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How to Decorate Your Bedroom With Neon Lights

When decorating a bedroom, you are basically trying to create the perfect space to get a good night’s sleep. There are many ways in which you can do this. The furniture, lighting, and color are all part of the plan. In this article, we will do a short overview of tips on how to decorate your bedroom and how to do that with neon lights a tad bit later.

You will need to choose the appropriate color schemes that suit you, your home, and you’re budget. Once you have done this, you can begin decorating with style and charm. You can easily begin by adding a colorful blanket across your bed. When decorating your bedroom, remember that you should always aim to create balance.

Thanks to VoodooNeon.com for working with us the detail in this article – we had Chris on our podcast, and discussed what it really takes to recorate your bedroom. An expert in interior design, Chris was able to offer up some professional tips for our team.

You can achieve this by placing both tall and long pieces of furniture in the room next to each other and in pairs. If you have a long piece of furniture besides a shorter one, such as a dresser or a chest of drawers, you can leave them together as this will make a statement of balance.

The best place to start is at the headboard of the bed. You must choose the right kind of lighting to illuminate your headboard. Here is where the neon lights can come in. Neon lights are one of the coolest things that you can decorate your room. So many choices, unusual shapes, and colors can create any type of mood and really give a unique feel to your bedroom.

About Neon Signs

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The 20s saw the first European neon signs being lit up. It is easy to see why neon signs are so popular. They offer a sophisticated light source that gives out an attractive nightlife look. This type of advertising and decor is even the subject of a museum in Las Vegas. With today’s online wonders, you can customize your personalized neon sign or visit a shop like sculptneonsigns.com.

Custom neon signs can cost a lot but there are a lot of cheap options and fixtures available. Our suggestion is to do your research and see what would be best for you. If you have a bedside table you can choose a neon light on a stand. You don’t have to put it on the wall.

First, remember the three primary colors of the human color spectrum: red, orange, and yellow. You want to incorporate these colors into your design scheme. Depending on your bedding and wall color choices, this might be easy.

Some location ideas for neon lights would be

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Ceiling lighting is ideal for creating lighting effects or lighting patterns, especially when ceilings are of different levels and ceiling structures

Floor lighting. This type of lighting can transform a floor into a place for creativity. Furniture decorated with hidden neon lights will seem like they are floating. Put the neon lights under your bed to create an amazing effect.

The walls can be lit. You can create any type of figure using neon, including writing, drawings, and items you like. Maybe a heart shape above the right side of the bed would be cool.

Visit echoneon.com to shop the very best in bedroom neon signs. You can also design and customize a neon sign for your bedroom if you want to unveil your inner artist.

Benefits of Neon Lights

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They are an amazing decor piece with so many different possibilities and looks. You can create a soft atmosphere in your room that you can completely personalize to your liking. A truly creative way to enhance any space and any bedroom.

They will last a long time. Neon lights do not shine so powerful as ordinary lights. So because of this, they won’t burn out so fast. A neon sign should last you a long time, all from eight to 15 years. That’s a really long time, and that’s why they can be a bit pricier. But it is a great investment as you can move it if needed and change up the looks as you like.

One more thing why these are ideal for the bedroom is that they are not hot on touch, nor will they burn easily. The lights won’t get hot. The temperature goes only about 35 to 55 degrees and that won’t catch on fire easily. So they are safer compared to traditional lights.

They don’t create any sound. These types of lights are completely silent; there is no buzzing! They use less power! Yes, your electrical bill will be lower. Customize them to your liking, the options are endless, and you can create what you want. When you’re decorating a room, you can create interesting effects by putting one or more lights in certain areas. For example, you can put one light near the ceiling and another in a corner.

You may also want to create certain patterns with your walls, such as using vertical stripes for the floors in your bedroom or putting up a light fixture in the shape of something that you like or that you created. As you can see, there is no reason to doubt that neon lights won’t be a good match for your bedroom. Maybe you can accent something, like a picture or a decoration on the wall. Neon lights are also great to create a futuristic look, so if you want a Blade Runner bedroom, these are your friends.

One of the nicest things about indoor lighting is that it’s so easy to get what you want. They are also easy to move around once you’ve already set them up. Of course, if you’re concerned about electrical cables running down your wall, well you can get modern-looking cable covers that you can also incorporate in your design. The great thing about this type of decorating tool is that it will hide any cords, no matter how thick they might be.

If you have furniture nearby, try to hide the cords behind it. Play with it and the best position of your future neon lights in your bedroom. You can always use the outlet covers to spice things up even more. There are even custom outlet covers in all colors and patterns. You can really go to town with all these combos.

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