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Why Are World Cup Matches So Hard To Predict For Gamblers

Gamblers bet their money on the possibility of the occurrence of an uncertain event. Traditionally, card games are associated with gambling. Blackjack, Poker, and Slots are the most popular choices among regular gamblers. But during mega sporting events, gamblers bet their money on the outcome of those mega sporting tournaments. Thus, people bet their money on the outcome of tennis events like Wimbledon and soccer events like the world cup.

Should You Bet On The Outcome Of The World Cup

Betting is not entirely a game of luck; these are some instances where a person’s skill increases his chance of winning. But when you bet on the outcome of a football or a tennis match, then you, as a spectator, do not have much to do. Thus, betting on a sporting event eventually becomes a matter of luck, and predictions only work in rare cases.

However, there are many places that offer heavy prize money if you can guess the outcome of a match correctly. So if you feel that luck is on your side, you can check out the  PointsBet Maryland new user promos.

What Makes Predicting A Soccer Match A Highly Complex Affair

Soccer Is A Team Sport

Source: cnbc.com

The most distinguishing feature of soccer is the fact that it is a team sport. Thus, unlike a horse race or a tennis match where an individual rider or an individual player determines the outcome of a match, in soccer, it is the team effort of eleven players that matter.

In most games of football, a goal happens due to the cumulative effort of many players. A midfielder and the center forward have to pass the ball correctly so that the forward can score the goal.

Again, scoring goals is not the only criterion for winning a game of soccer. The winning team has to defend its goal post as well. So the defense players also have to be in excellent shape to prevent the other team from scoring goals against them.

Also, ball possession, or the amount of time a team controls the ball, is a crucial determinant of how many chances there will be for scoring a goal. So it does not matter if a particular team has the number one player in the world, what matters is whether the team together can play well or not.

The Effect Of Playing In The Home Ground

Playing on the home ground has an effect on the morale of the players. Thus, even in an entirely fair game, the way the crowd cheers for the team, the player’s pride in their nation, etc., determines the game’s outcome. A clear example of this is the French victory in 1998, where the French were the host country. When a team plays in their home ground, they are familiar with the crowd; they are used to the local weather.

For instance, one of the major factors that make the world cup unpredictable this year is the weather in the desert country. Most European players are used to playing in cold conditions, and if they cannot adjust to the weather of a desert, then there will be major upsets in the tournament.

The Referee Of The Match

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Two referees can conduct a game very differently despite being fair. Many referees give fouls and penalties if a player is slightly rough on the field. However, many referees are more forgiving and give a free kick or a penalty only if there is a gross violation of the rules. It is almost impossible for gamblers to factor in the temperament of the referee while betting on the outcome of a game. Hence, the way in which a referee conducts a game may have a role to play in the outcome of a game.

The Club Level Bonhomie Has A role To Play

Almost all football players play for major football clubs in the world. And it is only during the world cup that these players play for their country. Thus, most players are more comfortable with their club-level teams than with their national ones. In fact, in the world cup, two club-level teammates might be opponents on the field.

In this case, both the players will know about each other’s strengths and weaknesses, and thus, predicting the overall result of such a game becomes very difficult. Since the world cup is played with compatriots, a team’s performance cannot be gauged by a player’s performance in club-level tournaments like the English Premier League.

The Evolution Of Poorly Ranked Teams

For a long time, football has been dominated by South American and European nations, but with time the Asian and African countries are improving their game. There have been many cases where Senegal has defeated world champions like France, countries like Saudi Arabia have defeated Argentina, and Japan has beaten Germany.

So it is fair to say that the Asian and African countries are slowly but steadily getting good at the game. And their improvement comes as a shock to most gamblers. In fact, even the most advanced algorithms predict outcomes based on individual players’ profiles, head-to-head win ratios, etc. And all these metrics fail when a team performs better simply because they have worked hard and learned the game well.

The Temperament Of The Player

Source: theguardian.com

Many games are decided based on the temperament of the key players. If the main goal scorer of a team gets a red card and is out of the field, then the match is likely to go against that team. Gamblers cannot predict how a player will react on the field, so the results of bets might not be in favor of a gambler if a key player gets a red card.


Thus, it is fair to say that many factors have an impact on the outcome of a football match. The coordination of all players of the team, the luck of the players, and the way the referee conducts a game all have a role to play in the outcome of a game.

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