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23 Nostalgic Things You Grew Up With That Are Extinct Now But They Made Your Childhood Worthwhile

Walk down this nostalgic lane to relive the childhood that once was easy, innocent and less competitive. Happiness was inexpensive and soap operas that you enjoyed were actually innocent.

1. Fountain Pen with ink bottle:

This was the only thing that made studying interesting in school or at home. You only wrote so that you could refill the ink.

2. Pop-Pop Boats:

Whenever you saw these running on water in any market or street, you’d get fascinated every single time. They were simply powered by a candle or vegetable oil burner and the sound it made on water is what attracted you the most to buy it as a kid. Such productive toys were actually attractive at that time.

3. Roller Balls in your Personal Computer mouse:

This smooth roller ball was more outside than inside your mouse. This is what helped you move the cursor on your computer screen but you tended to play with it as a ball a lot more than actually USE it to move the cursor. Life was easy, fun and stress free.

4. Microsoft Windows 95:

That was the time when Macintosh was not so common and Windows was the only system installed in all our computers. It used to have a start up sound too, which many of us found super irritating but it had such an impact that you still most definitely remember it. Those were the no-complicated times. Today, if you have Mac, it may be too complicated and if you don’t have Mac, you’re uncool.

5. Microsoft Office Assistant:

Although it had a nonchalant habit of appearing out of nowhere ALL THE TIME, it was very helpful a number of times.

6. And it was almost like we are constantly chatting with a real human being and not just a computerized genius.

7. Film Canisters:

There once was a time when you owned camera rolls in order to get your camera’s photographs printed. It’s funny how this role had a pool of pictures’ negatives that you could store for a long long time in these canisters. Now, if your computer, hard-drive or CDs crash ever, your memories crash with them too.

8. The Flintstones/Peek-a-boo Camera:

If you watched the show, you know how much you enjoyed this camera capturing people off their guard. As a kid, you certainly wanted to own this camera.

9. This Brick Game:

The only reason you owned this video game was for the brick game, which is history now. Games have become more complicated, compulsive and a lot more ADDICTIVE.

10. Chiclets:

These are the tastiest chewing gums you ever had and if you come across them today, you’ll buy them instantly. You consumed chewing gums for the TASTE then.

11. Hot wheels:

This was the first car you ever owned in your life. Such was the innocence.

12. Legends of the hidden temple:

While watching this show, you used to be so pumped up as if you were in one of the teams that were competing. It was undoubtedly a very engaging and inspiring show for some.

13. Mauser gun (toy):

It was more of a weapon than just a toy. You thought they were just thermocol balls before you actually got hit by one of these little yellow plastic balls. This is the one thing I really don’t miss.

14. Handmade Spinner:

These spinners could be handmade at home. They were a lot of fun to play with, especially when you created them on your own. All you needed was a hard circular disk with a hole in the middle and a flexible string. You could play with it all day long and you’d never complain.

15. Tazos:

This was (or still is) your collection of tazos because you got it free with every kiddish item you bought from the market. They were fun, pretty and uncomplicated.

16. Water Rings Game:

This was one of the toughest games you played in your childhood. It definitely improved your brain and hand coordination.

17. Balancing Sparrow:

These were the stunts you tried as a kid and even as an adult. Simply because, they made you HAPPY and that’s all that mattered.

18. White Rabbit:

If you ever got your hands on these candies, these are the tastiest candies you’ve had till date. They are now banned in most of the countries because it contains trace amounts of melamine (a chemical used to make plastics).

19. Non-sharpening Plastic Pencils:

These pencils were beautiful and too convenient to be true. You definitely have (or had) one of these. Although it wasn’t a staedtler, it STILL made you happy.

20. Orkut:

Remember scraps? Unfortunately, this social media platform had a really short life. However, it did result in lots of people dating, getting married etc. even in its short lived success story. Also, it was much less time-consuming.

21. Shut down (Computer):

Computers were so much friendlier then. Wonder why that idea changed completely!

22. View-Master:

This camera-like toy that if you owned, you felt like a star. That was the time when happiness was not (so) expensive.

23. Small Wonder:

Watching this soap opera was pure bliss and no one could ever stop you from watching it. It was adorable, educative and innocent, which you crave for nowadays.

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