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Most Popular Cryptocurrencies Gamblers Use in Online Casino

In the modern world, people are more oriented toward independence and anonymity. When it comes to gambling clubs, players are very concerned about their personal data and money. Thanks to the development of new technologies and the creation of a new type of currency – cryptocurrency – gamers now have much wider opportunities.

What Is Cryptocurrency?

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It’s a special digital currency, which is made for application on the Internet. It’s a so-called medium exchanger, working through a computer network. Such currencies are independent and don’t rely on any authority (including governments and banks). There’s a digital ledger, where all ownership records are stored. All the transactions are under a high level of protection thanks to strong cryptography. Thus, everything is effectively controlled, including:

  • The creation of extra coins.
  • The transfer of ownership, etc.

It’s important to understand that cryptocurrencies are not identical to any other currencies. Besides, they don’t have a physical form. There are different ways to increase your funds in cryptocurrencies, which additionally make them attractive for millions of users.

The most valuable cryptocurrency for today is bitcoin. The price of one BTC now reaches over 41,900 USD.

Bitcoin has not only been a trendsetter, ushering in a wave of cryptocurrencies built on a decentralized peer-to-peer network, but has also become the de facto standard for cryptocurrencies, inspiring an ever-growing legion of followers and spinoffs.

Popular Cryptocurrencies for Online Casinos

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New and existing platforms are trying to meet the requirements of players. That’s why more and more online casinos add new banking options, introducing cryptocurrencies to their customers. In fact, there are over 8,000 cryptocurrencies used today. However, not all of them are popular or even well-known.

Crypto gambling sites choose the most widespread and used ones, which are:

Name Description
Bitcoin It’s the 1st and most popular digital currency. It was introduced in 2009 after the US crisis. When the currency first appeared at gaming venues, the operators realized that it turned into a preferable banking tool. BTC guarantees an incomparable level of security and quality.
Ethereum It’s not a young currency – it has been around for about 6 years. In the online gambling industry, it takes one of the leading positions. This currency is blockchain-based and open-source. No involvement from the 3rd side is required for the usage of Ethereum.
Dogecoin It’s a user-friendly currency, which is easy to transfer. It wasn’t created with any serious intentions. However, it manages to win the leading positions in gambling. It’s even faster than Litecoin and provides good quality.
Litecoin This is a peer-to-peer currency. It’s an absolutely independent currency due to the usage of the open-source cryptographic protocol. Litecoin is frequently compared to BTC. What’s more, it provides even higher transaction speed.
Ripple It’s a less recognizable currency among players. However, it has a unique liberty thanks to the usage of independently validating servers, which are a guarantee of protection for gamers.
Monero This currency is also very close to bitcoin. At the same time, the level of privacy is much higher. The usage of advanced technologies makes any transactions impossible to trace, which additionally provides incredible protection.

The Benefits of Cryptocurrencies Application

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There are hundreds of gaming clubs that support digital currencies. Among such platforms, there are many online casinos in Cyprus, Malta, Curacao, and many other well-known jurisdictions. Have a look at some of such portals, following the link https://www.slotsup.com/online-casinos/cyprus-cy.

There Are many reasons for gaming clubs to include digital currencies in their lists of banking options. Just consider the main advantages of cryptocurrencies for gamblers to understand:

  • It’s the first and most significant benefit for any punter (and every Internet user actually). People today value their privacy a lot, so cryptocurrency is a great way to please any gamer. Just think about the fact that a crypto-wallet doesn’t demand any personal information to be provided. Thus, even if a player links it to a casino profile, the platform (or anyone else) will never obtain any sensitive data. In most cases, no KYC procedures or verifications are required, so you can feel free to win and get payouts. What’s more, there’re gaming clubs offering to create an anonymous wallet straight away without the provision of personal information during registration. As a result, a player obtains an automatically generated login, password, and wallet.
  • Absence of location restrictions. Every punter probably faced a problem when it was impossible to open a casino site or to register due to the restrictions. With digital currency, we can forget about our locations and enjoy our favorite games wherever we are.
  • The choice of games. All gaming clubs, which support digital currencies, are reputable and reliable. They think about the needs of their customers and try to offer only the best and most interesting games, including pokies, table, card, and live dealer games. All the well-known providers will be presented on such platforms.
  • Additional bounties. For casinos, it’s also comfortable when punters use digital currency. Thus, they encourage them to do so by offering pleasant extras (free spins, match bonuses, etc.).
  • Small fees. Digital currencies don’t require large commissions for financial operations.

Cryptocurrencies are a convenient, fast, and safe option for any punter. Choose reliable gaming clubs where BTC, LTC, or any other digital currency is supported and enjoy your privacy!

How to Pick the Best Crypto Casino?

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Step 1: Mind cybersecurity

If we speak of dealing with personal information and money transfers, it is mandatory to take care of cybersecurity. Using a cryptocurrency, such as Bitcoin, is a relatively safe way for deposits and withdrawals since it provides some anonymity. Nevertheless, you are still supposed to verify your data by logging in to the system to complete the purchase.

Step 2: Choose trustworthy platforms

When choosing a platform, rely on real user reviews that you can find on Reddit, Sitejabber, and Trustpilot. Real user reviews give a good understanding of what the bitcoin casino is like and what problems you can face in the future. How does the support service react to crypto gambling issues? Does the casino provide instant payouts? Are there any interesting promotions?

Step 3: Create a strong password

When going in for online gambling, make sure your transactions are secure. To protect your account, create a strong password difficult to hack. Combine lowercase and uppercase letters, underscores, hyphens, dots, and numbers. Never copy your password from other sites and platforms. Besides, it’s always a good idea to regularly change your password.

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