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How To Choose The Right Wig Color For Your Skin Type

What are the most noticeable things that draw your attention first when you meet someone new? People usually say that the first thing they notice is someone’s outfit, their eyes, the way they walk, or their posture. Many surveys have shown that the first 5 seconds when we first meet someone are crucial for creating an image about that person and are what determines what kind of impression we’re going to have, no matter who the person really is, and is our impression right or wrong, based on facts or not. Furthermore, it has also been proven that the very first impression we get about someone is extremely difficult to change so people usually say that it’s almost irreversible. Although this sounds scary you need to know that it’s just the way our brains work and it’s the way our intuition and our nonverbal beings communicate.

However, does this mean that no matter what we do, the first impression someone creates about us is, at the same time, the final one? Well, this is not entirely true. Although we’re being judged by people on a daily basis, and usually those are the people we don’t know – complete strangers on the street, in a restaurant, in a supermarket – that are evaluating our looks, what we wear, our features, and almost everything they can see on us, it doesn’t mean we can’t decide how we want to be perceived, what do we want to showcase, and what message do we want to send through our attitude, clothing and other elements of our physical appearance.

One thing is sure – relationships are usually affected by those before mentioned first 5 seconds of our friendship, or any conversation with someone and it usually highly influences the way it’s going to look from the very beginning. This is why your appearance should match your personality as much as possible. But is this an easy job to do? The answer is not that simple, and the closest it could be explained is – it depends.

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Elements such as your smile, your handshake, your complete body language that includes eye contact, the position of your arms and legs, your posture, your manners and the words you use, your habits, and the way you speak – all of this are important. But do you know what’s equally important? It is your physical appearance – the way you dress, your attire for a certain occasion, your grooming matters, your accessories that can either help you or destroy your appearance by distracting someone, your makeup, and finally, your hair.

Having gorgeous and beautiful hair is one of the top 5 things people usually find important, whether they’re meeting someone or someone meets them for the first time. Everyone wants to get compliments on their hair color and hairstyle, especially if their hair is healthy and long, but what if that’s not the case? What if you have a medical condition, or if you simply like experimenting and matching your hairstyles with your clothing and changing them often? In this case, you will probably want to wear a wig! (Or you’re probably wearing several already). If you thought that wigs are out of style, then you certainly aren’t aware of the hottest trends right now! Wigs are back in fashion, but they’re not only back ‐ they are more beautiful and more realistic than ever, not only because they look like real hair, but also because they’re made of real hair and other alternatives that feel like silk and that are easy to wash and style, while lasting a longer period of time, compared to the wigs that were available 5, 10 or 20 years ago.

However, if you want to start with one wig, you need to know that there are certain rules you must follow, if you want to look fantastic, or if you simply want to look natural and make the right choice that completely fits you.

One of the most important elements you need to pay attention to is your skin tone. Choosing a wig is not so different from choosing a hair color. You probably know how important it is to have a hair color that suits you; that goes with your face, the color of your eyes, and your skin tone. The same goes for wigs.

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According to klaiyihair.com, if you’re not sure how to determine what kind of skin tone you have, the best thing you can do is to look at the underside of your wrists; this way you’ll be able to find your undertones which are the most important thing about your skin tone – other than the color of your skin itself. Having a wig that will match your skin undertones is crucial if you want to look healthy and fresh. Pay attention to the color of your veins – they can be either blue, purple, or greenish, and this will tell you if your skin tone is warmer or colder. If you’re not sure and your veins are somewhere in between – in the middle of the color scheme, then you’re lucky and your tone is neutral; which means that you can choose from a variety of different wigs and you probably won’t make a mistake so easily.

Nonetheless, it’s important to know that the undertone of your skin should not match your wig – quite the opposite. Your wig or the color of your hair should be contrasting the undertones of your skin which means that you should choose a wig that is warmer in color if you have a cold undertone of your skin and vice versa. The only option where you can choose whichever wig you like is when you have a neutral skin tone, with neutral undertones.

img source: allthingshair.com

Still, not everything is about the undertone of your skin. There are also other elements such as your face shape and the color of your natural hair. If you want to look natural then you should go with just several shades of the same color, not going too far from your natural hair. But if you like to experiment, just try to follow the undertone rule!

Except for the undertones, you need to find the right option if your skin is fair, medium, olive or dark, since every skin tone has a different hair color scheme to it.

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