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How To Choose The Right Date For Your Work-related Event

Are you an organizer who needs to plan several events? If yes, then you probably have landed on the right platform. Planning an event does not just involve picking any date from the calendar, but there are many more things that you need to check. There are chances that people may have some other commitments to fulfill and may not attend the planned event.

Choosing a suitable date for your work-related business affairs is not an easy task to do. There are multiple factors that an organizer needs to keep in mind while picking the right day for conducting any business affair. Once you have a fair idea about these factors, it will become much easier to plan an upcoming event.

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1. Do not choose vacations to conduct your meetings

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Every year people wait for the vacations to come to spend quality time with their family or friends. Clearly, on vacation, everyone, including the children, is enjoying their breaks. So, you must not consider conducting an affair on such dates when the people might be busy enjoying their holidays. It will help if you avoid the months of summer breaks (June and July) or any other significant holidays.

2. Don’t forget to give yourself enough time

Planning a prominent and successful event is not a matter of a couple of days. It requires a lot of planning and promotion at the same time. So, if you are thinking of introducing a large affair, you must give yourself enough time to do this much hard work.

3. Check out the availability of the venues

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Another important thing that you must always keep in mind while organizing an occasion is to check the availability of the venues. Suppose you want to invite a massive audience to your affair, and there are only one or two venues available near you that can hold such capacity. So, you need to ask them beforehand only about the availability on your preferred date to avoid hustle at the last minute.

You will have a lot of time in your hand to plan for another venue if the one you decided is not available on your desired days. Always keep in mind how many people are going to visit your affair before booking the venue.

4. Check if any simultaneous events are happening on your decided day

Sometimes there may occur a situation where your affair can clash with other occasions happening on the same day. These simultaneous events aim to attract most of the audience towards it. So, conducting your affair on the same day might not be a good idea.

Simultaneous meetings happening around you will also lead to the shortage of the resources that you may need to conduct your meeting. Therefore, there is no use in introducing your affair on the same day. You should call the representatives of the convention bureau and ask them to email you a list of all the occasions that are going to happen in the same time frame as decided by you.

5. Avoid choosing the working hours of your audience

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Most of the people work on weekdays and are usually accessible on the weekends. Therefore, if you plan to conduct some fun festival or music event, then weekends are your best friends. People are desperately looking for such events on the weekends to relieve the stress of the whole week.

6. Public strikes can also have an impact on your events

Public strikes can spoil any event even if it has been planned flawlessly. Your audience will not be able to attend your affair due to these strikes, which can be a huge loss for many organizers. So, before choosing any date, check if any strikes have been planned in that particular time frame or not.

Sometimes unannounced strikes can also occur on the dates you have planned your affair. However, whenever the initiators have to organize a vast strike, they usually inform people beforehand to avoid making any other commitments. Therefore, you need to consider this point while organizing any public gatherings.

7. Ask your planner and the speakers if they are available or not

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One person is not enough to handle the whole event. It would help if you had a team of volunteers who can help you make your affair successful. Therefore, it is essential to check with your planners and speakers if they are available at that time frame or not. It is not possible to make an affair successful when half of your organizing team is unavailable. Also, ask the speaker of your event which date works the best for him.

8. Watch the weather conditions

A bad weather condition can spoil everything you have been planning for a long time. Even if you are not conducting your affair outdoors, it can still restrict many people from attending it. Strong winds, rain or hail, are some of the bad weather conditions that can harm your organized affairs.

Therefore, before deciding on any particular date, analyzing the weather forecasting reports for the particular time frame is crucial. After all, nobody would like to attend your conference and get stuck there due to the bad weather. So, don’t forget to check this point while picking the right day for your conference or any business affair.


Even professional organizers need to be informed of all the above-stated conditions before planning any public gatherings. After all, nobody wants their efforts to get wasted just because of some silly mistakes. Therefore, if you are thinking of arranging a big conference or business affair, don’t forget to learn about the crucial factors available in this article.

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