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What To See And Where To Go In New York City

New York is truly a fascinating and unique place. A noisy metropolis that is also bright and huge. It never sleeps and always attracts myriads of tourists. Which is totally understandable: the sights of the Big Apple include entertainment/cultural institutions and historical locations. Everyone can find a place to their liking, which is why this city is visited annually by 60-70 million people. So what to see first on a trip to nyc?

Central Park

New York’s most popular and picturesque park, sandwiched between 8th and 5th Avenues. It appeared in the mid-nineteenth century, with landscape architect Frederick Law

Olmsted working on the project. The park almost immediately became a favorite place for citizens for picnics, walks and sports. Office clerks relax during their lunch breaks here, mothers and kids sit on the picturesque lawns, couples in love go boating on the lake.


The longest and one of the largest streets in New York City (33 miles). The street crosses Manhattan and the Bronx, reaching the outskirts of the state. Broadway skyscrapers host offices of major U.S. and world corporations, there are also the famous Broadway theaters. At the intersection with 42nd Street lies Times Square.

Times Square

A square where you can feel the spirit of the city and touch its traditions and history. The place gets its name from the New York Times newspaper, which placed its office here back in 1904. Times Square is an area of famous stores, movie theaters, hotels, restaurants (including the legendary Hard Rock Cafe), and music halls. The square is full of people 24 hours a day.

Fifth Avenue

The main artery of New York City and one of the most expensive streets in the world, one part of it is sometimes called “Millionaire’s Row”. Fifth Avenue divides Manhattan into eastern and western parts. The street is known for being home to boutiques of the most famous designers, prestigious private apartments and expensive hotels. For more than a hundred years the place is a symbol of prestige and luxury in the American way.

Statue of Liberty

The most famous symbol of the bulwark of democracy of the United States, a monument representing the freedom and independence of the state. The statue was a gift to America by the French and originally served as a sign of friendship between the American and French peoples. The monument was recognized as a monument of world importance in 1984. The observation deck of the statue offers a panoramic view of New York City, the harbor, islands, and suspension bridges.

Grand Central Station

Source: travelandleisure.com

The largest train station in the world. Trains run on 44 platforms and arrive from all over the United States with an annual passenger traffic exceeding 60 million people. The architecture of the station complex is as beautiful as it is beautiful, which is why the building repeatedly became a movie set. The station is located in Manhattan and is one of the main attractions of the area.

Empire State Building

The seventh tallest building in the city (1,250 feet) and the third tallest in the United States. The skyscraper is a popular landmark of New York architecture, it is the first place all city visitors flock to. The tower is used as an office center for various companies, more than 20 thousand people work here every day. At the top is a spire-television tower, which distributes television and radio signals of local channels throughout the city.

High Line Park

An unusual square in Manhattan that is laid out on the site of an abandoned railroad track. It appeared thanks to the efforts of enthusiastic architects R. Hammond and D. Joshua. They collected donations, designed the project, and turned an unsightly place into a real oasis among the stone jungle. The High Line is 30 feet above the ground.

Bryant Park

Source: 6sqft.com

The park is located in Manhattan. Its main feature is the lawn, which is the largest ’green space’ in this part of the city. The park has Wi-Fi, which allows students and office workers to come here with laptops and work or study outdoors. The New York Public Library building is right nearby. The park regularly hosts concerts, film festivals, and fashion shows.

Metropolitan Museum of Art

New York City’s premier museum, housing one of the largest collections of art. It was founded in 1870 with funds from business patrons. To this day, the gallery still exists on private funding and does not use public funds. Because of its rich collection, the museum is on a par with the Prado in Madrid, the Hermitage in St. Petersburg, and the Louvre in Paris.

Chrysler Building

A 1046-foot-tall building in East Manhattan that was once owned by the Chrysler Motor Company. The skyscraper was built in the Art Deco style designed by architect Van Allen. The top is decorated with massive rounded arches crowned by a sharp spire. On the whole it gives the impression that the entire structure floats in the air. The structure is considered one of the world’s most stylish skyscrapers.

Rockefeller Center

Source: frommers.com

A building built during the Great Depression with funds from billionaire John Davison Rockefeller Jr. The construction provided thousands of jobs, which in times of global unemployment helped the economy tremendously. The place is known for the annual installation of the city’s main Christmas tree inside, which is donated by the next benefactor. There is also an ice skating rink in the center of the complex, open from October through April.

Flatiron Building

An unusually shaped structure indeed resembles an iron because of its sharp frontal angle and facades that diverge in different directions. Depending on a side a completely new perspective can open up – the building can look either like a column or like a ship. It reaches a height of 285 feet. At the beginning of XX century in Flatiron Building was the consulate of the Russian Empire.

Brooklyn Bridge

Suspension bridge over the East River connecting Manhattan to Brooklyn. The bridge is over 1800 meters long, 26 meters wide and has a maximum height of 41 meters above the river. Engineering construction for more than 130 years is a symbol of technological progress in the United States. And one of the most iconic landmarks of New York City. Walking across the Brooklyn Bridge for a tourist is like performing a sacred rite, without which a visit to New York City cannot take place.

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