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Solo Travel to Australia: Top Things to Do in the Country Alone

Are you planning to travel to Australia? Perhaps the North Territory and enjoy the vibrant life in Darwin, Perth in Western Australia, Adelaide on the South, Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, or Canberra? All of these cities are full of fun that is to die for. But travelers can also visit Tasmania Island and many other Islands belonging to Australia for the best experience.

Before traveling solo to Australia, you need to break down all of the memorable major activities to do in the country alone. Whether you are traveling for business or leisure, you can enjoy the amazing attraction centers, iconic shopping malls, tranquil beaches, and the nightlife of Australia.

Without wasting much of your time, let’s discuss the most popular things that are suitable for single travelers.

Experience the River Cruises in Major Cities

Source: rivercruises.com.au

If you are looking for something peculiar to do alone in Australia, start your adventure with a river cruise in one of the major cities such as Sydney. Some cruise packages use a big riverboat while others use a simple paddle-wheeler. But one thing is common in all of these cruises: they offer dinner in the waters, which is one of the most memorable moments to enjoy in the country.

Just go online and book a cruise that suits your budget and time. But most importantly, consider one that offers the best experience. In case you are not sure, a tour guide can help you achieve your dreams.

Visit the Sydney Opera House

What is more popular in Australia than the Sydney Opera House? It has been used as a symbolic image to signify the country in many instances. If you are in the city, you don’t want to miss an evening of laughter in the theatre.

There are many websites to book a ticket for yourself, perhaps a new hookup that you have just made, or a friend. This theater hosts amazing local and international shows and events that you can confirm through relevant websites.

Booking an Australian Escort

Source: kissydarling.com

Do you know that Australian girls are among the most beautiful women in the world? Planning to book an Australian escort means getting a chance to have a date with a beautiful model. But there are also male models who are both professional and handsome to date.

Ivy Société is a top escort directory in the country where you can hook up with models based in different cities. They are categorized clearly so you do not miss what you are looking for. A date with an escort means spending a good time in your hotel room, Airbnb, or their private residences. So, get ready to have fun as soon as you book an escort.

Explore the Night Life of Australia

It does not matter which city you are in, Australian nightclubs and bars are vibrant and amazing. Most are open in the afternoon and will go live until late at night. As a solo traveler, this is an opportunity to meet single girls and hook up with them. But the most memorable thing to do at night in Australia is to enjoy the live music in some bars or dance to vibrant music in nightclubs. The country has a lively and laid-back culture where people visit every day. So, all cities are lively at night and you probably don’t want to miss this.

Enjoy the Beaches

Source: liveson.org

For a solo traveler who prefers vibrant afternoons and a dip in the water, visiting the beaches is a great idea. Gold Coast, Sydney, Bondi, Byron, Turquoise, and Wineglass in Tasmania are some of the best beach spots in the country.

Solo travelers do not just visit the beaches to swim alone but also to enjoy the overall experience of world-class beaches and enjoy water activities such as surfing, scuba diving, and all others. If you want, you can book a beach tour to get an opportunity to meet other people as well.

Do a City Tour in a Tram

Australian cities have developed infrastructure. Trams are among the most common public transport. What’s more is that the government has a free tram route created to encourage tourists to enjoy city tours. Of course, you must be curious about this tour instead of staying in the hotel room after morning hour business errands.

If not the free tram route, there are many other trams you can hop into and enjoy an amazing tour of major cities at a fee. Some are even organized by city tour companies to give the best experience to foreigners. So, check one out.

Visit City Gardens and Parks

Source: sydney.com

If you are the person who loves a quiet place to read a book, interact with nature, or even do yoga, Australian cities have well-maintained parks and botanical gardens. Just check for one near you and give it a try.

Whether you want to try the Royal Botanic Gardens in Victoria, the Kings Park and Botanic in Perth, or any other, you need to plan well and understand their opening and closing hours. These places also have rules to guide visitors as they enjoy serene walks and the lush green grass. Check all of these and then try one or a few during your solo travel in Australia.

Book a Workout Class

Isn’t it obvious that you need to stay fit even when traveling? One of the big reasons to book a fitness class in Australia is to enjoy the new culture and met new people in Australia. It could be a yoga session, dancing class, or gym session. You will be amazed that Australian people are friendly and ready to interact with their visitors. If you have many days in the city, a regular visit to the workout center will even give you an opportunity to meet new friends.


As mentioned in the beginning, there is a lot you can do in Australia. All cities are full of fun and activities that you will enjoy. Now that you have an idea, make a good plan for your trip and enjoy a memorable time and meet new amazing people.

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