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16 Funny-Shaped Fruits And Vegetables That Forgot How To Be Plants

You’d think that a carrot is a carrot, but that’s just not the case – some carrots are just carrots, and others are also intergalactic superheroes. And we’ve got a series of amazing fruits and vegetables here to prove it.

A Sophisticated Radish




Toy Story’s Buzz Lightyear As A Carrot


A Duck-Shaped Tomato


A Happy Eggplant That Wants To Hug You


A Radish And A Carrot Taking A Bath


A Goose-Shaped Gourd


An Evil Tomato


A Bear-Shaped Potato


A Long-Nosed Eggplant


A Duck-Shaped Gourd


Terrified Peppers


Baby Carrot Won’t Let Go Of It’s Mother


A Rabbit-Shaped Tomato


A Running Radish


A Long-Faced Eggplant

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