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7 Reasons Why You Will Love Rural Living – 2024 Guide

Some people hesitate to move to a rural area because of the lifestyle. They feel more comfortable in a city where everything is available. Some rural areas are remote and difficult to access. Sure, there are downsides to rural living, but there are also some reasons that might convince you to move. These are some of them.

1. You don’t have to spend time commuting

Getting stuck in traffic is among the reasons why you hate the big city. If you happen to be on the road during rush hours, it’s a terrible disaster. You might even end up being on the road at least 10% of the day. It’s a waste of time and energy. In a rural area, traffic is virtually non-existent. You can walk to nearby locations. You can even use your tractor as a mode of transportation.

2. You always have something to look forward to

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Some people believe that living in a rural area means that your days are boring. The truth is that there are lots of projects and challenges ahead. You can start a garden, learn how to plant trees, raise poultry, or get involved in construction. You can also organize groups with your neighbors to improve the lives of people in the area. You will feel more useful and productive when you’re in this area.

3. You will feel safe

When you live in the city, you always have to watch your back. Walking on the streets at night could pose risks. You might get robbed or even killed because of terrible people. In a rural area, you can even leave your keys in your truck, and no one will steal it. Most houses don’t have fences, and some doors remain unlocked at night. Home security is the least of your concerns. Everyone in the neighborhood knows each other and will look after each other.

4. Money isn’t an issue

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The cost of residing in rural places is way cheaper than in big cities. You will also survive even if you don’t have a lot. If you want to eat and you don’t have sufficient money, you can go to your garden and pick vegetables. You can also raise animals that you can eat. If there are ingredients that aren’t available, you can always run to your neighbors and ask them if they have any.

5. You can raise your children well

Another downside of being in the city is that you might not raise your children well. They’re at risk of getting terrible values from their environment. They also tend to be lazy because they get everything they want. Children raised in rural areas learn more about life. They help in doing household chores. They will also know some tasks that you can’t teach if you’re in a city, such as farming, gardening, and landscaping. Your children will become independent when they grow up. Life won’t be just about social media, texting, and calling friends.

6. Your future is more stable

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When you have a job in the city, you always fear for your future. You can lose your job at any time. You might fall short on rent, and get kicked out of your house. Finding a new job could also be challenging. You won’t have the same fears when you live in a rural area. Unemployment, foreclosures, and even social unrest aren’t among the things that bother you each day. These problems rarely hit rural places. Even if you lose your job, you can always start a business. If you work hard and you have brilliant ideas, you can survive.

7. You can relax more often

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When you have a job in a huge city, you can barely breathe. You have to wake up early to beat traffic, spend several hours at work, and keep working even when you’re at home. During the weekends, you will still work because of the pending tasks. Your boss might even call you for an urgent meeting at any time. In a rural area, you can focus on yourself. You don’t need to wait for the weekends to visit a spa. Each day can be a spa day for you since you’re in control of your time.

You can even spend time improving your house. For instance, if you want to have steam showers or bathtubs, you can ask someone to install them any time. These items will elevate your bathing experience and make your life even more comfortable. If these are some of the items you want to add to your house now, you can check out JT Spas. You can even invite your friends to come over to have a mini spa day with you. You will eventually realize that life in a rural area is what you’re looking for.

8. You will feel like you belong

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People residing in big cities barely know each other. Some of them have been in the same flat for years, but they hardly know the person next door. You won’t have the same experience in a rural area. There are only a few people in the area, and everyone knows one another. While walking on the street, someone will greet you or wave at you. If you need help, you can expect someone to rescue you right away. It’s a good thing for your mental health too. You can return the favor and help others who need you.

These reasons are more than enough to move to a rural area. Ask your family if they want to consider it, and give it a try. It’s a drastic lifestyle change, and you will have a hard time at first. Eventually, you will love the results and won’t regret the decision.

Besides, most rural areas are also heading towards development. Stores, schools, hospitals, and other key locations are easy to access. Life is hard in the city, and it could even be harder due to the uncertain economic future. You don’t have to suffer if you decide to relocate now.

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