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15 Unbelievable Stories That Remind Us There’s Still Good People In This World

These kindhearted folks prove you don’t need money, fame, or even a lot of time to make a significant impact on others.

Chief Master Sgt. John Gebhardte’s Story


“I pray for the best for the Iraqi children,” he said. “I can’t tell the difference between their kids and our kids. The Iraqi parents have the same care and compassion for their children as any American.”

This paralysed man’s Story

Delaney Brown’s Story

Hideaki Akaiwa’s Story

“The water felt very cold, dark and scary,” he recalled. “I had to swim about 200 yards to her, which was quite difficult with all the floating wreckage.”

Dobri Dobrev’s Story

Emma’s Story

The story of a man and his dog

Story of this Homeless Man

Charlotte Figi’s Story

Story of Irena Sendler

Story of This Boy

Story of Bai Fang Li

Story of a doctor and his patient

Story of a biker Gang

Story of this heartwarming friendship

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