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How to Find New Instagram Subscribers Quickly and Easily

How and Where to Find Quality Instagram Followers from the Ground Up

Would you like your Instagram followers to be interested in your content and want to engage with your brand regularly? We’ve got good news-you don’t just have to wait for it to happen. You can use proactive strategies to get what you want. We’ll cover five methods to help you find active and interested followers on Instagram.

  1. Open the Instagram Explore tab

Instagram Explore is a great place to find subscribers. Tap the magnifying glass icon at the bottom of the Instagram app to take advantage of this great tool. Here you can find a large selection of suggested topics or search by your interests.

Clicking on the right topic or image of the right topic will take you to the appropriate themed feed, where you can follow and comment on posts. You’ll also see similar posts and people who might be interested in your brand as well. It’s much easier and faster to increase not only followers but views and likes on Instagram at Lowcostsmm.

Think about what topics are important to your audience. It could be things directly related to your products or services, or things most people who like your products have in common.

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  1. Explore the Activity tab

You probably use the Activity tab to see who likes your posts, sends you a comment, or subscribes to your account. But do you use this space to follow Instagram recommendations? Instagram makes all kinds of recommendations based on who you’re already subscribed to, topics and people who follow you. When you click on one of these recommendations, you’ll see a full list of recommended people.

You can also connect your Instagram account to your Facebook account and to the contact list on your phone to find even more people you’re already connected with.

  1. Follow followers

Another strategy is to use other people’s audiences to build your audience. And yes, this is completely ethical and legal. Find the right accounts and subscribe to the people who subscribe to them. Which accounts are important in this case?

Direct or indirect competitors. If they like a competitor’s product, they might like yours.

Related industries. For example, if you are organizing weddings, look for wedding cake bakers or photographers.

Other areas of interest to your target audience. Did you know that most of your customers love golf, even if your business is not golf-related?

This strategy can be especially helpful – it can help you find targeted accounts that are more likely to interact with your brand more quickly. Keep in mind that one possible disadvantage of this strategy is that if your competitors realize what you’re doing, they may block your account.

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Before you begin, answer the following questions:

  • Who are your competitors?
  • What types of accounts can become partners?
  • Which accounts are active and regularly publishing content?
  • Do competitors’ subscribers participate in any activities?
  • Are competitors’ subscribers your ideal customers or not?
  1. Hashtags and comment tracking

You can also search by hashtags or track comments in themed posts. You can do this either manually in Instagram itself or with special tools.

First, try it manually. Just search for any relevant hashtag in the search. It will show you the relative number of posts for that hashtag and also suggest similar hashtags. You can do this either on your computer or on your mobile device. Clicking on any of these search results will take you to a feed of people using these hashtags in their posts. Once you find the right people, you can interact with them on Instagram in different ways:

  • Subscribe to them. Before you do this, make sure you have a strong bio with a clear call to action. Most users will check your profile when you subscribe to them. Whether or not they subscribe back depends on your bio and your content.
  • Give likes. Show the person you subscribe to that you like their content. Choose content that best fits your brand. Be careful not to overdo it. One or two of the most recent posts are optimal. And of course, make sure you interact with your users regularly by scrolling through the feed and giving them some love for their new content.
  • Leave comments. If users share pictures of using your product, let them know how much you appreciate it with a comment! Are they asking a question you can answer or a problem you can solve? Now is your chance to be the hero. Have they reached a milestone that you can celebrate with them?
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Comments take more time, but done right, they can yield much deeper results in terms of a real relationship with your subscribers. Avoid one- or two-word comments and the same comments to a large number of people, as this can look more like a bot than a person.

Another option in the comments section is to ask them if you can share their content. User-generated content can add authenticity and interest to your brand and make people feel good about themselves.

Writing posts. Last but not least, you can send a personal message. Use this wisely, because if you do it wrong, you may come across as a spammer.

Ask yourself:

Is there a benefit to the fact that it’s a message and not a comment?

  1. Will it benefit the person to whom I am writing messages?
  2. Is my message clear, concise, and to the point?
  3. Can I give the user a chance to interact if I’m asking for something so they don’t feel pressured?
  4. Messaging is best when you want to make a direct sales pitch or if you have a question or comment that’s best kept private. Remember: anything you send in a message can still be taken as a screenshot and shared, so don’t send something that could damage your brand if it becomes public!
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Additional Ways to Attract Subscribers to Your Instagram Account

A powerful way to gain subscribers on Instagram for free that is rarely used. It may seem difficult to get published in popular media, but it’s not.

Any writing expert can publish useful material to the media in exchange for advertising your account or project. In some cases, you will even be offered an honorarium. It’s simple – publications need good materials and they will be happy to host your useful article in exchange for a link.

The easiest materials to publish are personal experience and expert opinion. It’s also easy to insert your link with a call to subscribe in such material:

How to Work with Editors

  • Make a table with links to the media where you want to write.
  • Include links to portals, newsroom emails, editors’ names, and add a column for comments.
  • Make a template letter that you will adapt to each particular media outlet.
  • Send out the letters.
  • After one week, send a reminder to those who have not responded.
  • What the letter should say
  • Who you are and why you can be trusted.
  • The topics you propose for publication, or ready-made material.
  • Your terms for publication.

Collaborative broadcasts

You probably have colleagues with whom you can have a dialogue on the air. Airwaves have many perks:

  1. You can swap audiences with the other participant, natively promote each other.
  2. You can promote each other before and after the broadcast.
  3. You can get closer to your existing subscribers, show yourself in an unusual format.
  4. The live broadcast will show up first in the storis list, and a notice about it will come to both your subscribers and your colleague’s subscribers. This is a very strong format.
  5. How to launch a joint broadcast.
Img source: pexels.com
  • One participant starts the broadcast.
  • The second joins the broadcast.
  • The first clicks on the icon with two faces, invites the second to join. The second can also send a request himself.
  • When the invitation is accepted, the screen splits in two, and you can start the conversation.

None of the Instagram user search methods are of the “set it and forget it” type that you might dream of. But if you’re consistent every day, these methods will yield results. Here are a few ways to manage your time with these methods:

  1. Set aside 10-15 minutes a day on your calendar to work on these strategies.
  2. Set a timer so you don’t get sucked into social media
  3. Create weekly reports so you can see your accounts grow and analyze how to improve your results
  4. Using these strategies doesn’t have to take up your entire day to get real and interested subscribers. The benefits of attracting more qualified users to your Instagram account are worth the effort.

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