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3 Startup Ideas Using Neon Lights – 2024 Guide

Neon lights have earned their place in the world of business, and not as fancy decor alone. They can also be a source of income from a startup perspective. This is where you use neon lights to offer products or services in creative and sustainable ways. Discussed here are ideas that you can start with so that you can have your own small enterprise.

The first idea involves creating custom neon lights for businesses, interior decoration, and events. The second is about having a party and events organizing business with a special focus on neon signs. The third idea is selling commercial neon light products. These can include lamps, wall or ceiling corner linings, and even picture frames.

1. Custom Neon Decor

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Offering the services to create custom neon signs is nothing new. It’s practically the bedrock of the entire neon sign industry. However, this particular idea is more specialized in that you will be catering to a wider audience.

Instead of targeting businesses only, you could also offer your services to private individuals, contract jobs, and even special events. Your only job is to create very specific designs with neon lights. It’s very similar to being an interior designer or even a painter.

This kind of service is particularly sought after in affluent areas where customers can afford to splurge. Such people are also the type to have certain neon ideas for bedroom projects that you can take on. Click here for more info.

Remember that this is a specialized niche even for the neon market. Your clientele will be a select few, which means that you are going to be charging a lot. You have to. Your services can basically be considered fine art.

In the same way that people would pay millions for paintings, your skills could be worth as much. Why shouldn’t you cash in your artistic talents because you work with neon instead of acrylic?

2. Neon-Centric Organizing Service

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Another way for you to apply your artistic and business acumen is through party and events organizing. This is where you are contracted to set up the venues for special events. Then you use neon as your main method of decoration.

Examples of such events would be conventions, business parties, birthday celebrations, Halloween gatherings, and many others. In essence, if it is something that warrants a lavish venue and decorations, you can offer your services.

On that note, would there even be space for neon in that kind of scene? Of course, there would be.

To start with, neon has a lot more uses than as signs for bars and diners. The artistic possibilities that come with this light source are endless.

Depending on the theme of the event, you can choose to focus on the atmosphere, reflecting industries, honoring key figures, and more. Take a charity event, for example.

Whatever they are raising funds for, you can create neon masterpieces that will represent those. For birthday parties, you can make a literal neon version of the celebrant. You could also go for cake and candles if you want. It’s your choice, but that would be boring.

You have to remember that clients will be turning to you for a good reason. They want something new and exciting. Balloons, streamers, and flowers are so last season. You could set a trend that would send ripples across the events organizing sector.

It’s worth pointing out that you could also make a lot of connections using this method.

3. Retail Neon Products

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If what you want is more on the retail front, you could always go for handcrafted neon products and sell them. There is a huge market for lamps, mood lightings, and wall lighting that are made from neon signs. It’s also a great way to have passive income.

The idea is simple. You create products that you can sell as boutique goods using neon lights. They can be anything you could think of so let your imagination run wild. You can even produce battery-powered versions for more portable neon items.

The important point to consider is that this is an excellent opportunity to showcase your skills in creating things. More than that, it’s also your chance to earn money without being too active about it.

You will also be in control the whole time. You can work your own hours, produce the items whenever you feel like it, and have no time pressure.


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There are a ton of excellent business opportunities that you could pursue with the help of neon lights. You could offer your services to create custom jobs or use neon for events and parties. You could also sell products made out of neon lights if you want.

With neon lights, starting that small business you have always wanted is more than possible. If you are actually good at it, you might even see it grow into something really big.

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