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5 Wall Decor Ideas to Spice up Your Living Room – 2024 Guide

Home is the place where each of us feels most beautiful, safest, and most comfortable. Of course, that’s why we call it home. All other places are uncomfortable for us, they do not give us the peace we need, they do not give us enough security like the one we have at home. That is why every person wants to go home and rest, to gather strength, to recharge his batteries to be ready for the new moments that await him in the days to come. It’s our favorite place, forever interesting, but do you know why? This is because we arrange it the way we want and we give it the energy and spirit that we want and that moves us.

We usually spend time at home. From 24 hours a day we spend at least 8 hours in sleep, 8 hours we spend at work, and the other 8 hours we spend part with friends, and the part we spend at home devoting ourselves and our free time. When we are in our place, we usually spend time in our room or the living room. The living room is always somehow more interesting because the space is wider, we can sit on the sofa, turn on the TV or music system and enjoy. This is the most common room that each of us chooses when we want to be alone and enjoy the time spent relaxing. So often this room can inadvertently become boring, and the reason is simple – we spend too much time every day in it.

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But this is not a problem for people who are driven by high energy! Energetic people always (but always) have a solution that will make the problem solvable. They are full of ideas and solutions for anything that stands in their way. They have a solution even for the living room! Often the solution is to move an object, to add an object, to change something on the walls, but that is not always enough. Moving items or adding items is not always the solution, but the solution may be to decorate the walls.

The walls are the ones that talk a lot about the living room, so you can dedicate yourself to them and change something on them to spice up the ambiance in the living room. There are many ways to do this that are simple and do not take too much time. In a maximum of 4 hours (in many cases and less) you can make an incredible change and transformation of the walls in the living room that will be perfectly spiced with a novelty that will catch your eye every time you enter the room.

Wondering what changes you can make? Have no idea? We are here to help you. That is exactly what we are bringing you today. We bring you 5 suggestions for changes in the walls in your living room that will incredibly spice up the atmosphere and give a new dimension to your room.

1. Add an interesting wallpaper that will change the look of the room

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In the past, wallpaper was the most interesting thing that can be placed on the walls. At one point they disappeared and became old-fashioned, but today they return as a super detail that will change the face of the space. Why not look at some interesting wallpaper and implement it in your space? Believe me, the result will be great, you will be satisfied with the new look and you will enjoy the new face of your favorite space and a favorite spot in your home. For some great ideas, you can visit Elephant Stock‘s Hollywood glam decor.

2. You can also add some interesting lighting that will change the ambiance

Today it is no longer necessary to do some abnormally large interventions in the home to spice up space with new energy. With a small and simple change of space, you will give it a new dimension. Consider installing new wall lightings such as LED strips, some lamps, or interesting light bulbs that will change the look of the space. The choice is yours, choose what you like best and implement it, the result will be great.

3. Decorative elements for walls are always in, why not try it?

img source: kemostik.com

Many people decide to leave the walls untidy, ie just paint them with some color because it is simpler. However, over time, that look gets boring and monotonous. To change something, we suggest you take a look at the decorative elements that are available for decorating the walls in the home. You can opt for a painting, canvas, or more popular creations such as the world map that many people take as a decoration for their walls in the living room, and such creations can be found at worldofart.nl. We consider this to be the perfect idea for you to decide on.

You can also decorate your wall with the nautical theme, such as wood paddles and similar. You can find such decorations on sites such as Uniquely Coastal.

4. Try a super-creative designer wall clock

Today you can find a huge number of wall clocks that are considered a great decoration in the home. So all you need to do is search the internet and find one of the many super-creative designer clocks that are designed to decorate the walls in the living room. They are easy to set up, come in a variety of designs, can be digital or classic. All you have to do is decide if this detail will spice up space the best and give a new dimension to the look in that part of the home.

5. You can also hire a painting artist to draw a beautiful painting on the wall

img source: artnet.com

The last suggestion that we believe is the most practiced today is to hire a painting artist who will make a masterpiece of your wall in the living room. You can literally decide what you want, find a professional painting artist, and ask him to draw what you have decided on the wall in the living room. This will give a new look to the whole space that you will surely enjoy. You can also use some ornaments while decorating the room. For this, you can check the sites such as PolarX Ornaments.

We are sure that at least one of these ideas will be a great click for you and you will implement it in your home.

Take a good look at them and decide on the best thing that will perfectly spice up space!

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