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4 Most Effective Kratom Strains For Pain Relief in 2024

These days, the interest for kratom is very high and people want to know about the variety of strains available.

Keep reading if you are interested too.

Pain is something that most of us have experienced throughout our lives. Without it, humans would have a slower evolution, slower growth to adulthood, and lesser intelligence. This is because, through pain, we learn a lot of things. You do not put your hand on a hot stove because you will burn yourself, you don’t jump from too high because you might break a bone. Essentially, pain is useful and it should always exist. However, just because it is useful, it does not mean that we should endure it.

Having to constantly endure pain is not something that we should do. It can damage the human body both physically and mentally. This is why many people take prescription drugs to deal with this problem. Even in ancient civilizations, people would get her different herbs that can be used as pain relief.

Today, most of the population relies on prescription drugs. Unfortunately, not everyone can get access to these drugs. And even those that can get access to them, there are some whose body cannot handle such complicated and processed drugs.

Fortunately, there are several different alternatives to prescription drugs. There are dozens of different herbs that can be used for pain relief and one of the most efficient ones is kratom. However, there is quite a variety of strains when it comes to kratom and you probably want to know which one you should use. Well, here are some of the most effective strains and you can try them out and see which one helps you the best.

What is kratom used for?

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Before we start talking about all the different strains, I should tell you about what this herb can actually help you with. Most people claim that it usually works best for those that experience problems with the neck, back, chronic pain in the legs or hands. Sometimes, there are benefits for people who have arthritis, migraine and it may even help with cancer.

This does not mean that kratom is a magical herb that will heal all of your medical problems, but it can be useful at times when you feel desperate and like nothing else works. It doesn’t hurt to try and will probably help you in some way or another.

1. Maeng Da

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The Maeng Da is believed to be one of the most effective and popular strains of the kratom tree. This one is of the highest quality and delivers the most benefits out of all of the other strains. What is interesting about Maeng Da is the fact that it isn’t actually all-natural. I don’t necessarily mean that it has been created through some kind of a manufacturing process or chemicals, but it has been specially bred to have a higher amount of special compounds such as Mitragynine.

This compound is believed to be the reason why kratom has such an effect on pain. So, the higher the concentration of Mitragynine, the more effective it will be.

According to kratom mate, Maeng Da is believed to be the purest form of kratom even though it has been bred to its perfection. This level of purity is one of the reasons why it has such a light effect on both the body and the mind. Some strains of kratom will make you feel drowsy and sluggish while Maeng Da does not have these properties. If you have trouble with arthritis or back pain throughout the day, I would recommend using this strain.

2. Borneo

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This is another great strain you should consider because it can have a great effect on people that are dealing with muscle or bone problems and it will also assist those that have problems with inflammation, migraines, or anxiety. The reason why it is so effective against these kinds of medical problems is that the level of 7-hydroxy mitragynine is a lot higher. It does create a much more relaxing experience, but its effect on the body is also stronger.

I would recommend using Borneo only throughout the night or your free time. You wouldn’t want to take this throughout the day while you’re working or taking care of your family because it will make you feel a bit sleepy and drowsy. You won’t be able to work with your full potential.

3. Bali

This is a combination of both the Borneo and Sumatra strains which means that the 7-hydroxy mitragynine chemical compound is again, at very high levels. This is what makes the Bali strains so potent which is why I recommend it to people that have severe chronic pain.

Just taking a couple of grams of power of Bali, I think that it will have an effect on your body for more than four or even five hours. Some people claim that it can be active in the body for more than seven hours. All of this is great, but I would recommend being careful about the time of dosage. You wouldn’t want to take consume this potent strain just before work. It would be best if you take it right before bed, in case it lasts seven or more hours.

4. Malay

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This is the kratom strain for the people that do not have as much free time throughout the day. Those that have to constantly work and can find a bit of relaxing time in the day or the night, Malay is a perfect choice. It is not as potent, it doesn’t make you so drowsy or sleepy and might even give you a bit of boost of energy.

Once all of that constant nagging of chronic pain in your back or your neck is gone, I’m sure that you will feel much more energetic throughout the day. Although, to get the best effect on your body, make sure you take the right dosage. Taking too little will deliver no results and taking too much can make you feel sleepy.

All of these four kratom strains are of high quality and will have a positive effect on your medical problems. I would advise that you try all of them at least once to find out which one works the best for you.

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