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What Are the Significant Places to Visit in the City of Kochi?

Kerala is known as God’s own country for the breathtaking beauty possessed by it. This particular state also includes the city of Kochi, which lies on the southwest coast and is completely overlooking the Arabian Sea. For the last many centuries, this particular place has been considered a gathering place for tourists from various areas to witness the legacy of cultural imprints behind over here. This particular place is one of the most important places to be visited in the entire Kerala and ultimately represents the true essence of it.

Nowadays, Kochi has emerged as one of the best possible destinations to be visited to enjoy its cultural and historical significance along with a significant variety of experiences. And, for a memorable stay, you can book a room in -Grand Hyatt Kochi. Following are some of the major places that one should visit in this particular city:

Fort Kochi:

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Visiting this place is definitely important because the area will represent the authenticity of the city and ultimately is covered with Chinese fishing Nets and traders. Saint Francis Church is also one of the most important places which are present here and was built by Europeans in India, which is a very significant landmark of the entire city. Visitors can easily enjoy walking along the beach over here and ultimately will be able to enjoy the Cochin carnival, which is connected over here on New Year’s Eve. Visiting this place is definitely a great idea for individuals so that they can enjoy the European township experience without any doubt.


This place is another very fascinating area in the city of Kochi which is basically a comprehensive mix of spices, culture, food items and handicrafts. This is one of the most vibrant places in the entire city and has been very well considered a Brahmin house which was pronounced by the French with this particular name. The Portugal influence over here makes it very much popular, and ultimately, everyone will be able to have the perfect experience in this particular Dutch Palace.

Bolgatty and Vypeen Island:

This is another very important place that you should never miss whenever you are planning your trip to the city of Kochi because it is simply a short boat right away. This particular place is also having a golf course along with a swimming pool and Ayurvedic Centre, which makes it very much popular. Many Kathakali performances are being undertaken over here, and this is also a very popular resort option for planning the stay for Indian and overseas tourists. This particular place is very well famous for the sandy beaches possessed it, and ultimately you can have the best possible ferry tour over here.

Lulu shopping mall:

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This is the largest possible shopping mall in the city and has been very well successful in providing people with a perfect paradise and shopping experience. This particular place comes with air-conditioning and more than 300 outlets, stores and restaurants, which ultimately makes it very much popular. The best part of this particular place is that it includes international and local brands so that everybody will be able to enjoy the modern with complexity systems without any doubt. There is also a premium five-star hotel over here which has been very well managed by the JW Marriot group and is present within the mall compound. This place is home to more than a hundred big brands, and you should definitely check it out whenever you are planning a trip to the city.

Mangalavaram bird sanctuary:

This place is basically a small forest in the middle of the city and is spread across an area of more than 2.7 ha. This is known as the green land of Cochin City, and the temperature over here is usually 1 or 2° less than in the main city. Visiting this place is basically a delight in itself, and you will be able to have the perfect experience watching the birds. The best part is that the entry fee is only Rs.10 with a small treehouse as well.

Kerala folklore museum:

If you are interested in getting deeper into the insights of heritage culture, then visiting this particular place is definitely a good idea because it has a significant selection and collection of 25,000 modern antique items along with traditional costumes and musical instruments on display. The staff over here is very much friendly as well as knowledgeable, and ultimately you will be able to have the perfect experience here without any problem. Entry fees are only rupees hundred for Indians and 200 for foreigners, and the best part is that camera is very well allowed so that you can capture your favourite moments without any time.

Cherai Beach:

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Another very important place that you should not miss in Kochi city is Cherai Beach because this is one of the cleanest beaches in the entire Kerala and, ultimately, is an ideal place for sunbathing and swimming. This particular place is also very well Famous across the globe by the name of the Princess of the Arabian Sea. Basically, this is a very popular getaway and has been very well Enhanced by backwaters along with the sleep and the appearance of the dolphins over there. This is a very beautiful place to be visited by individuals.

Marine Drive:

As the name suggests, this is not a driveway through which vehicles can be driven, but it is basically a scenic promenade in which self and ultimately is a very important rainbow bridge which has been considered as a symbol of ERNAKULAM which is one of the most important places to be visited in the entire city. This place has been very well built on the land reclaimed from backwaters and is basically a very beautiful coastline.

In addition to the places mentioned above, don’t forget to experience world-class hospitality at Grand Hyatt Kochi so that you can have the perfect experience in this particular city along with a completely captivating trip. In this case, you will be able to carry your suitcase full of memories and aspirations back to your home places, and you will be successfully exploring the real treasure of Kerala, the city of Kochi.

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