tube sub-ohm kit. Simple but powerful equipment, they do not require any adjustment and are very easy to use.

This electronic cigarette will have an integrated battery with a clearomizer equipped with an original sub-ohm resistance, i.e. below 1 ohm (from 0.9 to 0.1 ohms). This will be adapted and supplied with your original cigarette and can be replaced as soon as you feel an alteration in flavors, for example.

These coils come pre-made, making them perfect for vapers who aren’t really into coil building or are just starting to understand the basics of the Sub Ohm style of vaping. Sub-ohm tube kits are available for beginners, as the sky Solo kit from vapor solo. Click here If you want to know more about sub-ohm.

Why should you clean your vaporizer?

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Although cheap is indeed expensive, even the most affordable vaporizers can last longer if maintained correctly. Cleaning your vaporizer is a very common thing. For example, after we eat, we brush our teeth.

This process keeps our teeth healthy. These things also prevent yesterday’s food from contaminating the taste of today. These things also apply to vaporizers. If the vaporizers are not cleaned well, then the taste and consequent high of the vaporized herb is sacrificed. If you have not cleaned your vaporizer for a very long time, then the vaporizer’s Consequence is progressively worse.

When someone starts vaping, it becomes a part of their regular life. Vape is now so popular among all ages. The problems begin when the build-up of residue is not removed or the vaporizer is not cleaned after each use.

You can do it in two ways, the first of them is daily after each session, and the other is to perform a deep cleaning, once or twice a week. This last alternative is recommended to be applied when changing variety or switching to concentrates.

The Consequence of not cleaning vaporizers

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Not cleaning your vaporizer turns bad in many ways, like the reason for bad taste. If you don’t clean those residues or dirt, then the quality of the vapor could decrease.

If you keep your vaporizer clean, it extends the life of your device. Well and regular clean can be making it work almost like the first day, but if you want to know the Consequence of not cleaning vaporizers. Here are some reasons why you should do it:


The lack of cleaning your vaporizer can affect its process since residue accumulation will make your device work more than necessary. Sometimes these residues can block the heating chamber or damage it entirely.

Bad taste

The remaining plant material and sticky resin to your vaporizer make your vape unhealthy. It can turn to a bad taste. After a while, you do not enjoy your experience.

Dirty steam is harmed your health

The waste in the stem is the perfect reason for developing bacteria and mold, and these things could harm your health. Without knowing, you just make your health turn bad through this process.

How to clean the tank

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To clean your tank, the first thing you have to do is disassemble it. Remove the resistance – but be careful. Take a good look at how the parts and packaging are placed to put it back together. Separating the parts will also give you a better knowledge of your atomizer and you will understand how it works.

If your tank is relatively clean, it will simply be necessary to place the parts in the hot water jet, rinse them well and remove them from the water jet. Using a napkin or tissue paper, dry them and let them rest in the air until they are dehydrated and you can put them back together.

If you haven’t cleaned it for a long time, it will be necessary to do a deeper cleaning, put water to boiling point in a container, and put all your atomizer parts there. You wait until the water cools down, you remove the pieces and dry them as in the previous method, taking care to let them air dry until they are completely dry.

Another option is to use pure propylene glycol instead of water. In this way, the pieces are introduced into the liquid and left to rest for 2 or 3 hours, they are removed, and the drying process is done as we have already mentioned.

You can also use other materials for deep cleanings, such as baking soda, ethyl alcohol, vinegar, or cheap vodka.

Cleaning the resistors

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There are 2 types of resistors, commercial and rebuildable or repairable. Commercial resistors are already ready to use in the device. They are designed inside a metal casing and have already mounted cotton, kanthal, ceramic, etc., all in one piece, ready to screw onto the atomizer and start vaping. Even though some vaping pages and blogs suggest that they can be cleaned, the truth is that it is not recommended to do so.

On the other hand, rebuildable resistors are resistors that we manufacture with resistive thread and cotton to mount in our RDA, RTA, or RDTA. This type of resistor can be cleaned and done to maintain its correct operation and useful life.

For this cleaning, we must remove the cotton and heat the resistance to red-hot. This will eliminate any surface impurity that it may have, then we wait for it to cool and put the cotton back.

When this process is not enough, we must reheat the resistance to red hot, we stop pressing the button on the mod, and we put the opposition to the jet of water for quick cooling. It is important to take care that no waterfalls on the mod or its electronic parts. Once the resistance is cold, we can use a toothbrush or a cleaning tool to remove any impurities, dry the resistance well, and put the cotton back in.


Using a sub-ohm electronic cigarette involves a direct draft of vapor to the lungs, called DL (much like a shisha). Indeed the healing power produces almost instantaneously steam forcing direct inhalation.

Suppose you are used to aspiration in the mouth followed by inhalation into the lungs like a cigarette. In that case, you are in an MTL type of inhalation or indirect draft and which is therefore not possible with resistance sub ohms.

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