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4 Reasons Never to Bet on International Friendly Soccer Matches

International friendly soccer matches are very interesting because we see our favorite countries playing against each other, or even our representation, but the result doesn’t count. It’s something like a school match or practicing with the best ones around. People also find them very interesting to bet on, but there is a legend that says international friendly matches are usually fixed. No one has ever confirmed that, but no one denied it too. Experienced bettors avoid these matches because no one can predict their outcome easily. There are a few recent examples when the final result was different than we expected, and that’s proof of how things are running differently during these games.

Betting online on international friendly games

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These games are available to bet on them. Furthermore, while using mayalounge.net and their FUN88 service, you can find very interesting options to bet on, including soccer, esports, and many others. There is nothing better than using your phone or tablet, or even your PC or laptop to bet while you are at your home, in front of the TV.

Registering on FUN88 is easy as it seems – you need to enter the required details, confirm they are relevant, and join this great service that exist for at least 15 years. Then, you can choose the latest access to it, by clicking on the one for PC, or the other for the mobile version. As they say, entrance to FUN88 is updated automatically every day, but you need to use the website we already provided above to access the service since their native website has some issues with that.

After you do that, you are ready to join an exceptional betting experience, and even bet on your favorite soccer teams while you are there.

Betting on friendly soccer matches – yes or no?

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This topic is very popular on forums and social media, and the opinions are literally different since international friendly matches are ones’ favorites and others’ most hated games. Some bookmakers don’t even include these games in their books, because they also support the belief they are fixed.

At the same time, they are aware that nowadays, fixed matches are so rare, we can even say they are inexistent, but that “legend” will always be around us, making the people suspicious when the final result is a lot different than the predictions.

Bettors will advise you against it, because on these matches, the clubs and representations literally practice before the season, and no one cares about the results – or that’s how it seems.

Here are a few reasons why betting fans are avoiding these matches when they bet:

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  1. The clubs don’t fight for anything

That means they won’t “invest” a lot of their power and strength, and also their skills in this game. They will play for sure, but since they don’t “fight” for any title or placement on the table, they won’t really invest themselves in the game. Some clubs don’t even let the strong players enter the game, and they stick to the inexperienced ones, who need to practice facing another club, with the same level players. Also, the audience is generally not interested in these matches, so it’s a little discouraging for the club to give the same effort like on official matches. This leads us to the second reason, which is…

  1. The clubs will use the “bench” players

It’s completely normal to have weak players, or inexperienced ones as a part of the club, who still need to practice so they can shine. But, first-line players avoid these matches so they can prevent eventual injuries and save more strength or the important games. This is not bad, because the less-experienced ones have a chance to practice, but that makes the games less interesting than they need to be. And as a matter of fact, even “weaker” players don’t invest their maximum power in these matches, because they have chances to be let in the game anytime now, once they are part of the team.

  1. Sometimes the fix is completely visible

You have a very strong and an average club in the same international friendly match, and the average one wins. How is that even possible? Maybe their reserve line was stronger than the bigger club, or maybe they just let them win. Or maybe it’s fixed, so the weaker club can get some boost before the real matches, to be motivated to fight. Again, there is no proof that the club owners are still doing these deals, but we can’t exclude it as an option when an average club outrages a big one.

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  1. Betting on the final result is practically impossible

Guessing the final result is one of the most favorite options for experienced bettors because it’s challenging, and the outcome is unpredictable. We can try to guess if the end result would be 2:1 or 0:0, or 1:4, and these results have different quotes based on the possibilities. Some people’s gut is stronger than others, and they can guess the result or get close to it.

But, this is the hardest option, especially when it comes to international friendly matches. In this case, the experienced bettors will suggest going with some of the other tips, like guessing the number of goals during the match, who will be the winner at the end, or who will shoot more goals. Simply, avoid betting on the final result when it comes to friendly matches, no matter if they are between local clubs or international teams.

If you want a challenge or excitement, you can still bet on these matches. Sometimes, you can get all the things right. You have to be very careful in this case, and track down their friendly matches history, so you can see how things are going. Keep in mind that friendly matches are similar to you and your friends playing against another group of friends. It’s interesting, but no one is really a winner, so you don’t put a lot of effort into it like you do when you have a real opponent on the other side.

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