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7 Tips for Maintaining Your Poker Face When You’re Under Pressure – 2024 Guide

Every poker player knows the importance of maintaining certain facial expressions on their face while playing.

They need to look with merely no expressions if they do not want to reveal their moves to their opponents in the game. By doing this, the other players will not get any idea about your game plan.

Sometimes the pressure of losing the game can change your expressions or body language. However, it is essential to learn specific techniques that you can use to have a relaxed face and gestures. While playing poke, keep your body in a calm state and politely interact with other players to avoid letting them know if your game is going in a negative or positive direction.

Maintaining a poker face is not an easy task, but you can achieve it if you put some effort into learning some tips or tricks. After all, the success of a poker player depends upon his skills to hide his game plan. You can visit this guide for more information related to poker face.


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Our body language and facial expressions tell a lot about what is running in our brain. If you indulge in playing offline poker mostly, then you need to master some techniques. Otherwise, the players who play offline don’t have to care about this matter at all. Let us study some tips to maintain your poker face even if you are under pressure or the stress of losing the battle.

1. Maintain a neutral tone while speaking

When we talk, our voice can reveal most of our emotions. If the pitch of your voice suddenly lowers or jumps to another level, your opponents will get a clue that something is not okay. So, always remember first to take a deep breath before you start speaking anything at your poker table. Try to keep your voice as neutral as you can in front of other players.

2. Try to control your facial expressions

Controlling the expressions of your face is the central part of maintaining a poker face. It is because your intentions can reflect through them. Try to keep impassive expressions on your face so that people won’t know whether you are going to bluff or not. If you don’t keep up with this expressionless face, then you are prone to provide a lot of unsaid information to others at the table.

3. Try to maintain positive body gestures

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Every player has a habit of watching the other person’s gameplay closely. The players get familiar with how a person behaves through his body language whenever he wins or loses the game. Therefore, it can become a significant problem for you. To avoid this, try to keep up with neutral gestures.

One of the most important of these is not to look in the eyes of your opponents. It is because whenever you look directly into their face or eyes, you can get nervous. However, if you don’t get worried in this case, we won’t stop you from watching other players.

Another point that you must keep in mind to keep up with your body language is not to move around here and there too much. Moving or wandering around can reflect your pressure from ongoing negative games. Just sit and relax by placing both of your hands on the table and not let anyone identify what’s in your mind.

4. Avoid adjusting your clothes or body too frequently

Whenever a player gets nervous or way too much excited, even the tiny twitches are enough to convey this information to your opponents. The first step is to note down what you generally tend to do under these situations to avoid this. Once you know exactly what movements you make while overcoming your nervousness, you can try to solve it. Some of the gestures you should avoid are:

  • Tapping your fingers
  • Pulling up your tie or collars
  • Rubbing hands together or even the face
  • Biting nails of your fingers

5. Try covering up your face

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One of the easiest ways to maintain your poker facial expressions is to cover your face. Eyes are the powerful means that convey your emotions to others. Therefore, hiding them by wearing sunglasses is a great option. If you have just started playing poker, this is the simplest way to cover your face and not show your emotions.

Another way to hide your emotions is to wear a pullover, in which you can hide your face. By doing this, the other players will not recognize what is in your hand at that moment. Once you have played poker multiple times, you will get some experience of controlling your feelings.

6. Talk constantly to confuse other players

Instead of hiding your tension under your silence, constantly talk to other players. By doing this, your opponents will also get distracted from their game and will pay attention to whatever you are talking about. Try to make inconsistent reactions at every hand so that no one will know about your genuine emotions. It is hard, but you can try doing this to maintain a good poker face.

7. Have fun when you are playing

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In the end, what does every player expects while playing? Well, every player wants to enjoy their game. Showing that you are having fun while playing poker is another great way to hide the other emotions that can backfire on you. Just have fun in every hand and forget about the winning or the losing situation. Once you will stop thinking about your win or loss, you will automatically start enjoying the game.


Controlling or hiding your genuine emotions whenever you are playing poker is a challenging but not impossible task. If you master the tricks mentioned above, none of your opponents would be able to guess your gameplay.

Learn the art of maintaining a neutral tone and expression in every situation, and you are sorted for this matter.

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