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Why Ordering in is Now the Better Meal Option

Long gone are the days when “ordering in” meant greasy, calorie-laden fare. Today, when opting for meal deliveries, Melbourne residents, along with people all across Australia, enjoy healthier, convenient dining choices.

For many years, ‘ordering in’ was synonymous with greasy food and a high calorie intake. But times change. Now, when you have meals delivered Melbourne locals—and all across Australia—have a better, healthier option for getting a meal in a jiffy.

There are many other advantages to modern meal deliveries too! We summarise the main benefits of takeout food with a difference.

Effortlessly Get the Nutrition You Need

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Innovation means it’s not only deep-fried foods that will survive the journey to your front door. You can receive delectable AND healthy dishes, with no chance of them spoiling while in transit. Thanks to products like insulated containers, you can even receive them earlier in the day when someone is at home and keep them until the whole family is together for their evening meal.

Have More Options, Any Time of the Day

The range of food types available for ordering in has expanded over the last few years, so you can order exactly what your taste buds are in the mood for today. You may even find that your favourite restaurant and local delivery services operate until late in the evening. So, whenever a craving hits you can order a proper, healthy meal instead of eating sweets and other junk food in the pantry.

Save on Fuel

Of course, any meal option should suit your budget! One area you’ll be happy to save some money in, is transport costs. Instead of driving up and down the neighbourhood to grocery stores and restaurants, meal delivery services do the driving for you. That means less spending on fuel this month!

Save Time

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Another saving will be your time. Many households battle to get everything done between busy work schedules, kids’ activities and other commitments. Free time is scarce. Order in a healthy meal this week and you’ll see you’re saving time on meal preparation, travelling and trying to decide what to buy at the grocery store.

And time saved means you have a few extra minutes of quality family time to enjoy together.

Easily Cater for Different Diet Preferences

You may be apprehensive about meal delivery services because your family members all have different opinions about what’s ‘healthy’ and ‘tasty’. Luckily, reputable meal delivery vendors understand how people’s meal requirements have changed over the years. Many of them now cater for dietary preferences, from vegan to vegetarian and even gluten-free options.

So, no need to drive to three restaurants to please everyone’s palates. One order can do it all.

You Can do it Online

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Now, placing that order is even easier than you’re used to. You don’t even have to pick up the phone, because most of the quality vendors offer online ordering services.

The many benefits of online ordering include double checking your order, so you know you’ll receive the correct dishes. No more opening a box and seeing beef when you wanted chicken, just because the staff member couldn’t hear you clearly over the phone.

Bonus feature: if you can order online, your kids who appreciate tech and anything happening on the World Wide Web, will very likely be happy to place the order for you. That saves you another few minutes in your day!

Save Money

We’ve already mentioned some ways in which you’ll save money, but there are actually more features of modern meal ordering that can help you manage your monthly food budget a little better. Consider the following:

  • Many food vendors offer special offers throughout the month. If you check their promotions on a regular basis you can get quality dishes at great prices.
  • Some companies offer discounts on bulk buying. Compare options like meal packs with single orders and see how much you can save!
  • Ordering in means you’re not using your oven or stove, so you’re saving on power or gas. You’ll even save on spices and other expensive ingredients you usually buy.
  • If you opt to eat out of the vendor’s containers, there will be fewer dirty plates, so you’ll run your dishwasher fewer times each week.

Browsing a company’s meal options, you may feel it’s a big expense at first. But once you start adding up the savings and comparing it with what you’re spending on your family’s meals and take aways at the moment, you may find there’s a smarter, cheaper way to get it done—while still serving your loved ones nutritious food.

Fresh Ingredients

Source: blog.caw.ac.uk

You may have been put off fast food and take outs because of some negative publicity in the past. As mentioned however, a lot has changed and now food vendors know their customers want quality, fresh, nutritious products. Simply do your research and find the outlets that are transparent about their supply chains and promise fresh, healthy ingredients.

Once again, online platforms help in this regard, as it’s easy to find out more about a company’s dishes and policies.

Final Thought: Easily Share with Friends

Now, don’t keep all this good news for yourself. If you’ve found a meal delivery service that’s good for your family’s health and budget, why not spoil your friends with a voucher so they can try it out too! Most outlets offer this as a user-friendly feature on their websites.

A few clicks will help you feed your family and others!

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