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13 Fashion Tips & Tricks That Will Change Your Life

Even if fashion trends constantly alter, most of us are inclined to have our statement style. There are some fashion rules that are an absolute must or a big no-no, like pairing up the impossible or mix-matched. However, as this modern-day world shifts uncontrollably, it’s fair to note that we should try to keep up with the trends and implement new fashion hacks that will utterly reshape your life. Hence, if you strive to live a cosmopolitan and fashionable lifestyle, here are some mind-blowing tricks that will completely change your life.

1. Freeze the winter garment

img source: creacrafts.com

If you wish to keep your elegant cashmere sweater neat and untacked, the secret is to freeze it for a while and the sweater will stay immaculate. This secret hack doesn’t allow gentle sweaters and jumpers to shred and stretch. Anther freezing trick implies placing two freezer bags with water in each shoe to stretch them up and keep them comfy and loose.

2. Fake vs faux

Going for fake designer bags is another huge no-no as that really represents obliviousness since almost anybody can spot a fake, and they won’t make you look any fashionable, but just the contrary. However, wearing faux fur is a pretty neat and invigorating thing as some faux clothes look extravagant to the naked eye.

3. Sparkle up your jewelry

img source: brillianteers.com

Sometimes your fabulous earrings and precious gems can look dated and lose their spark. To avoid that, spray a little bit of acetone on a toothbrush and gently brush each jewelry piece to bring back the spark. To prevent the jewelry from losing its glow it’s vital to shop from eligible sites such as Moon Magic to ensure you always have glowy and magical pieces. Explore more about MoonMagic and its mission to discover the world of perfect gems.

4. Laundry 101

When washing your clothes, there are a few nifty tips and tricks to remember. Firstly, by washing clothes in hot water, they will be cleaner. Secondly, avoid washing linen, silk, suede, and similar materials with hot or warm water as they will get ruined. Next, cold water is the best for delicates. And in the end, also machine wash your bras and other lingerie in cold water but in a special mash zipper bag. When washing your underwaer, make sure to check out what it says on the label before you turn on your machine. Some of the underwear might need to be washed by hand, but whatever the case is, Hauteflair‘s lingerie always has it indicated.

5. Keep your denim jeans neat

img source: insider.com

Jeans – timeless and effective, but hard to maintain. Another fashion trick includes meticulous care. Always air dry your jeans to prevent them from shrinking. Later fold them mindfully. Lay jeans on some clear and flat place and fold in half from left to right, then grab the stacked leg and again fold in half so that the hem of the jeans lines with the waistband.

6. Show some skin – appropriately

This might be the most crucial fashion tip out there. Never show too much skin, and if you really want to do so, incorporate these tricks. When you wear a miniskirt or shorts, then cover up on top, or vice versa. If you desire to extend your neck, then just wear a V-shaped shirt or blouse, rather than a sleeveless one.

7. Embrace Lycra for everyday apparel

img source: loveyourclothes.org.uk

Lycra is the mother of all other materials as it gives enough elegant form and shape to every clothing item. You should aim to wear clothes that contain 95% of cotton and at least 5% of Lycra for everyday purposes. This will stretch your everyday apparel just enough to help you move eloquently and look ravishingly.

8. Shop for jackets, blazers, and coats mindfully

Very often a cutting-edge jacket doesn’t fit each lady equally. No matter how hard we want to keep up with the trends, it’s extremely essential to choose the right jacket or blazer that will fit you perfectly. A trick that will surely change your life is to pay attention that the jacket, blazer, coat, or cardigan fit nicely around the shoulders.

9. Must-know cleaning hacks

img source: hearstapps.com

Fashion is so much more than buying new and modern apparel, it’s more down to maintaining and time-saving cleaning. Keep your clothes safe and clean all the time by infusing these hacks. Use hairspray to clean lipstick off clothes. Clean the stains of red wine with white wine. To remove watermarks from leather boots, use a few drops of vinegar. To de-scuff suede, use an eraser or nail file.

10. Organize your wardrobe from dark to lighter colors

Believe it or not, this is one of the most useful and practical tricks. By organizing your clothes in your closet going dark to lighter (or vice versa) from left to right, you will have a clear insight into your possessions. Not only that, but with this systematic organization, you would always be able to magnificently select your perfect weekly attire.

11. Avoid impulse purchases

img source: foolcdn.com

We all absolutely adore sales, seasonal offers, and discounts. However, the worst thing is buying clothes on a whim or impulse, as in most cases you don’t need them. To keep good track of your clothes, try to buy clothes that you specifically need. Visit sales, but shop mindfully and whenever you’re in doubt whether to buy something or not, just sleep over it.

12. Protect your glasses

Glasses and sunglasses are rather fragile. As they both represent a fashionable must-have and a personal need, you must protect them correctly. Heat can significantly damage them and warp the glasses frame, so always keep them in a hard case. If the inner joints of your sunglasses get loose, just apply a transparent nail polish which will keep them together.

13. Pair up items flirty

img source: hearstapps.com

Knowing how to pair up clothes beneficial, will undoubtedly make you ahead of the game. Try to match the materials and fabrics on any give occasion, plus do your best to adequately pair up your handbag and shoes. If you want to achieve that effortless and unexpected look, try to pair up a flirty, exquisite, and feminine dress with cool spectator shoes.

Be genuine, be bold and courageous, and try to stick to your unique style. There is nothing more sexy and gorgeous than being recognizable by your fashion preferences.

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