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17 Reasons Why Sisters Are Absolutely the Best(est) Friends You Can Ever Have

And this is why you are short of friends – because you either have an amazing sister (the kind described in this article) or you’re unbelievably boring. So next time you crib about having “no friends”, you know who to blame!

1. Your best memories, sad moments, first times, everything – have been with HER.

After all you guys have been through together, she obviously understands you more than anyone else can EVER.

2. You grew up with her.

Means she knows all your embarrassing secrets and habits but she’d never share those with anyone, no matter what. (Yes she will blackmail you but that’s it.)

3. It’s because of her you’ve managed to look presentable most of the times – in college, school, office and parties.

Because she has ALWAYS been (painfully) honest about your dressing sense.

4. You can be your absolutely crazy self in front of her.

And see if she judges you or gets embarrassed because that’ll happen NEVER because she’s exactly the same. (Influence counts after all.)

5. There’s a special bond that you share because of your similar tastes in music, TV shows and movies.

The amount of time you have spent with your sisters because of your love for entertainment is unbelievable. But those memories are priceless.

6. Yes you’ve had a million one-on-one fights that obviously made you physically stronger, which is good.

But those fights were only a validation of how much you love each other since you both learnt to ‘forgive and forget’ (that only applies to each other and no one else).

7. Dressing up before going anywhere is so much fun because there’s no competition whatsoever.

Both of you care about how you BOTH look and not how you should look ‘better’ than the other.

8. You’ve always had a partner in crime and you always will.

“10 pancakes with lots of cream. Bring it on.”

9. Before you know it, your sister secures your future in a relationship.

There’s no way a guy can get away with hurting you if you have a sister.

10. You don’t even know how it is to feel ‘lonely’ as you’ve never felt like that…

… because she never LET you.

11. You can share every little thing you have in your heart with her with all honesty.

It may be the most embarrassing feeling ever. You may end up feeling very stupid when you’re putting it in words but that’s exactly what she’s there for – to make your life easier by just being a part of it.

12. You know getting married for you would be the easiest and the funnest ride because she’ll make sure of that.

(You’ll not remember anything from your bachelorette. That’s because SHE organised it.) You won’t be that much of a “Bride-zilla” with her by your side at all times.

13. She makes a fool of herself in almost every selfie you force her into…

… but she’ll never mind it because it’s you.

14. She has been there for you WHENEVER you needed her.

Think about every bad phase of your life and you’ll realise, there hasn’t been one time when you’re sad and SHE is not there.

15. She is the one celebrating with you when all others are cursing you over your success stories.

Sometimes, you won’t be as proud of yourself as she is of YOU.

16. You ALWAYS have someone to talk to at any point of the day. It doesn’t matter whether the talk is important/inappropriate/boring.

You’re her priority for life and hence, no matter where you are and what time of the day it is, she’ll be right there to talk to you WHENEVER YOU NEED TO.

17. She’s like a second mother to you (doesn’t matter how elder or younger she is), at least she feels the same way as your mother does for you. But she’ll never show it, she acts super cool instead, to keep the relationship you have with her.

Her hug is a confirmation of the fact that you’ll always have this one person in your life who will love you truly, madly, deeply through your lifetime.

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