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Trip Ideas for Those Who Love Fine Dining

There are many reasons to hit the road and organize a trip. One of them should definitely be the chance to try out new foods and enjoy luxury dining and accommodations across the world. Food is always an important part of the local culture and by getting to know it you get to know the country and the people as well.

Foreigners that take such a trip need to have an international driving permit issued by the InternationalDriversAssociation since that’s the only way to legally drive abroad. That way you can focus on the trip and enjoy the food.

The US BBQ Belt

Source: matadornetwork.com

The Southern US is known for its BBQs and any trip down south should include at least a few stops at the famous local BBQ joints. Texas is considered to be the BBQ center of the US but you’ll find equally good restaurants everywhere in the south.

What makes local BBQs so great is how innovative they are. Every local joint claims that they have the traditional and long-lasting recipe but it’s actually a mixture of different influences and cuisine mostly from Mexico but also from far beyond the Americas.

An important thing to remember about Texas BBQs is that once you’ve tried all the high-end restaurants, you should also visit the food vendors on the streets and small family restaurants that the locals know about, these are often even better than the luxurious ones.

Steaks in Argentina

Source: puertolaboca.com

Smoke meats are the national dish of Argentina and a trip throughout the country can help you truly appreciate how diverse and complex this dish can be, since it will be different at every stop that you make.

Many of the local restaurants boast that their meat comes fresh from the owner’s ranch and that it’s prepared long before it comes to the restaurant itself. Steaks aren’t the only meals you can try, however – make sure to taste the chorizo sandwiches popular in El Desniver.

There are a lot of local restaurants that advertise a cultural and culinary fusion. For instance, many offer Argentinian steaks with a Mediterranean twist. Try them out since those are interesting enough but also don’t overlook those that offer simple and local cuisine first and foremost.

Deserts In Italy

Source: axeacongress.com

When you think of Italian food, deserts aren’t the first thing that comes to mind. Most think of pasta and pizzas and there’s a reason why that’s the case. However, Italian desserts are also amazing and it would be fun to organize a short trip across Italy that focuses on this underappreciated part of its cuisine.

Bonet and tiramisu are the most famous local deserts. Start with a bonet made in Turin and drive to Venice to explore the city and try its tiramisus. As you go down south the food and the landscape will change and you’ll spend more time with pastries and bakeries.

Almost every city in Italy will have its local dish and local dessert as well as a small restaurant hidden from the public that you should check out. Complex local history and its regional differences have also influenced the difference in cuisine. For a tourist traveling to explore it, it’s a good thing.

A Vegetarian Trip to India

Source: tourmyindia.com

Vegetarianism is very popular in India due to cultural and historic reasons. 20 to 40 percent of its citizens don’t eat meat or eat it rarely. The trip will probably start in Mumbai and local restaurants offer high-end vegetarian cuisine that you could try in any other major capital of the world.

Head to Palitana which is known as a completely vegetarian city. Enjoy any of the local shops, restaurants, and markets, and all that you could eat will be vegetarian. When you move to Delhi you should try kachori which is the most famous local dish.

There are a lot of regional differences within Indian cuisine. The ones that the Westerners have had most contact with are usually associated with the southern parts of India so that’s where you’ll be most at home. Don’t stop there and make sure to check out local dishes that will seem novel to you.

A Trip to Vietnam for Seafood Lovers

Source: lacademie.com

Vietnam has quickly become a very popular destination for foodies since it now has a lot of high-end restaurants as well as a lot of local food venues that you can explore on your own and enjoy just as much.

The trip will start in Hanoi where most of the experimental and daring chefs can be found. This is also where the western influences are the strongest. Move further to Da Nang and try local seafood and especially oysters and clams. It’s also a beautiful city with pristine beaches and accommodations.

A lot of Vietnamese restaurants look for the west when it comes to their aesthetic, design, and decorum. The food will be local or it will be a mixture of influences, but don’t be surprised when you see a typical French restaurant in terms of its looks and feel.

Finland an Overlooked Destination for Foodies

Source: realsimple.com

Finland is beautiful to visit especially during the winter but it’s often overlooked how amazing its food is and it should be one of the reasons to visit it. A lot of the local restaurants are gimmicky and have a theme. At this point, the minimalist theme is popular when it comes to the food and the décor itself.

When you visit Kemi, you’ll get to experience a dining culture that’s more national in nature, although there are a lot of foreign influences as well. Arctic char and potato bake are the most popular dishes you’ll find here.

There will be a lot of mixing of local and western influences in these restaurants. For instance, burgers made with a local salmon recipe are rather popular across Finland. Some restaurants specifically avoid this and offer truly Nordic dining. It’s for you to decide which approach suits you best but as a tourist, it’s a good idea to experience as much variety as you can.

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