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How To Determine Good From Bad Quality Cannabis Products – 2024 Guide

There are many types of marijuana and each of them has a different effect on the body. Some have a psychoactive effect while others are used exclusively for medical purposes. There is also different quality. Also, there is male and female marijuana, which differ in height and appearance.

What types of marijuana are there?

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It has been scientifically confirmed that there are 8 different species of this plant. As they differ in appearance, so they have a different effect on the human body. Some types can cause hallucinations, while others do not have such an effect.

Cannabis Sativa is a tall and thin plant, usually between 200 and 400 cm in height. The leaves are mostly light green, as it has less chlorophyll than Indica. Therefore, it grows and blooms longer than Indica and needs more light. Sativa grows very fast, period flowering can last from 10 to 16 weeks. The yield is generally smaller than in Indica, but it is very strong. The tips are long and thin. Smoke is quite mild. The origins of Sativa are Colombia, Mexico, Thailand, and Southeast Asia. Sativa has more THC than CBD, which causes brain, energy “work”, which can stimulate brain activity and cause hallucinations.

– Cannabis Indica is a low and dense plant, between 80 and 180 cm in height. The leaves are mostly dark green, sometimes with purple ends. It needs less time and less light to grow and mature than Sativa. When it starts to bloom, it is necessary 6 to 8 weeks to ripen. The tops are thick and compact, with an extremely strong “sticky” or “skunky” smell. The yield is higher than with Sativa. The smoke of Indica is usually thick, sharp and often causes coughing when inhaled. Indica is a traditional source of hashish and originates from Morocco, Afghanistan, India, Tibet. Turkey generally has more CBD than THC, so “work” is more of a “bodily” type, heavier and stronger than Sativa. “Work” is relaxing, so-called “Stoney high”. Due to its properties, it can be used for various medical purposes.

– Cannabis Ruderalis is a third species that originates from Russia, Poland, and other Eastern European and Central Asian countries with colder climates. There are still disagreements about whether Ruderalis is a separate species at all. Cannabis is classified into three species based on development and the shape of the seed pods and based on the period of growth and flowering. Ruderalis grows in cold regions, matures quickly, and has indicators that they can be independent of the photoperiod (ratio of day and night). Some characteristics of Ruderalis are large seeds, low weed -180 cm, and the THC level is lower than in Sativa and Indica.

These are the three basic species from which many varieties known to us have developed to this day, through long-term selection and crossbreeding. The goal of selection and crossbreeding is to obtain a plant that meets our needs, ie. obtaining the desired characteristics. So now we have plants that are designed for indoor, outdoor, we can choose the level of THC, smell, taste, etc.

How to assess whether marijuana is good?

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In an unregulated market, you will often be able to find marijuana that is not of satisfactory quality, and these are some of the ways to point this out.


Quality cannabis, grown in optimal conditions by experienced breeders will produce powerful aromas and scents.

However, there are varieties with different and sometimes imperceptible odors.

If your cannabis flowers are almost odorless, they probably aren’t fresh enough anymore. This means that their effect will also be different, usually more tiring. Fresh flowers will have a stronger scent and their effect will be “stronger”.

In most cases, the aromas of coffee, chocolate, and black pepper indicate strains of Indica. Lemon aromas are characteristic of Sativa.


The structures of various kinds differ, some are firmer and heavier, and others softer and softer. What is a logical conclusion is that if the structure of the flower is not good, believe that there can be no weeds.


If the flower has shiny small bubbles (trichomes), it is quality cannabis. It is in these bubbles that the cannabinoids THC and CBD are found. If the flower does not have bubbles, it is poor quality cannabis that is better avoided.

The density of trichomes is important, as well as their color, which is most easily observed under a microscope.

Cannabis is considered to be best when the bubbles are transparent, while the orange-red color is a clear sign that the flowers are overripe, so the consumption of this cannabis has an unpleasant taste and a feeling of fatigue.

Seeds and branches

Quality flowering cannabis does not have many unnecessary branches and seeds that indicate poor growth.

Is selling cannabis products legal?

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From year to year, more and more countries around the world are loosening the laws that regulate the cultivation, sale, and consumption of marijuana. Proponents of legalization like to emphasize only its positive effects, and opponents only harmful. But how much is marijuana really good for health, and how harmful? To date, relatively few studies have been conducted on the benefits and consequences of marijuana consumption so all of its potentials and harmful side effects have not been sufficiently investigated. Legalization should change that. What has been confirmed so far is that there is no possibility of overdose and that the healing properties of this wonderful plant have been known for decades. Of course, an important factor is THC, which causes psychoactive effects.

Cannabis can be purchased at authorized stores, but also online, which you can find out more if you click here.

Cannabis as a medicine

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Many types of research have been done into whether marijuana can be used for medical purposes. The biggest problem is that it has a lot of ingredients so it is difficult to determine how effective and safe its use is.

A strong scientific basis is lacking, but research and experience cite certain benefits of cannabis. For example, cannabis can reduce the side effects of chemotherapy. The drugs used in cancer are among the strongest and often cause consecutive vomiting. Marijuana alleviates these negative effects and makes life easier for patients. Multiple sclerosis is another disease in which cannabis extract may be beneficial although research has not confirmed this.

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