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Are Succulent Good Bedroom Plants – 2024 Guide

Living around plants is one of the healthiest choices you have. During photosynthesis, plants produce oxygen that improves your overall health and brain activity. But most of the plants release oxygen during the day time.

On the contrary, succulents provide you with oxygen 24/7. Therefore, they are the best bedroom plants.

Furthermore, succulents have many more benefits for our skin and health. Besides being healthy, succulents do look cute and please your mood. So if you want to buy any type of succulent plant for your home, succulentmarket.com has a variety. You can buy plenty of plants or cactus of your own choice from there.

Advantages of keeping plants around:

1. Get rid of room dryness

img source: meredithcorp.io

Room dryness is a common problem during winters. You have to use a heater that gets rid of all the moisture in your room. This results in sore eyes and throat. Therefore, it is recommended that if you are using a heater in your room, you should also keep water. But if you are keeping succulents in the room, they will maintain the necessary moisture level.

Consequently, your room will remain humid and you can remain there comfortably. Furthermore, succulents have a water holding capacity. Therefore, they need a little care. But during too hot conditions or with a heater on, they will need more water supply. So if you want your little succulents to remain healthy, you have to take care of them.

But a single plant might not be enough for your room. Therefore, if dryness is quite serious, you should rather use multiple plants.

2. Prevention of diseases

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A dry environment is really harmful to your skin. If you have dry skin, it will get patchy with hot weather. Therefore, having plenty of plantation at home is actually necessary as they maintain moisture. Furthermore, dry cough, sore throat, cold and dry skin is also because of a dry environment. So with less humidity, you will face multiple health effects.

According to research studies, the workers who keep plants on their desks had fewer sick leaves. Furthermore, the more the plantation was, the better their health status was. This is because of the oxygen production and maintenance of necessary humidity in your room.

Succulents and cactus store a large amount of water in their body. Furthermore, they need very little care and they are available in hand size pots. Therefore, it is quite convenient to keep them on your desk.

3. Aids in quick recovery of patients

img source: stroke.org

Succulents are small and cute tiny leafy vegetation. Their leaves are thick and filled with water that makes them look beautiful. Therefore, they please your eyes and makes you happy. Furthermore, they have enormous benefits like reduction of flu symptoms and coughs, fever and also headaches.

In addition to this, a research study was conducted by the students of Kansas State University. According to the research results, the patients who had plants in their rooms showed quick recovery.

Moreover, it is also known that succulent plants result in lower blood pressure and more calmness. Therefore, the patients who have plants needed fewer medications.

4. Improves mood

img source: medium.com

Not only succulents but all the plants are known to bring calmness to your mind. Furthermore, Japanese culture focuses on landscaping to improve calmness. According to the research studies, plants results in reducing anxiety and fatigue.

The patients who keep themselves surrounded by plants showed a stable heart rate. Moreover, their blood pressure also remains normal. Thus, all these factors combine and provide you numerous health effects. The amazing thing is that keeping succulents in your room or on your working desk improves your mood.

5. Improves focus and concentration

img source: newswire.com

Plants have amazing healing powers. Firstly, they produce oxygen, which improves blood oxygen level. Thus, our whole body gets benefits. Moreover, oxygen-rich blood improves brain functioning. Thus, if you keep yourself around greenery, your brain activity will be enhanced.

Secondly, research studies also support this statement that students and workers show better concentration when they surround themselves with plantations. Therefore, succulents are most commonly used as desk plants in offices.

Most of the Asian countries, especially, China, Korea and Japan support plant keeping in offices, schools and hospitals. In addition to this, Singapore has completely exceeded the plantation level. Therefore, their hotels and buildings offer rooftop and balcony gardening. Furthermore, Singapore has special residential colonies build with excessive forestry.

6. They purifies the air

img source: gardenista.com

The major role of plants on earth is the purification of air. Some succulents grow a bit large in size. For example, snake plant and aloe Vera. Both of these are known to cleanse the air. Therefore, if you want to get rid of the VOCs (Volatile organic compounds), they will be the best choice. So if you work in a laboratory or your work setting involves the presence of VOCs, a Snake plant is a must.

In addition to this, the people who study the environment also support the presence of plants around sittings. VOCs are not only present in chemical labs and similar places. Besides they are also present in the ink, books, cigarette smoke, rugs and grocery bags.

Therefore, you are highly likely to get in contact with formaldehyde and benzene. So if you want to prevent the negative health impacts caused by these commonly found VOCs, you should keep plants in your homes.


Most of the succulents like Areca palms, Orchids, Snake plant and Aloe Vera produce oxygen all night. So if you keep succulents in your bedroom and house, you will have an oxygen-rich living environment. And not only for the whole day but for all night long.

This will let you keep yourself healthy and will also improve your working efficiency. Therefore, if you are considering buying succulents for your bedroom, you should not think twice. They will surely bring you a lot of healthy benefits. If you have limited space, you can go for small pots too.

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