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How Soap Bubbles Created The Most Wonderful Experience For Angela And Her 7-year Old Son

This is an experiment that you will surely try after reading this. A strange idea in Angela’s head created an outstanding experience for her and her 7-year-old son. The results of this experiment will more than just ‘blow your mind’.

In Washington, a drop of 16 degrees in temperature burst a thought bubble in Angela’s ingenious head. In fact, it was about bubbles.

She pulled her 7-year-old son and mixed up some homemade soap. Thereafter, they sent some bubbles floating through the air straight into the middle of the freezing cold. .

And there, their experiment started showing results. The frost started creating intricate designs in the larger bubbles while the smaller ones were shattered. Angela captures these images instantly. .

The bubbles froze completely before the sunrise. At this point, they looked like they were parts of the grass itself.

The beauty was when the sun came up and the top of the bubble defrosted. .

Confused between the game of freezing and thawing, the bubbles had alien shapes at a point.

These beautifully created bubbles put together looked like you’re walking in heaven.

This experiment was unbelievable and believable at the same time. However, nothing can be compared with the magical experience that the 7-year-old created with his mother.

Well, it was just another afternoon until this experiment happened to Angela and her child.

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