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What Kind Of Underwear Women Find Most Attractive On Men

As we all know, everyone has different preferences and definitions of what attraction is, and how essential it is for them. Talking about men’s underwear is tightly related to every men’s preferences on how comfortable they want to be, and what style they prefer. But sometimes, they want to choose the particular model every woman finds attractive.

But, can we say that one specific type of men’s underwear is more attractive compared to the others? Knowing that it’s all about what everyone loves and prefers, the taste in Sexy Mens Underwear may vary from person to person. We couldn’t find any information that sums up which one model is women’s favorite, but we surely can narrow the list down, and figure this out together.

When it comes to men’s underwear, some women may prefer boxers, others briefs, and still, others may not have a preference. But are they all about looks, or may want their partner to feel comfortable, stylish, and confident?

Some women don’t really pay attention to underwear models


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Women may find men who are comfortable and confident in their underwear more attractive, regardless of the specific style or type. Also, they may prefer a good fit, instead of too loose or too tight underwear. Sometimes, women have a weird thing about quality textiles and breathable fabrics, because it lets the intimate area stay dry for longer.

Personal preferences may vary too, some women may prefer boxers, others briefs, and others may prefer modern styles such as trunks, boxer briefs, or jockstraps.

But, do you know what’s most attractive at all times? Clean and well-maintained underwear is always preferred, as it makes guys feel confident and comfortable.

Still, these tendencies and preferences aren’t universal, because some ladies prefer:

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  1. Boxers

Most men prefer this model. But is that the case with women too? Boxers are loose-fitting shorts that extend to the mid-thigh. They are typically made of cotton, which means it’s pretty comfortable to wear them.

Most of the time, guys will choose boxers instead of any other model. It seems like many ladies prefer it too, especially those who want their partner to feel comfortable.

  1. Briefs

Some guys really want to stay warm underneath their clothes, and that’s why they choose briefs. They are close-fitting underwear that covers the waist and most of the thigh. They typically have a Y-shaped front fly.

Not all women find them sexy, but sometimes it works like a charm. And the man who is comfortable in his clothes is always more attractive than the one who feels like wearing something heavy.

  1. Boxer briefs

Boxer briefs, as the name says, are a hybrid of boxers and briefs, they are close-fitting like briefs but extend to the mid-thigh like boxers.

Ladies find them more attractive than the usual briefs. And when something is approved by women, it means it’s great for you.

  1. G-strings

G-strings are very similar to thongs, but they don’t provide the same coverage. A G-string has a tiny triangle of fabric at the front and a thin string that goes around the waist and between the buttocks.

The problem is, most women find them attractive when it comes to strippers, but not their partners. And they are completely right with this one.

  1. Trunks

Trunks have a similar look to boxer briefs but are shorter in the leg. They sit low on the waist and are often made from stretchy, moisture-wicking fabric.

Guys wear them underneath their jeans, and when you see it – no one can deny it looks really sexy and attractive. Maybe this is the universal preference for most women, but we still can’t claim something like that.

  1. Thongs

This is the model most women absolutely hate, and so do the guys. Thongs are very uncomfortable to wear every day. Maybe on special occasions, they can spice things up between the partners in the bedroom. But in any other case, they look untidy, unpractical, and not attractive at all.

  1. Long underwear

Does any woman find it sexy when her partner wants to stay warm all the time? Long underwear is also known as thermal underwear. It’s are made of insulating material to help keep you warm in cold weather.

And when it’s too cold outside, all things that keep us warm seem more attractive than ever.

  1. Jockstraps

Jockstraps are athletic underwear that includes a supportive pouch for the genitals and straps that go around the buttocks to keep the pouch in place. And they look very attractive, especially when the underwear fits perfectly to the body.

Is and how important is underwear for attractiveness?

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Attractiveness is something we cannot define unilaterally, or empirically. Every individual you meet will have different definitions of both aesthetics and attractiveness. But best of all, some things have universally more fans than others. Such is the case with underwear.

If you ask guys, they’ll prefer comfort, but they wouldn’t turn down a pair of underwear that makes them look and feel sexy. Girls, on the other hand, would rather see their partner without any clothes on him, so we can say that underwear is not a significant or decisive factor for attractiveness.

So it would boil down to guys being able to wear underwear that they are comfortable with, regardless of what girls think on the subject.


Guys, now you know almost everything you need to define the attractiveness of underwear as a factor of attractiveness in women. Maybe you like it when a girl wears a thong or some other type of uncomfortable underwear. But put yourself in her shoes. Realize that sometimes it can be unbearable.

That’s why we are happy that you are aware that attractiveness is much more than sexy underwear. In fact, when there is chemistry between you and your chosen one, even the most ordinary casual clothes look sexy. And of course, don’t forget that hygiene and cleanliness are more important than the appearance of the clothes. And that’s all you need to know about this.

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