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Why Playing Blackjack Is Better At Home

Blackjack and poker are the most popular card games that get played at casino venues all over the world. Of the two, poker is the one that has a reputation for being home-friendly, as long as you have a sturdy table and the right company. Maybe it’s because blackjack has a dealer, so you’re competing against the house instead of your fellow players. That said, you can play blackjack at home and it can be an even better experience.

Here we’ve outlined how playing blackjack at home can be fun. A lot of them are the typical benefits that come with doing activities in the comfort of your own home but we’ve also explained how to translate blackjack into a game you can play at home. Of course, you can also play blackjack online at casino.fanduel.com.

How To Play Home Blackjack

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You play blackjack at home in one of two ways. The first is easy, you’re playing online and so you still get the typical blackjack experience, playing against a dealer employed by the house. Fortunately for you, there are many sites and services that allow you to play blackjack online. We’ve even given you one already!

But if you want to play blackjack with a group, you probably want to be in the same room as them. This means one of you has to become a dealer and, yes, that should be you if you’re the host. When playing blackjack with friends, you rotate who acts as the dealer between games. It’s like how players deal during a poker game, except the dealer acts as the house instead.

The dealer should deal from left to right, one card at a time while keeping one of the dealer’s cards face-down. You know how the game is played from there. We’d recommend using chips so it’s easier to manage the money being exchanged. Pay off in the same order that you dealt the cards.

Here are some quick tips to make the night run smoothly:

  • As we said, use chips to keep track of everybody’s bets.
  • Keep the pot secure so that everybody gets paid properly.
  • You can be the dealer all night if that’s easier.
  • If playing with multiple dealers, keep a “bank” where you buy your chips and keep unpurchased chips safe.
  • As the host, start as the dealer and show everybody the rules of the game.
  • Set a minimum and maximum bet to set expectations.
  • Sell chips back to the “bank” at the end of the night to cash out.

Home Comforts

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The main advantage of playing blackjack at home is the change of venue. When you’re at a casino, it’s designed to keep your attention solely on the game in front of you. At most you’ll get a cocktail or two from servers wandering around. They don’t even have windows and other things that’ll tell you how much time has passed.

When playing blackjack at home, whether that’s with your friends or online, you’re at your own house. This means you have a TV, music systems, and other forms of secondary entertainment that can accompany you while playing. Similarly, you can set up your own drinks and snacks too, like nachos or nuts. It’s like hosting any other social event, where snacks make the experience more enjoyable.

Of course, this all sets a casual tone. If you and your friends want to have a more focused tone then you can avoid the home comforts. The point is that it’s all up to you. You’re the host and you can play blackjack however you want.

Good Company

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When you’re playing blackjack at home, you’ll typically be in good company. It’s self-explanatory that you’ll be playing with friends (if playing in person) and so it’s a safe environment in which to enjoy the game.

As for online blackjack at home, it’s very convenient. You can pull the games up in seconds and play them from anywhere, whether that’s your home office, your couch, or your bed. Naturally, it’s also more convenient if you’re at a rural location far from your nearest casino. Sometimes getting to a distant casino can eat up most of your profits!

Blackjack games are fast but the logistics of an online casino are faster. You won’t have to wait for payout or go through any of the typical processes that real-world casinos require, like cashing out at the bank.

While playing, you’re also totally anonymous. There isn’t any stress associated with being at a public casino venue and you won’t be recognized as that guy who can count cards, nobody knows who you are when you play online.

That can also help some players with social anxiety or other circumstances that make public interactions difficult. Some players just feel more in their element when they’re the stranger in the room, so they can focus on nothing but the game instead of how they are being perceived.

Gentlemen’s Bets & Bonuses

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When playing any game with friends, you can play fast and loose with the rules or add other stipulations to make things more interesting. This is something that happens with poker games all the time, so there’s no reason it can’t happen with blackjack games too!

Casinos are sticklers when it comes to the rules of play. It’s understandable since that avoids potential scams and keeps things orderly but it’s also strict when you just want to have fun. When you’re playing at home, the rules can be whatever you want as long as you’re still playing some form of blackjack.

As for online blackjack, online casinos need to remain competitive because of all the other sites on the Internet. To do this, they offer bonuses that gamblers can capitalize on. Most will offer you a bonus on your first deposit. With extra money and free benefits on the line, you can make more profits and have more fun as a result. Stacked bonuses can even get you hundreds of extra dollars.

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