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7 Survival Essentials for Newbie Outdoors-Men – 2024 Guide

There is a certain romanticism to living outside the grid. It takes great skill and determination to live in the woods and survive through your own skills and know-how.

Throughout the time ancient people use stone and carve it into a knife to use for hunting their prey click here to learn more.

Aside from your skills, you should also be equipped with the right tools to survive on your own. This is especially true if you are just starting out as an outdoorsman. Here are 7 Survival Essentials for a newbie:

1. A Great Survival Knife

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Knives are one of the most potent tools that humanity has in its arsenal. Ever since the stone age, the human race has used knives to hunt, make tools, and even wage war. Although knives have evolved over the centuries, their uses are still the same. This has never been more evident, than when you go out into the wilderness on your own and pit yourself against the elements.

When choosing a survival knife, it is important that it has a razor-sharp edge. It should not be overly long or too short. A knife-length of 6 to 11 inches is satisfactory because it will give you a long enough cutting surface to accomplish important tasks, without being too long that it will get in your way.

The knife should also be equipped with a sturdy leather scabbard or sheath that you can strap onto your belt. If it’s possible, you should also choose a knife that has a built-in compass, and compartments that you could pack matches and other essentials into. One great example of a survival knife is the KA-BAR combat knife. It is around 11-inches, is made of razor-sharp steel, and has had various features added to it through the years.

2. A Dependable Watch

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When you are out in the wilderness, it can be very easy to lose track of time. You will need a dependable watch. Your watch should be as durable as possible. Remember that living in the woods can be dangerous, and there will be times where it can get slammed on a hard surface, or scratched on a rock or tree.

Aside from your watch being as durable as possible, it will need to be as well calibrated as possible. Remember that you will be out in the wilderness for a long period of time, and there will be instances where your watch could get damaged. As such it would be advisable to pack up a watch repair kit: it will allow you to do repairs at a moment’s notice. Ensure that you buy watch hands, spring bars, and other extra watch parts in advance here just in case.

3. Storm Poncho

Source: flyingtent.com

During your times in the wilderness, there will be times where a sudden downpour of rain will occur, and you won’t always have your tent at the ready. This is where a storm poncho will come in handy. A storm poncho is a waterproof piece of clothing that will cover the rest of your body. It looks like a cross between a cloak and a sweater, and it is the perfect protection for harsh weather.

4. Knife Sharpening Set

Source: jp-knives.com

When it comes to living in the outdoors, every last bit of your equipment needs to be in the best condition possible. This counts especially for your knife, because its effectiveness may mean the difference between life and death for you out in the wilderness. Make it a habit to bring a knife sharpening set. That way, you can sharpen your knife every chance you get.

5. Fire-Starting Kit

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Fire is a necessity, especially if you are out in the woods at night. Fire will keep you warm during cold weather. It will also provide you with light and a sense of comfort. Fire will also help drive wild animals away from your campsite. Make it a habit to bring a fire-starting kit with you. Although matches are easy to use and pack, there is a chance that they may get wet and end up unusable. By using a fire-starting kit, you’ll have the necessary tools to make fire no matter the weather.

6. A Sturdy Tent

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When it comes to living out in the wild, the most important thing is shelter. Having a shelter is essential because it will not only give you a warm place to live, it will also strengthen your resolve during harsh times.

Make it a priority to choose a sturdy tent for yourself. It should be properly insulated against cold. The tent should also have padded flooring, that way you could sleep as comfortably as possible. Aside from your tent being insulated against the cold, it should also be properly ventilated.

The tent should be sturdy, but it should also be light enough to pack and carry around. You don’t want to carry around a dead weight with you during your hikes. 

7. A Dependable Crossbow or Shotgun

Source: quiverstock.co.uk

Although you may consider the woods your home, remember that it is still a wild place. It is inhabited by wild animals such as bears, jackals, or wolves. While most wild animals would rather stay away from humans, there are some that have gotten used to human contact. There have even been some cases where bears raided a campsite for food.

As a precaution, it is always a good idea to bring a dependable crossbow or shotgun with you. These weapons pack a punch, and they can take down any wild animal that threatens your safety. Remember though, that you will need to have a license for these weapons, and that you should follow hunting rules and regulations.


Source: pexels.com

Being a newbie outdoorsman can be tough at first. You’ll need to learn how to live in the wilderness and rely on your wits and courage to survive. Aside from your own skills, you will need to be equipped with the right tools and the knowledge to use them properly. Luckily, with this article, you’ll know exactly what tools to bring with you.

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