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23 Most Beautiful Things About This Crazy little Thing Called LOVE That Will Send Shivers Down Your Spine

If you’re in love, you will relate to each and everything is written here. If you’re not, you’d want to relate to it.

1. Believe me you, hearing this everyday from someone you love is pure bliss and there’s nothing that can ever replace that feeling.

2. And that’s not it. Someone once told me the real definition of love, which is “when that person is the first thing you thing of in the morning AND the last thing when you go to sleep at night, you know it’s love”.

3. It’s love when you’re straight forward and you EXPRESS.

4. And it doesn’t matter who’s the one expressing. “The boy should take the first step” is only and totally a myth when it comes to loving someone.

5. Love is passionate and irresistible.

6. The way you look at each other is a reason enough why you’re in love with each other.

7. You always have that one person around with who you can pull off this stunt and it indefinitely gives you shivers every time you do it because (you should’ve guessed it by now) you’re in LOVE.

8. Who doesn’t like to be an “exception”? And it (love) only happens to some of us, which obviously makes us exceptional.

9. Yes, you have distinguished ways of telling someone you love them.

10. But when you do, your enviable passion gets too much to handle.

11. However, it ends up in THAT beautiful thing called “love”.

12. You know when you’re sad, you have him in front of you who’s crying much more than you on the inside AND on the outside.

13. It’s that aura, that feeling when that person is around and he wants the exact same thing as you. That’s love.

14. You constantly wish you never have to see a day more than your lover because you don’t know or don’t want to know of a life without him.

15. And you’re constantly told you’re perfect (which, noone ever is and you definitely aren’t) but what he means is that you’re perfect FOR HIM and that’s all that matters to him and to you.

16. You knew it since day one that the search is over and here is your FULL STOP.

17. And the (more than) best feeling ever is when you both feel the same way. It does feel like heaven for a second (no kidding).

18. When you’ve been waiting for an act or expression of reassurance and it happens without saying a word, it feels like it’s the good life all over again.

19. With this person around you FOREVER, you can never fall short of love in the whole wide world.

20. And when he’s not around, you leave no opportunity to tell him what he means to you.

21. You may be insecure (possibly) for life but that’s because you’re with the most amazing person in the world and that’s how you think the world feels too.


But that is not true. It’s you and only you who makes that person outstandingly beautiful in your eyes.

22. No matter what, that person would remain the closest person to your heart ALWAYS. That person, who is still the first thing you think of in the morning and the last thing you think of when you go to sleep at night.

23. And the thought of not ending up together kills you a little EVERY SINGLE DAY.

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