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46 Invention Fails That Gave The World a Heart Attack

Science has modified our world and taken it to great heights. Every new invention is a step towards power and knowledge. But these strange inventions will make you rethink the way some people thought of progressing into the FUTURE!

1. Face Protector – Canada (1939)


Looking sharp. The Canadian answer to winter’s icy blast? Plastic face protection from 1939.

2. Ice Cube Mask for Hangovers – 1947

3. The One-Wheel Motorcycle – Italy (1931)


One-wheel motorcycle invented by Italian M. Goventosa de Udine. It could reach a maximum speed of 93 miles per hour. What could possibly go wrong?

4. The Dual Smoking Pipe

5. Horse Gas Mask – London (1940)


Our Dumb Friends League, a humane society in London, developed this equine gas mask as a precaution against gas attacks in 1940.

6. Dimple Machine – New York

7. The Ultimate Shower Cap

8. Cigarette Protector

9. The All-Terrain Vehicle (1936)

This sleek ATV circa 1936 sported a five-axel independent suspension to make descending steep slopes fun to watch.

10. Suspended Baby Cage

11. Life Jackets Made From Bicycle Tubing (1925)

12. A Bicycle That Could Fit an Entire Family…Plus a Sewing Machine! (1939)


I mean what were they thinking?

13. The Hairline Brush (1950)


To baldly go where no man has gone before, the ‘Hairline Brush’ was constructed in 1950 to fit the contour of a bald head, with side bristles for brushing hair and a felt pad to gently massage the scalp.

14. Dog Restrainer

15. Illuminated Tires


Talk about overdoing it!

16. Neck Brush (1950)


This plastic collar brush was designed in 1950 to dry-clean a child’s neck while he played. No soap, no water – just a few powerful chemicals to leech that grime away.

17. Wooden Bathing Suits (1929)


Shiver me timbers! American know-how wedded water safety and high fashion with these sturdy wooden bathing suits from 1929.

18. The Chain Smoker

19. A Stroller That Protects Baby From Toxic Gas (1938)

20. Faxable Newspapers

21. A Piano That Could Be Played While Lying in Bed – UK (1935)


Suitable for nocturnes, this British 1935 piano was designed for those confined to bed.

22. Curved Barrel Machine Gun For Shooting Around Corners

23. The Revolver Camera (1938)


Point and shoot: This revolver camera from 1938 might have captured some interesting facial expressions.

24. A Precursor to the Present Day Hair Dryer

25. Anti-tire Puncture Brooms For Cars

26. A Mouthpiece That Lets You Smoke 2 Cigarettes at Once (1932)

27. A Device That Helps You Teach Your Children How To Walk (1939)

28. TV Glasses

29. Glasses That Let You Read While Lying Down (1936)


Why bother propping yourself up on the pillow when you could just slip on a pair of these Hamblin glasses in 1936?

30. Chucky’s Dream Girl (1949)

Remember that scary doll from the movie Child’s Play…well this was his proposed girlfriend! In this photo collector Ward Harris holds a talking doll with a metal torso that was invented by Thomas Edison, in San Francisco, Feb 9 1949. In his other hand he holds the mechanism that played back phonograph recordings from inside its chest.

31. An Extending RV – France (1934)


And so easy to park. This extendable caravan, built by a French engineer in 1934, make a Hummer stretch limo look awfully tame. Perfect for extended families.

32. The Inbuilt Coffee Maker in Your Car – Germany (1950)


Forget the cup holder — brew a fresh cup at 60 miles per hour with this 1950 dashboard coffeemaker from Germany. The manufacturer helpfully suggested that it could also be used or preparing soups, boiling eggs or heating water for washing or shaving.

33. A Car Mod That Lets You Walk Your Dogs While Driving

34. Pedestrian Safety Net – France (1924)


This 1924 variation on a locomotive cowcatcher promised to reduce Parisian pedestrian casualties.

35. Portable Sauna

36. Motorized Surfboard

37. Portable Radio (1931)


Despite its rakish design, this portable radio in a straw hat, created ??by an American inventor in 1931 never caught on. Just the thing to keep your head dry in a thunderstorm though.

38. A Robot That Answers Your Phone Calls For You

39. Suspension Baby Carrier

40. The Amphibocycle – France (1909)


Why paddle when you could pedal? The ‘amphibocycle’ water bicycle on the river Seine, Asnières, France, 1909.

41. Laryngaphone Which Transmits Vocal Chord Vibrations

42. Pram Equipped With Radio (1921)


Baby, this song’s for you: A 1921 pram equipped with a radio, antenna and loudspeaker, to pacify your papoose.

43. Electrometer to Measure Pain Felt By Fruits and Vegetables

44. A Folding Bridge (1926)


This ditch has met its match. A folding emergency bridge from 1926 gets a standing ovation.

45. Parallel Parking (1920)


Parallel parking. An elevator parking lot in early 1920s hoisted cars on individual platforms to save space.

46. The Cyclomer – France (1932)


Had it with having to dismount when you reach the beach? The Cyclomer, as shown in Paris in 1932, was designed to carry a load of up to 120 pounds on land and sea. And think what you’d save on laundry bills.

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