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Launching a New Store in the Post-Pandemic World – Why You Need to Invest in a Grand Opening Banner – 2024 Guide

Although the world has one foot out of the pandemic, the lifting of restrictions isn’t bringing too much relief to store owners. In the post-pandemic world, launching a new store is going to be more difficult than ever. Store owners need to come up with elaborate plans with their marketing assistants to ensure their opening or reopening events receive public exposure.

According to a recent study, 67% of consumers still don’t feel comfortable about the prospect of visiting a brick-and-mortar store. How can small store owners overcome these hurdles? Some stores have successfully used “grand openings” as a marketing tool to inform and attract target audiences. What are “grand openings,” and can they help people launch new stores in the post-pandemic world? Let’s explore

What is “Grand Openings”?

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“Grand openings” are social events designed to introduce local communities to a new store or business. Grand openings typically feature – small parties, free refreshments for guests, and special discount options for first-time visitors. Grand openings can help new store owners attract customers.

If a store owner uses a grand opening banner at his or her “grand opening,” they’ll also be able to generate buzz about their brand amongst local audiences. The banner should be placed at prominent points where people can see the announcement. At the same time, the layout and the design of the banner should be professional to invoke a good response. The fonts used on the banner should be legible and visible from afar.

For designing a good grand opening banner, you should consult experienced companies in the field. If you have a store opening soon, it is prudent for you to create a custom grand opening banner, and to know more, click here.

Here’s why grand openings and grand opening banners are tools that every new store owner must use –

Letting the Masses Know About the Brand

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If you’re opening a new store and you have a well-designed banner right in front of it, the chances are that most people walking by the store will stop and take a look. That’s why store owners must display the best features of their brand/store on these banners. People passing by will be compelled to look at the well-designed banners as they’re extremely eye-catching.

Other techniques of generating “buzz” about new stores include –

  • Sending out press releases announcing the opening of the store.
  • Sending target audiences emails about the store opening
  • Sending direct-mail pieces to local community members.

Although all of these promotional techniques are helpful, they’re also quite expensive. Banners, on the other hand, are extremely cost-effective. Even if a company’s marketing professionals put in no serious work to promote their brand, their banners will work on their behalf. Every passerby who reads the store-related details mentioned on the banner will be notified about the store’s grand opening.

Engage with New Customers

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When consumers see a big and well-designed banner outside a store or a mall, their curiosity drives them to learn more about the store. Well-designed banners attract shoppers who have no clue about the store opening. If URLs or QR codes are printed on the banners, marketers can track how many customers their banners attract every day.

Attract the Attention of Other Businesses

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In addition to generating massive amounts of publicity within the local audiences, grand opening banners also attract the attention of other store owners. High-quality banner ads can attract other store owners to the new stores on the block. In the long run, these relationships with neighboring businesses can be extremely helpful for new store owners.

When it comes to your grand opening event, you should plan everything that you expect to do on that day in advance. This is because it takes time for you to ensure the event passes over peacefully and visitors to the store are happy with your attention and service on that day.

For example, if you are hosting the grand opening outdoors, make sure that you have your banners in place. If your store is located in a lane near the main road, ensure you hang banners at the right spots to help potential customers navigate to your store.

Promotion during the Pandemic

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Since it is the age of the Pandemic, maintain all safety protocols and guidelines laid down by CDC and WHO. Make sure all of your visitors have face masks on. Keep sanitizers at the entrance and take temperature checks of all your visitors before they enter the store. When other people passing by see you are taking all the necessary measures to keep them safe and away from the risks of infection, they will be tempted to come inside your store to check out what you have on offer.

If you have made arrangements for entertainment and catering for your grand opening, make sure everything is sorted and planned in the early stages. This will eradicate the risks of anything going wrong at the last minute.

Grand opening banners make a huge impact on the success of your event as everyone looks forward to new things that are creative and innovative as well. Whether you are launching a product or are about to start a new business, people do become curious and the desire to come forth to know more.

When you put up banners well in advance, people will eagerly wait for the big day as you arouse their curiosity and fascination to a large extent. This is why you will often find business startups using many grand opening banners to invoke this curiosity and interest in their targeted audience. Remember, if you are about to open a new business or store, investing in a grand opening banner is an essential part of your advertisement campaign and will help you effectively build awareness about your business brand faster.

Contact good companies for the design template of your grand opening banner. Place them at strategic locations in advance to invite potential customers to your business or store venue on the big day.

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