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How Different Religions Celebrate Christmas Around The World?

Christmas is one of the most popular events. In some countries, it is even more popular than New Year’s Eve. The interesting thing is that this event is celebrated even in countries that are not Christian. The symbol behind this special day today is not only a celebration date of Jesus Christ but also the celebration of family, friendships, forgiveness, good habits, and much more. It is the happiest even during the whole year.

Commonly, people are buying gifts for each other on this date. When it comes to choosing the perfect product, you should consider the preferences of other people. When it comes to younger generations, you won’t make a mistake by getting them a new smartphone, video game, console, or gadget. Also, you can spread the Christmas spirit by getting something with a clearer symbolism.

For example, if you want to introduce the person with more things related to religion, and you know that she will be interested in it, the great option would be to buy a Bible. There are some excellent samples available on holyart.co.uk, like the Bible with Jesus Image in Leather.

Moreover, we are going to talk more about the tradition of this event, and how it is celebrated all around the world. Interestingly, various cultures managed to add some specific changes to it, and make it more unique, while the main purpose remains the same.

There are Variations in Christianity

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The main difference is related to Orthodox and Catholics, who are not using the same calendar. Therefore, the Catholic Christmas is 14 days before the one celebrated by countries who are using the Julian Calendar for religious events, such as Russia, Romania, Greece, Serbia, Ukraine, and more.

Also, the difference is in the way how the special day is welcomed. It is common for western countries to be peaceful on the day before Christmas, and celebrate in the home. On the other hand, it is popular for Orthodox countries to organize an event similar to New Year’s Eve, with fireworks at midnight and a party as a way to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. When it comes to the day itself, both divisions meet the same ceremony, with the mass in the morning, and spending the day with closer family.


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There are no mentions of this day in Hindi religion. Still, this date is very popular among Indian people. However, many people from the western countries are having a misconception that it is related to Christianity in any way. They have a special date few weeks before Christmas, which is called Diwali.

During the celebration, there is an amazing ceremony where people are decorating the streets and homes. The interesting thing is that there is a clear resemblance with the main purpise of the event. Also, we can notice the clear influence of the west, especially when it comes to music, movies, and many other things.

Jewish People

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They also have an important event starting around few weeks before Christmas, and it is called Hanukkah. The celebration lasts for more than a week, and people are using that time to connect with families, get rest from the work, and have a lot of fun. The meaning of this event is the victory over Seleucids for their land more than 2,000 years ago.

Islam Religion

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The interesting fact about Islam is that this religion is relying on Lunar calendar, which means that important dates are constantly changing. One of their biggest events that sometimes gets close to the December 25ft is Ramadan. Commonly, these people have a strict fasting during the event that last for a month. They are focusing on their families and praying all together while celebrating the first revel elation of their sacred book Quran. There are not mentions of Christmas in Islam.

Interesting Traditions Around the World

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As we already mentioned, what makes this event so amazing is the influence of different cultures on it. For instance, it appears completely different in Australia when compared to Germany. People in Iceland are playing around with the dwarf characters that resemble the assistance of Santa Clause.

On the other hand, Japanese people have a long tradition of enjoying eating fried chicken on this day. It is something like turkey on Independence Day in the US. The exciting event can be seen in Australia, where people are wearing demon costumes, and St. Nicholas is there to protect the people from these creatures.

We have to mention the Christmas markets as well, which are quite common in Europe. Some of the best are in Romania, Finland, France, Germany, Denmark, Russia, and many other countries. There are stands with people who are selling all kinds of products that have the same theme.

It is common for people to leave their homes in the afternoon and visit some of these events where they can enjoy drinks and sweets and talk with others. There is a popular belief that meeting your friends and family on this day means that you will have good relations throughout the whole year.

The Bottom Line

For some people, the craze starts long before the special date. The main reason is that they will have to buy a lot of presents. It is a tradition to gift people you love. This event is celebrated by over 2 billion people all over the world. That is the main reason why we can notice the influence on other cultures and religions.

The iconic character related to this date is Santa Claus, which is known for bringing gifts to children who were good during the previous year. Even though there are many countries with other religions being more common, it became a trend for the whole world to take free time and enjoy with their families.

For example, even though it is not considered as a sacred day in China, we can notice that a lot of people there prefer adding some decorations and spending some time at home as a way to celebrate happiness and good relations for the next year.

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