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7 Reasons Why There Will Be More Esports Bettors In The Future – 2024 Guide

The gaming industry has grown exponentially in the last ten years. The term “professional gamer” didn’t exist a few years ago, but nowadays, there are hundreds of professional gamers from all over the world.

Once the eSports scene started to grow rapidly, it made its way into the online gambling industry. Nowadays, you can come across different bookmakers that offer various eSports. Even though most bettors still prefer conventional sports such as football and tennis, this will likely change in the future. Start your sports betting at fanduel.com.

We know that some people probably don’t agree, which is why we’d like to point out a few reasons why we believe there will be many more eSports bettors in the future.

The gaming industry will continue to grow

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The first reason why we believe eSports will eventually take over the online sports betting world is due to the fact this is one of the fastest-growing industries. Even today, the eSports betting websites you can find on Betenemy.com prove that there are people who like placing bets on League of Legends, Dota 2, Hearthstone FIFA, and more.

Although the global pandemic definitely slowed down the industry’s rapid growth, we expect things to go back to normal really soon. If you take a look at some of the biggest tournaments, you will see that there are all sorts of companies that are backing them up. Besides the ones that are in the gaming/computer business, you can also find a few automakers, as well as other big corporations. This is a clear sign that eSports has a bright future ahead of it.

eSports offer endless betting opportunities

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If you visit the biggest betting websites, you will notice that some sports have way more markets than others. Of course, football takes the crown here because you will usually find thousands of options.

Apart from the eSports-bookies, the other betting operators don’t offer many markets for this sport yet. Sadly, they still don’t realize the potential of some eSports titles. Needless to say, this will change sooner or later, so we can expect to have an abundance of betting options.

Every single computer and mobile game that’s considered an eSport is different. Some of them are so complex that we could literally have tens of thousands of markets, especially for things like World of Warcraft and Dota 2.

Some bookies will create special promotions

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One of the most significant advantages of online betting is the fact that you can use different bonuses. Even though there are various sports promotions, only a few of them can be used for eSports.

We think this will change in the future because bookies will try to use exclusive offers to lure new customers. If you already opened an account on a given online betting operator that allows you to bet on eSports, make sure you keep an eye on its promo section.

Besides the deposit bonuses, we will probably have special rewards that can be used on certain games. We just have to wait and see what will happen.

The most popular eSports have outstanding odds

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If you visit a random betting website with an eSports section, you will notice that some games (especially Counter-Strike: Global Offensive) have outstanding odds compared to other sports. Unfortunately, many people still don’t know this, but they will probably give these sports a try once they realize it.

Keep in mind that each bookie uses different criteria to determine its odds, which means that they might not always be that good. To be honest, one of the reasons why they are so lucrative in the first place is the fact that most operators don’t have enough eSports knowledge. This is good for everyone who knows the ins and outs of this industry, but we expect things to change once bookies learn more information about the different games.

People could receive in-game rewards while betting on eSports

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One of the things that we expect to see is special in-game features that would allow punters to receive a reward once they place a bet. There were several attempts to implement this innovation on some of the leading bookies a few years ago, so we won’t be surprised if it happens again. After all, every eSports has cosmetic items that people would love to get.

Nowadays, there are different websites where you can link your game account and compete in various tournaments. We don’t know whether this option will be available on any gambling website in the future, but since companies like Faceit are top-rated right now, we expect to see something similar.

There will be new games to bet on

If you take a look at some of the biggest gaming platforms, you will see that new games come out every single day. Although some of them can’t turn into eSports, many titles have the potential to become massive hits a few years from now.

Most game developers have realized the huge potential of this industry, which is why they focus more on MOBAs and Battle Royals because those types of games are prevalent right now.

However, we think that there will be a new game genre soon because players will eventually get fed up with currently-available titles.

We will have access to special tournaments

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Besides the fact that we expect to have access to numerous new tournaments, some of them will probably be more special than others. Virtual Reality is becoming more and more popular every year, which is why we think that some tournament organizers will find a way to implement it. This would allow fans to feel as if they are in the game itself, which will definitely increase the industry’s popularity.

Needless to say, this will also reflect on the betting activity because people would probably want to try their luck on those types of events. Hopefully, we will have access to those types of tournaments soon. In the meantime, there are all sorts of “normal” tournaments that you can bet on.

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