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The Best Time to Visit Thailand

Holiday periods push a large number of people out of their homes, taking even the laziest of people by the hand and gently leading them to discover the world. Those who know that they can count on one, two or three weeks of holiday, perhaps even in a row, come to this time of year with a kind of feverish trepidation that sometimes erupts into uncontrollable anxiety, stemming from various factors and firmly connected collateral causes. This general feeling of anxiety that precedes travel is linked to the rhythms of our daily life, to the amount of stress we accumulate when we go to work, and which seems to turn us into a kind of robot that always performs the same actions, day after day, without any variation. This lifestyle encourages the accumulation of a certain amount of dissatisfaction, of lumps of negativity that explode at the slightest sign of relaxation, such as in the days before a trip or holiday. To counteract the surfacing of negativity, you will need to dedicate a day or two just to yourself, concentrating only on those activities that can bring you well-being and tranquillity. This will help you to create a clear separation between the time you are working and the days you are on holiday, preparing you in the best possible way to enjoy your rest.

Leaving without problems

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The first reason for anxiety is what might happen during the trip, all those unpredictable situations that could turn the whole holiday into a waking nightmare. It is also for this reason that many people, even for short trips, decide to take out medical insurance that can support them for the duration of the trip, with precise guarantees regarding reimbursement and coverage of medical expenses incurred in case of need. The second reason for distress for many people, in the days or hours immediately before departure, is the composition of their luggage, i.e. the choice of what to bring and what to leave at home. There is a category of people who would never travel without their Apple Macbook, and who would find space to slip it into even the tiniest of backpacks. Other problems can be of an organisational nature, especially with regard to the destination of the trip and the activities to be carried out in the short time one will spend in the selected location. Poor organisation sometimes prevents you from seeing everything that might interest you, leaving you with bitter regrets that you will not easily forget. Those travelling alone can also afford to go and discover new countries without planning anything, even without finding out everything they will see or taste, thus giving themselves a surprise of rare intensity. The prospect of travelling alone, in fact, has indisputable practical advantages: the problems to be considered will certainly be fewer than if one were travelling in company, and one will have almost total freedom in every day decision, even in the most insignificant ones. Those travelling alone, for example, can choose an accommodation or hotel structure that suits their personal characteristics, their tastes, without having to find accommodation that suits the needs of two, three or four people. But for everyone else, and in particular for those travelling with the family, it will be necessary to determine exactly which places to visit, and to include them in a detailed daily programme that also includes meals and other leisure activities. Drawing up a list well in advance, or filling up the pages of a calendar with everything you intend to do in that period, could be really useful to avoid wasting time when you are on holiday, thus avoiding finding yourself abroad without knowing what to do.

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Another aspect to which you will have to pay close attention is the weather. Those who intend to visit Thailand, for example, should know that the best time to travel to the South-East Asian nation is between November and March, during the dry season, when rains and bad weather do not torment people as they do during the summer months, especially from August onwards (in the middle of the rainy season). If you are looking for an opportunity to visit Thailand without spending too much, you may decide to go in July, when hotel prices are relatively low (but the risk of running into a downpour is always there). Regardless of the weather, in front of a plate of mango sticky rice all your worries will vanish like snow in the sun.

Some advice

During your stay in Thailand, we also recommend exploring the online store for downloading apps for your smartphone, where you can find useful allies for your journey. One of these is undoubtedly Grab, which specialises in providing practical support to anyone needing to get around the city by taxi. With this app, which is now widespread throughout South-East Asia, you can book a taxi with your mobile phone and get to your destination in no time, conveniently, quickly and relatively cheaply. When travelling, the net and the online world can provide real help for any occasion.

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When you don’t know what to do, all you have to do is follow the habits of the locals, even when it comes to online entertainment. Portals like Asiabet.org offer a wide range of betting sites that can satisfy all tastes, even the most complex ones, thanks to the possibility of placing your sports bets in a safe and perfectly legal manner. The site also offers an interesting selection of online casino games, such as poker, providing anyone with a good opportunity to have fun even in the relaxing moments of a holiday (or when it’s raining and you don’t know what to do).

When you are on board the plane, before you leave, we recommend that you devote a few minutes to meditation. Your mind will come out perfectly clear, uncluttered, and you will be able to more clearly select the entertainment and activities you want to indulge in.

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