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18 Craziest Struggles Only People Living In Delhi Will Understand

You’ve got to love the place you were born and brought up in or where you’re simply settled but let’s face it, every place has it’s pros and cons. So don’t get offended, love it unconditionally because that’s the challenge.

1. Delhi is a colossal city but more than that, it’s “rounder” than you think. It’s funny how there’s always a chance of bumping into people you really don’t want to see.


Even if you make a foolproof plan for an outing so that you don’t come across your ex, stalker, ex best friend, some long lost (unwanted) acquaintance, you may end up meeting them after all. Delhi is THE PLACE where you realise what a small world it is.

2. The city has a bit of everything, which makes it a “mash-up” of a lot of things.


Whereas on the one hand, there’s cycle rickshaw, tempos, street vendors that make the city a bit messy, on the other hand, there’s the beautiful central Delhi, high end malls, expensive cars on the roads. Hence, it’s difficult to appreciate the good things because obviously, bad always overpowers good.

3. There’s no mid way whatsoever when it comes to winters and summers – only extremes.


Either it’s a 40 degree celsius where even an air conditioner does not work properly.

4. Or it’s close to 1 degree celsius (hasn’t gone negative as yet thankfully).


In other words, you either wear loads of clothes or you just don’t wear any.

5. “Back bitching” is awesome and it’s harmless apparently (but that’s not true).


It would be wrong to say that everyone is like that but I can easily say that many (means 90%) people (girl or boy – doesn’t matter) are capable of being something else on the face and something totally different behind your back. It’s the way to ‘socialise’ in this city basically.

6. And people judge you for absolutely everything.


Whether you’re dressed like a tomboy or you’re wearing sexy clothes, you are judged. What you’re eating, what you’re doing, where you’re going, what you’re wearing – people have a lot of time to take interest in YOUR life, even though Delhi is a metropolis where people are supposedly ‘busy’.

7. Major attitude problem.


Typical Delhi-ites forget that we all belong to the same planet, they choose to act like they ‘own’ the world. In fact, it’s unbelievable if someone somewhere is even slightly “kind” to you.

8. There’s no way you can sit under the sky and enjoy looking at the ‘galaxy’ because THERE ARE NO STARS.


Over the years, pollution has taken over and stars are hidden far behind the smoky clouds all over the city. “Spotting stars” in Delhi is one hell of a challenge. Basically, there is no “starry sky” for delhi-ites.

9. You have to go ‘pubbing’ followed by clubbing with your friends at least once a week TO THE SAME PLACE.


It doesn’t matter if it’s the same place you went to for the last 5 times or you’re BROKE, you can’t say NO because now it has forcibly become your second home and even though you’re not emotionally attached to the place, you have at least one friend who basically has a “lot of feelings”. Every new pub and club in Delhi has it’s loyal customers at least for a year I’m guessing, it may be more.

10. Population is never ending.


Since Delhi is the capital and it’s culturally diverse, it is unbelievably crowded. People from all parts of the country settle here. Therefore, there’s also a higher probability of crimes in this city.

11. One “wrong turn” on Delhi roads can turn your car journey upside down (literally).


Driving on Delhi roads for the first time? I dare you to get away with THAT without either reaching one corner of Delhi that you don’t even know exists or coming back home with a crazy adventurous story.

12. Rules what rules – everyone is everyone’s “baap”, especially when there’s alcohol involved.


The capital does not believe in following ‘rules and regulations’ – it’s mostly about “Do you know who my father is?” or “You take care of me and I’ll take care of you.” (in case you didn’t understand – it’s called ‘bribe’).

13. Traffic can make you cry because you ‘ALMOST’ left on time.


You leave for work 2 minutes late and you reach office one hour later than your usual time. It’s frustrating. It’s sad. It makes you cry.

14. This goes without saying – let’s just say Delhi girls like to look extraordinary AT ALL TIMES.


It’s a problem because no matter what you do, you’ll always look under-dressed. This is one of the biggest reasons why Mumbai hates Delhi. Jealous much?

15. Delhi life is full of confusions.


First confusion – what club to go to on this weekend because Delhi is huge and the number of places to hang out even huge-er. Second confusion (for girls) – “This guy looks really cute but can I trust him?” The answer will always be NO by the way – better to be safe than sorry.

16. Men are over-enthusiastic about things they shouldn’t be hyper about AT ALL.


Somehow, most men (won’t say which men because you’ll be scandalised) in Delhi act like females are a new species they haven’t encountered before. It’s mostly embarrassing how they act when they see women. AND most of them lack basic ‘chivalry’.

And they fall in love everyday.


Any description

17. There’s a reason why it’s the capital of India – all powerful people live here and it’s not easy.


On a serious note, power comes with authority and where there’s power, there’s EVERYTHING. To put it bluntly – be good, you’ll remain good.

18. There’s lots of other things like smelly drains, long distances, litter on the cleanest of roads, abandoned monuments but…


… once you’ve lived in this city, there’s no other place in india you’ll ever be able to fall in love with again. Well, that’s the strange thing about this city. It’s (more than) imperfect but it’s YOURS.

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